Welcome to the place of no limitations. You are not here by chance or coincidence, it is your Divine destiny to be here Now. You actually agreed to be here to experience the ending of this specific cycle of time and the beginning of a new age. The time for Ascension is here and now as you are rapidly moving toward the 5th dimensional reality. It is your energy, intent and consciousness that are helping to facilitate the dawning of a new day for all humanity and the galaxy.

Don’t be shaken in mind or disturbed by the darkness and appearance of disaster (man-made or natural) all around. The Light that you are and that Is will conquer all and transmute the appearance of catastrophic disaster into Global Deliverance.

You are deep in the birth canal and crowning, a new consciousness is beginning to permeate the land. This birthing is also called Ascension. This is a new day breaking from deep within. Therefore, break away from fear, hatred, greed, all negativity and illusions of the 3-dimensional world. Embrace and become the power of Love and Light for your complete transformation is at hand.

Order of Melchizedek