2015 – Year of the Sheep & Open Heaven

2015 – Year of the Sheep & Open Heaven

“I know that you can do anything and that your plans are UNSTOPPABLE.”  Job 42:2

On the Gregorian Calendar, we have come to the year 2015.  I am sure that many are happy that 2014 is officially over, due to tension and challenging experiences.  Some of you had so many unexpected experiences, you could write a book about them.   Others of you probably felt like you were in a reality show that you did not audition for.  When will the drama end? Through it all, you made it through another year, hopefully stronger, wiser and more loving and forgiving than before.

It has been a year of many things happening on many fronts.  We have been prophesying into the Uranus -Pluto Square since 2012  There’s lots being exposed in our Law Enforcement and Political arena- Here is an excerpt from “Pluto Rising” Parts 1 & 2 Astro-Prophetic word for 2014, that we posted in January 2014.  

“You have now come to the time where every cover will be ripped off. The vibratory frequency of each year allows us to shift further from the realm of illusions to reality, shadows to light, parables to revealed mysteries…Pluto moving backwards forces us on an individual level to deal with deep issues of the heart and soul. The Plutonian influences bring to surface what appears as the negative things in humanity…Pluto retrograde in Capricorn only intensifies this…This speaks of the internal struggle and transformation that will be magnified on a global scale. The sign for Capricorn is a fish coming out of the water being transformed into a goat, the sea-goat.

There is a season in year 2014 when this Plutonian energy in retrograde will initiate a time of testing for humanity. This period is very crucial for several reason…http://atam.org/pluto-rising/

The time of postponement is over. The energy of this year will force us to deal with things that we have put off and make hard choices, in some cases the choice will seemingly be made for us. We as a global society are coming quickly to a point where we can no longer postpone moving into new thought spiritually, politically and economically…Pluto and Saturn are forcing us to change. We can not have an evolution without an involution.

Toward the middle of September 2014 shall begin a time of everything being accelerated yet again on the planet, both positive and negative, producing tears of joy and sorrow. A major shift and shaking will take place and the energetic frequency from the effects will increase over the following 6 months. It will be important to have your Ayin open to see and not be deceived or moved by the global turmoil and unrest that shall begin to bubble over during that 6 month period.”   http://atam.org/prophecy-2014-beyond-part-2/  

[Nations Protest for Justice & Police Accountability taking place now and has spread internationally.]


The first half of 2015 will be taking care of unfinished business or suffering the consequences of not.  There is planetary energy we are carrying over from this year 2014, that’s been building since 2012.  We are near the end of a series of Uranus-Pluto Squaring that started June 2012.  A squaring takes place when 2 planets are at 90 degree angles.   December 15, 2014 was the 6th of 7 Uranus -Pluto Squarings.  The 7th Uranus-Pluto Squaring will take place March  16, 2015.  Uranus is in Aries, the fires of purification, passion, and power demands Justice and seeks to create a Revolution.  Pluto is in Capricorn, this earthy sign represents  transformation, however, Pluto, the god of the underworld is creating tension and making the transformation and revolution difficult.  Those of the earthy realm influenced by hell would seek to further oppress and create injustices.

The Greek word for “heaven” is ouranos, this is where the word Uranus comes from.  Uranus moved in to Aries, March 11, 2011-  Eye announced prophetically months and days before what would happen in detail on that day.  That was the Earthquake and Tsunami of Japan.  Uranus represents the kingdom of heaven.  It is the planet of Revolution, Shaking things up, Protest and Change.  However, Pluto is squaring it.  Pluto represents hell, the god of the underworld and material wealth.  Pluto is called Hades by the Greeks, or hell.   While heaven is influencing the earth, there is great opposition from hell.  From an astro-prophetic point of view, this is what has created much of the building turmoil and tension individually and globally.  Whenever Uranus becomes prominent in the heavens, expect Protest, Change, Creativity and Individual expression.  There is nothing new under the Sun.  The heavens move in a circuit and what has been, shall be and what is, has already been.   Looking back in history, we can see what was happening on the planet the last time Uranus & Pluto squared for several times over a period of consecutive years.

The last series of squares between Uranus and Pluto took place between 1932 and 1934, during which time we saw the world face a great deal of  transformative upheavals — i.e. the Great Depression, inventions, and the rise of Adolph Hitler.  80 years later, Uranus – Pluto Squares in the same manner as before.  We are in an era of soon coming global economic meltdown and a world leader will soon rise.  Also, during 1933-34 Blacks Protested for their rights to be a part of the Chicago Fair and be recognized as a race.  They were successful.  Blacks and minorities are Protesting for Justice today, 80 years later, influenced by Uranus (heaven).

Looking at the past, we might be able to divine how the future might be.  The Uranus-Pluto Squaring brought an awakening to the people.  This was manifested in Protest in Europe, USA and other places.  Pluto (hell) brought lots of death, but Uranus (heaven) prevailed and  brought us into a new era.

It is 2015, but we yet carry the baggage of unfinished business into this new year, if it has not been properly dealt with.  There is yet a lot of unfinished business with our Law Enforcement. 

“Eye see, if the changes are not made and some form of  reconciliation does not come by May 2015, there will be massacres in the streets of cities throughout this country.   Eye am not saying that this will happen immediately after May 2015, but a shift in energy will take place by April and Pluto does not plan on moving from the square peacefully.    There are those being prepared and preparing themselves to be martyrs (as they see it).   Eye see heavy weaponry, bombs and missiles being used on the streets by civilians as they rage at the oppressors.   Events happening between March and April will determine if this word will be postponed.”  (This word does not have to manifest if people intercede and pray-I believe Uranus can prevail and bring us into a new era of love, trust and justice for all).


At the time of this writing, December 23, 2014 – Saturn has moved out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius.   This energy will help to influence political and economical problems.  Sagittarius was assigned to the tribe of Asher, which means, blessed, fortunate, happy; abundance.

The heavens are saying that despite what appears as a shaky economy, things will somehow continue to get propped up and appear to look good and even better, for a good part of the year.  Saturn in Sagittarius will cause many law-makers to see things differently and become more service conscious.

For the next 6 months, set firm goals and stick to them.  The arrow of the Sagittar says, “Be on Point, be clear and Aim high.”  January to June is a time of many opportunities for stepping into that career, ministry, new job,  business or relationship.   Feel the motivation and momentum in the air.

Saturn will go retrograde, back to Scorpio June 14, 2015 until September 17, 2015 –  after which Saturn will move forward in Sagittarius until 2017 bringing lots of positive energy.  You will see this planetary shift reflected in global situations as leaders (July – September) will seem to want to revert back to old thinking, not keep promises made, increase war efforts and confusion.     Be aware during this season lest you find yourself double minded, fearful and doubting what the Father has placed in your heart.


window of heaven


We have already celebrated the Biblical New Year, back in September, Rosh Hashanah was my new year.  The year 5775 will expire September 13, 2015 at sunset and another new year will begin.

The last digits “75”  of 5775 gives us prophetic clues too look for in year 2015.   75 is equivalent to AYIN HEY in Hebrew gematria.    The numeric value of the 16th Hebrew alphabet and one of the many names of God, AYIN is 70.  The numeric value of the 5th  Hebrew alphabet and another one of the many  names of God, HEY is 5.  (Thus, we get 75)

AYIN means the Eye, fountain.  This speaks of insight, the prophetic Eye that sees and intuition.  Ayin also speaks of the fountain that flows from the eye prompted by the emotions of love, compassion, joy; fear, sorry or regret.   The Eye is the window to the soul, it is also the place of washing and cleansing the soul through shed tears.  Tears are the physical liquid expressions of trapped or released energies stored in our various human bodies we yet carry (ie- infant body, child body, adolescent body, adult body, pain body, emotional body, etc).  Usually after a good cry, our eyes are clearer and we see things differently.    Tears are the liquid language of the soul.  Allow it.   Cry out to the Father, open your windows and watch the windows of heaven open wider for you.

Perception is the friend and foe of humanity, it can be the blessing or curse that creates your reality. The Spirit is yet encouraging us to keep the Eye open and look for opportunities and manifestations of God – goodness in every situation.  Be aware of and address what goes on around you or manifesting within you,  but keep the focus of Christ.

Ayin is also showing us that this year will be yet another years of tears and struggle for many.  Also, it will be a year of tears of joy.  How will you perceive your reality?

“Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.” Psalms 30:5

The Comet that refused to die in 2011 after crashing into the Sun’s atmosphere is visible to the naked eye on New Year.  Comet LOVEJOY is making an appearance in the sky and announcing that Love never fails and Love is stronger than death in 2015.    Read about here:  http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2014/1230/New-Year-s-surprise-a-comet-you-can-see-with-the-naked-eye

Read the article we wrote in 2011Comet Lovejoy lives.

When we put Ayin Hey together the hidden message is, Eye See the Open Window.  You must have spiritual insight to see this, your Eye must be open.

Guard your Eye in 2015.  This does not mean to be blind to world situations, but don’t project what might be a  splinter in your own eye onto someone else life.  If your Eye be healthy and focus, your physical body will express the Light that you are.

HEY means, Look a Window is open.  If  doors seem to be closing around you, it is because God is opening the windows of heaven for you.  The Hey -Window represents a portal into and out from the Spirit realm.  Allow 2015 to be a time of ascensions into higher levels of glory.

Eye believe that those of us that yet practice consistent literal giving of at least tithe (10%) of income/money  as I do, will see the literal manifestation and harvest in 2015.    Expect it!!  (I emphasize literal because many have spiritualized this principle to satisfy or excuse their greed.  Just making a point, not legalism.)

“Bring all  the tithe…Test me in this, says the Almighty and see (Ayin) if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”   Malachi 3:10

The tithe or 10% is a universal principle that was given before the Torah Law.  Nearly every motivational speaker/entrepreneur that I have had the privilege to see or hear their CD’s over the years encouraged the importance of 10%.  Seed in whatever form it takes (literal, money, or spiritual) is programmed to produce its kind.   There can be no lasting harvest if there has been no  seedtime.

Eye hear Spirit saying, “You have the right to operate under an Open Heaven in 2015.”

God made a covenant with Abram and Sarai, he placed the HEY, one of the sacred letters of the Tetragammaton (YHWH) in their names.  Abram became AbraHam and Sarai became SaraH.  This enabled them to supernaturally produce the promised seed Isaac (laughter-joy).

What have you long waited for?  What has the Father promised you?  What is it that seems impossible in your life?  HEY!   Shout, “HEY!”  And see the window opening for you.  The year Ayin Hey is the year of the impossible becoming possible and fulfilled promises.

Allow AYIN – HEY to become your mantra in 2015 as you frequently chant and invoke these powerful names of God into your circumstances.   For further meditation, uses these verses in the order written here to further open the windows of heaven.  This is very powerful when done consistently and in faith.

Psalms 119: 121-128  & Psalms 119:33-40


In Chinese astrology there are (5) elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), an element is assigned to one of 12 animals in 12 year cycles. (Technically, we are yet in the year of the Horse  until February 19,  2015).  2015 is called the year of the Sheep or Ram, called by some the Goat.  It’s element is Wood.  Wood is material used to build things or burn.  Eye believe humanity will choose to be become builders.  Build up others, build relationships, build up yourself and build kingdom consciousness within the hearts of others.

We bring in  others perspectives to show the consistency in the universal language of the heavens.  The sheep is a symbol of Peace or appeasement.  Sheep in western religion brings the idea of sacrifice.  Despite the warmongers desire to launch full blown WW3, it will not happen in 2015, the heavens have decreed it.  Though you see wars and increase violence, each potential inferno situation will be snuffed out.

However, in this year of YIN energy of the Sheep/Ram, we will see Revolution and Protest for Justice.  Looking back at history, we can see parallels for the energy manifesting today.  There is nothing new under the Sun.  Here’s just one scenario, in the year 1955, it was the year of the Wood – Sheep/Ram with Yin energy dominate.  A courageous soul name Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus, breaking Montgomery, Alabama’s segregation law (December 1).  Martin Luther King Jr. led a 381-day Black Boycott of Montgomery Bus system; desegregated began December 21, 1956.   Wikipedia

(Do you think the Protest against Police brutality and injustice against mostly Blacks & Hispanics happening at this time is coincidence?   Do you think the debates about race..again is coincidence?  The heavens have ruled and decreed on the side for Justice and equality-  Just as in 1955 – Change is Coming, but not without sacrifices (sheep/goat).  We pray that it is minimum.)

In the year of the Sheep/Ram, we see the connection again to AbraHam.  Many years after the promised seed Isaac had been born, AbraHam was tested.  He was willing to sacrifice all.  A sacrifice is more valuable than a gift.   The revelation of the Ram in the bush came during this altar encounter.  Yahweh Yireh (Jehovah Jireh),  The Lord will provide.  Again we see a clue to the Open Windows of Heaven.  But what was AbraHam doing?  He was prepared to give his son Isaac.  Genesis 22

As we learn or re-learn to release what we have control over in this Year of the Open Windows of Heaven, Father will release what He has control over to us.  It is an energy exchange.  Random acts of kindness excites the heavens.

YEAR 2015

Since we have already posted many prophetic words regarding Weather, Disasters, War,  Blessings and other international situations in other posts through 2014, we will not mention these things here again.  (Furthermore, we are not up to date with posting the validations of many words)  You may check out our Prophesy Pages EYE SEE  for events to pray about.  We are fully aware that prayer/meditation/intercession can postpone or cancel many prophetic words.   Prophecy is not just given to show us what will be, but to give us a chance to change what could be.

2+0+1+5 = 8

One obvious vibratory frequency for 2015 is the number 8.  8 is the number of new things, resurrection, eternity, infinity, immortality, Abundance/prosperity.

“For I am about to do something new. See (Ayin), I have already begun! Do you not see (ayin) it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”  Isaiah 43:19

2015 or 15 –  1+5 = 6  6 is the number of man lacking perfecting.  The Creator will be doing great things and new things for you despite what appears as your lack.

Expect great things from the hand of God and pray that all the turmoil in out nation will bring us to a place of agape love for each other and all.  CHANGE IS COMING!!

We want to leave you with this song by a Frenchman called Mani Hoffman- He’s become my favorite artist of the week-  The brother can sang.  Experience this song several times, expect Change.  Visualize Father/Mother holding you.


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