“I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old: things that we have heard and known and that our ancestors related to us.  We will not hide them from our children. We will tell the next generation about the LORD’s power and great deeds and the miraculous things he has done.”    Psalms 78:2-4

Hallelujah!!! Isn’t that a powerful verse?  We are not going to keep it to our self, we are going to share it with our children and the next generation.  It’s too good to keep to yourself and there are too many people that don’t know what our Father has done and can do.  This is your year to let the world know that God is good and that He is not the author of all the chaos in the outer world.


A rare astronomical and astrological event is taking place from December 25 – January 5, 2016.  All the planets are going Direct, moving Forward.  In the heavens the planets sometimes appear to be stalling or in retrograde, going backwards; but it is very unusual for all the planets to be moving forward or direct at the same time.  It is as if our solar system has conspired to synchronize and move forward through the universe.  There is a lot of momentum building to launch us forward into whatever we desire to achieve this year.  

This is a time of Great Acceleration of all things both positive and negative.  Every emotion and thought is being push forward to the surface to be dealt with, overcome or reconciled into the momentum of this time.  Political agendas, and resolutions will be pushed through with great speed in this year 2016.

YEAR 2016

Beginning September 13,  2015, we celebrated the biblical New Year and that’s really the only one I observe.  However, since we live in a society where most are not aware of God’s holidays, we prophesy into the energetic frequencies generated by mass consciousness for the Gregorian year, 2016.  Here we will reveal just a few of the prophetic parables in numbers.

2016  or  2+0+1+6 = 9  – Using the numbers of the complete year, the numeric vibration is 9.  9 is the number of finality, things being brought to an end, closure, full circle and revelation.  

The 9th letter of the Hebrew alephbet is Teth.  It is the symbol or glyph of the Ourobouris, the Serpent eating his tail or coming full circle.  This is where the end is declared from the beginning and the beginning becomes the end.  9 are the months a woman carries a child and the revelation of what has been hidden is revealed.  So it shall be with this year, that which you have conceived, nurtured and carried will come to full term and be revealed – be it good or evil.  

Many old wounds, toxic relationships, experiences that have lain open and barely shut will be closed and healed completely this year.  You are ending many cycles on many levels, prepare for what is about to be revealed.  You have not seen it, but you have felt it move and stir within, the uncomfortable place will give way to comfort and joy.

9 is the path of the serpent on a deeper esoteric understanding, for those with an ear to hear.  The serpent of wisdom is hissing for those who would desire to know the secrets of the Lord.  This is the ancient wisdom hidden and locked within the consciousness of every being.  2016  is the year to experience the mystical dark sayings of old and to share them with this generation.  This will produce the faith to create many paradigm shifts.  You will see a greater hunger for esoteric teachings and knowledge this year, as many will be forever weaned from spiritual milk and demand spiritual strong meat.


For the sake of time, we will use only the last (2) digits of the Hebrew Calendar year 5776, 76.  70+6=76.  We are in the decade ruled by the AYIN (70).  Ayin in Hebrew means the EYE, or the Eye See.   We are in the decade of the Eye See, or Seer Prophet Ministry in manifestation.  This decade of the EYE SEE or AYIN started 7 years ago and was later confirmed with an astrological  sign in the heavens.   Unbeknownst to the writer here was the prophetic Hebrew alephbet connection; he intuitively was led to call his prophetic writings, “EYE SEE.”   He was also led to write the prophecies as “Eye See” instead of “I see,” which seem to have driven lots of people into a frenzy trying to figure out why, over the years.   It was the Spirit bearing witness on earth with the heavens and the hidden meaning or message ruling this decade. 

We will remain in the prophetic decade of Ayin, or the Eye See for 3 more year.  By the time we come to year 2020, the Seer Prophetic Ministry should be operating with 20/20 Spiritual Vision/EyeSight – the Eye being healthy (single) and bringing the Body to the fullness of Light.  Matthew 6:22   Year 2020 will be the Hebrew year 5780 on the Hebrew Calendar – this will begin the decade of PE -the spoken word (prophetically) and spoken creative miracles by the power of PE, the spoken Word.  

Here’s another 2020 Prophetic Clue:   “And they rose early in the morning, and went forth into the wilderness of Tekoa: and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.  2 Chronicles 20:20  

Now lets look closer at Ayin and 2016.  The Hebrew alephbet AYIN has the numeric value of 70, but what about 6?  The 6th letter of the Hebrew alephbet is VAV.  This year 5776 aka 2016 –  76 = AYIN VAV    –  It’s all connected.


AYIN means the Eye, fountain.  This speaks of insight, the prophetic Eye that sees and intuition.  Ayin also speaks of the fountain that flows from the eye prompted by the emotions of love, compassion, joy; fear, sorrow or regret.   The Eye is the window to the soul, it is also the place of washing and cleansing the soul through shed tears.  Tears are the physical liquid expressions of trapped or released energies stored in our various human bodies we yet carry (ie- infant body, child body, adolescent body, adult body, pain body, emotional body, etc).  Usually after a good cry, our eyes are clearer and we see things differently.    Tears are the liquid language of the soul.  Allow it.   Cry out to the Father, open your windows and watch the windows of heaven open wider for you.

Perception is the friend and foe of humanity, it can be the blessing or curse that creates your reality. The Spirit is yet encouraging us to keep the Eye open and look for opportunities and manifestations of God – goodness in every situation.  Be aware of and address what goes on around you or manifesting within you,  but keep the focus of Christ.

Ayin is also showing us that this year will be yet another years of tears and struggle for many.  Also, it will be a year of tears of joy.  How will you perceive your reality?

“Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.”  Psalms 30:5


VAV in Hebrew means and represents a hook, tent peg and spear.  Vav translates physical, completion, redemption, and transformation.

 “ENLARGE the place of thy tent, And let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: Spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes (pegs-vav);  For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; And thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, And make the desolate cities to be inhabited.  Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed: Neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame: For thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, And shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more.”   Isaiah 54:2–4

2016  is the Year of Expansion – Enlarging in every area of your life, if you can believe it and receive it.  There will be an Expansion of Influence and Favor, which will create Abundance and Prosperity. .. Prosperity in health, wealth, emotions, relationships and spirituality.  Shout, “A-Yin Vav!!!”

Further hidden in the year 2016 is another confirmation.  Taking the last (2) digits, 16 –  the 16th letter of the Hebrew alephbet is AYIN —-the last digit (6) again shows us the 6th letter of the Hebrew alephbet is  VAV.   Shout, “A-Yin Vav” again!!!!

VAV means a peg or nail, something that holds things together, something to hang on to or hold down.   Eye prophesy security in your home, your marriage, your business, your ministry and everything you do.  Vav also represent connections, it is a connection letter/word.  Eye prophecy divine connections that will bring you into all that the Father has for you.  Vav is astrologically assigned to Taurus, the house of finance.  Ayin (Eye See) Vav (Finances-Money).  Shout, “A-yin Vav!!”

Vav also means a Spear. This speaks of aggression, warfare, violence, bloodshed and death.  The Warmongers will push us closer to full blown WW3 by wrecking havoc in Europe in throughout the world.  The potential for violence and bloodshed will be all around,, but it does not have to become your reality; nor do you have to become a victim.

EYE SEE – Our TRANSPORTATION Systems will be greatly challenged in 2016.  Eye See lots the potential for multiple Major Tragedies-Explosions in the Air, Train, Bus and Ships.  Some of these will be terrorist attacks, but not necessarily by the people blamed by government and media.  Prayer can expose and prevent some of these planned events.

Eye See –  This will be a Year of Uprising, Protest, Riots and People taking back their power from the government and demanding justice for the injustices.

Eye See – The most vulnerable times for maximum impact of EXPLOSIVE situations this year will be while the Sun is in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.  Prayer, intercession can affect these events, thus canceling or lessening the impacts.  

Eye See – EXTREME FIRES in 2016 –  Some type of Toxic or Chemical Fire burning out of control causing evacuations.  Phenomenal Volcanic eruptions & Wild Fires globally.

In Chinese Astrology 2016 will be the year of the Monkey – the element is Fire.  The Monkey is the 9th of the animal symbols.  He represents activeness, aggression, competitiveness and toxic jealousy.   Again, as in the early part of this 2016 Prophetic Insight-we come to the number 9.  2016=9,  the Year of the Monkey is confirming this.  9 is the number of finality, things being brought to an end, closure, full circle and revelation.  The year of the Fire Monkey officially starts February 8, 2016.  

Expect Increase, Expansion and Insight.  Resolve to Live in His Presence and be present.  More 2016 Prophetic Insight in the coming days.

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  1. Powerful Message and I shout Ayin-Vav now 7 times and believe in the abundance of this year in Jesus name

  2. This is pure confirmation right now.
    Funny thing, God had been comfirming something that is to come today, all day yesterday, and this morning I told God, God give me more comfirmations! And I unconsiously ended up visiting this site i had forgotten about, and I read this!
    Thank you Jesus!


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