7 (Feminine) Pillars of Wisdom

7 (Feminine) Pillars of Wisdom


[This message/article was first spoken, written and posted on our website in 2001, March 4.  It seems like only a short time ago.  Divine Mother Wisdom yet calls to her children to come and partake of the Infinite Mind and Power she has to offer.  We have taught Wisdom’s  Pillars of Proverbs 9 on several levels in the past; astrological, metaphysical, esoteric Spirits of God and other hidden truth…lets experience this level of it here.]


In this writing Eye want to share insight given by the Holy Spirit about the 7 (Feminine) – Pillars of Wisdom. The 7- Pillars are also masculine, it takes both sides to build Wisdom’s house. First of all, it is important to realize that true wisdom builds. She may take some things away that we thought we needed, and may force us to leave the comfort zone, but ultimately it is to build us up.

Wisdom is the Divine Feminine expression of the Creator; the likeness is male and female. Genesis 1:26-27 It is by this expression that the earth came into being, kings rule, and humans experience favor from the Lord. The Creator is not a single parent, but He is both Father and Mother.

Many years ago Eye heard the Spirit say, “My children are rebellious, filled with anger, disappointments, and drunk with their own doctrines and out of balance. They hang out in gangs (Churches) on the street corners, they are constantly fighting and destroying one another over petty doctrines. They are recognized by their legalistic outward dress and language, and are quick to judge others that don’t abide by their rules. They don’t know who they are and have no respect for Truth. It is because they have not experienced Me as Father and Mother.”

As we continue to develop our spirituality, interaction between spirit and soul, the divine male and female within will bring balance and wholeness.

Proverbs 9:1-5 “Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn out her seven pillars; She has slaughtered her meat, she has mixed her wine, she has also furnished her table. She has sent out her maidens, she cries out from the highest places of the city, “Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!” As for him who lacks understanding, she says to him, “Come, eat of my bread and drink of the wine I have mixed.” (NKJ)


Since the Garden of Eden the soul has been subjected to a lower vibration and expression of the God life. The realm of the Soul is mind, will, emotion, intellect, and imagination. God’s purpose is to save the soul so that it may again be truly one with spirit, as was demonstrated before Adam and Eve fell. The Pillars, which are used to build Wisdom’s house, are the stages of your souls evolution, YOU ARE THE HOUSE.

6000 years ago the house started to fall apart and was allowed to fall into ruin. There were many carpenters (prophets) sent for a space of 4000 years to repair the house. However, the beautiful exterior work did not solve the problem of the rotting wood within. The house of humanity had become infested with unclean termites and no longer safe to live in. A huge sign saying, “CONDEMNED” was posted at the entrance. Then came the Master Carpenter, Jesus (Yahshua), filled with the Wisdom that descended on Him at His baptism in the form of a dove. He removed the sign saying Condemned and replaced it with another sign saying, “UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION.”

Wisdom is the power to judge rightly; the knowledge of Divine and human things. Reverence for the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom’s work for the development and perfection of the soul.


There are 7 women in the Bible that stand out from all the others; they are Prophetesses. These 7 women are the symbolic Pillars used to build Wisdom’s house, the realm of the soul that must be developed and completely restored. Each woman represents an area of the soul that must be brought into balance. 7 is a number that denote maturity, perfection and balance.


Eve means elementary life or living. This is the first stage of soul evolution where we learn the elementary teachings of Christ. This is the expression where Mind, Will, Emotion, Intellect, and Imagination are magnified.

Eve is the Mother principle of God in expression, the Mother of all living. She is the Feelings behind the thought. Out of balanced and led by her emotions and imagination, she has produced Cain, that which brings forth death. Her quest for knowledge makes her vulnerable for deception and lowers her vibration. However, Wisdom stands as Supreme Queen in the high places of human consciousness to hew out the strength and powers latent deep within.

The Pillar, Eve, that brought forth death through Cain is now saved through child bearing and has produced Christ, Life. “You must be born again”. This is the Pillar of Wisdom that allows you to get in touch with Mind, Will, Emotion, Intellect, and Imagination on a much higher level.

The quest for knowledge and insight is now realized, this is the beginning of the realization that all that you have wanted to be, you are. Your eyes are now opening to the revelation that you are the image and likeness of God. Eve is the I Am Wisdom, the very essence of God.

Your elementary experience called salvation is only a foundational Pillar in the Re-Construction of the house that Wisdom builds.  Allow this to become your meditation.  I AM THE ESSENCE OF GOD.”


Sarah means Princess, daughter of God, the King. This is the second stage of soul evolution. Before she becomes a Sarah, there is the stage of Sarai, which means bitterness and contention.

This is the struggle in consciousness to overcome and produce the Promise. Jesus (Yahshua) spoke about the promise of the Holy Spirit; He breathed on His disciples and said, “Receive ye the Holy Ghost.”

Sarai’s struggle came to an end, as she believed the promises of God. Her name was changed to SaraH; this was the breath of God coming within to receive the promise. The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “Hey”; this is also part of the name of God, YaH-WeH. The two H’s represent masculine and feminine attributes of the Creator.

The Pillar, SaraH is what impresses or pleases God. “Without faith it is impossible to please God”. This stage of your evolution forces you to believe amidst all odd. Imagination and emotions are no longer in control, your name or nature has been changed; thus your destiny is changed.

Divine Wisdom operating on this level causes the soul to produce Isaac. Isaac means laughter, joy, and fulfillment. This is the miracle birth of a higher consciousness, the Seed that blesses all nations or aspects of your being.

SaraH now walks in realization of the Princess, divine authority is cultivated as the house is Re-Constructed that Wisdom builds. Allow this to become your meditation.  I AM FULFILLED.”


Rebekah means tying firmly, fasten; to snare by beauty. This is the third stage of soul evolution that speaks of Expression. The meekness within has produced a Beauty that transcends physical appearances. Out the remains of the ashes from the fires of purification, there is the exchange of beauty.

Wisdom manifested on this level can be very cunning and appear somewhat deceptive. Latent within the womb of this state of consciousness are 2 natures developing. The ancient struggle between Esau and Jacob is to bring further balance and to remind you of the lesson on “the law of opposites”. These are the twins within longing for reconciliation.

The Pillar, Rebekah instructs you how to trick the Father. She instructed her son Jacob to put on his elder brothers clothes in order to receive the Blessing, endowment from his father. When Jacob came before his father he only recognized his elder brother Esau; thus, all that was meant for Esau was given to Jacob.

As Wisdom builds her house, we are reminded to come before the Father in the name/nature of Jesus (Yahshua). When He looks at us He only sees His Son. This is the Christ higher soul covering or enveloping the lower soul.  Allow this to become your meditation.  “ALL THAT CHRIST IS I AM.  I AM BLESSED.”


Rachel means migrating, journey; ewe. This is the fourth stage of soul evolution, it is the journey of soul to be re-united with spirit. It is in this stage of development where sonship is produced. However, the journey deep within can be very painful and long.

All of the idols and false images are exposed to bring about true humility. The love for Jacob (spirit) is intensified as Divine Wisdom chisels this Pillar.

Rachel produces Joseph and Benjamin, Sonship and Authority through much weeping. She passes away in Ephrath which means fruitful, later it was called Bethlehem, the house of bread.

This is the soul passing from the lower realms to experience yet a higher expression, producing the fruit of spirit life. This fruit is the Christ nature within manifested as Benjamin.  Allow this to become your meditation.  “I AM AUTHORITY.”


Miriam means outcry, protest, bitterness and rebellion. The fifth stage of soul development brings us to another level of struggling within.

Wisdom cries out in the streets and narrow places to be free. The struggle on this level is to be free from limitations (Egypt). The protest is against the Egypt yet found within, the control and manipulation of external forces effecting the internal.

As the sea of adversity is parted, an exodus from the limited to the unlimited is realized. The Pillar, Miriam transmutes bitterness and sorrow to great joy and rejoicing.

As Divine Wisdom Re-Construct her house it is filled with the praise of God. In this stage of your development your song in the night and rejoicing serve as a weapon of warfare to liberate from the bondage of lower realms.

Miriam died at Kadesh, which means sanctuary, clean, purity, and wholeness. As the soul passes on to a higher expression, the revelation of Purity and Holiness is realized. Allow this to become your meditation “I AM HOLY.  I AM PURE.”


Deborah means a bee; a leader of the flock. The sixth stage of soul evolution shows Activity. This is the soul hearing and Do-ing the Word, one can only do as he bee-comes. Humans Be-Ing is very important.

The Pillar, Deborah also represents Intuition. The inner eye is now activated and there is the ability to discern. Deborah dwells under the Palm Tree in full awareness of her Up-Rightness. This is the place in the center, between Ramah, the higher realms and Bethel, the house of God. This place in the center also speaks of the level of awareness that activates the pineal gland.

The Mother in the Israel of your being conquers the lower expressions and gives you victory. This is the area of your soul that sings of conquest and recognizes God all in all.

As Wisdom chisels out this Pillar; the flock of thoughts from the subconscious mind are led in obedience for divine purposes. Discipline of the thought life and focus is achieved on this level. Allow this to become your meditation.  “I AM INTUITION.  I AM VICTORIOUS.”


Mary means bitter, and contradiction. This is the seventh stage of soul development that brings you to completion. Mary represents Motherhood and Love. Celestial Wisdom has hewn out this Pillar as a Master Crafts-woman.

The soul has been completely purified at this point and is like a virgin, it has returned to the state of Eve before the fall, the Mother of all living. This virgin soul is now ready to be united with spirit to conceive the Perfect Man.

What happens next is a total contradiction to nature and religion, as we know it, it is the birthing of a new consciousness. In this emotional state soul can only Magnify the LORD, problems, and sin consciousness, are absorbed in Him. Nothing else matters, God alone is realized; therefore only God can manifest.

Wisdom’s Re-Construction has produced the Man-Child at the highest level of soul awareness. The devoted soul and expectant soul believes in miracles. This miracle conception, and birthing produces the salvation for all of mankind. She shall bring forth a Son who shall save His people from their sin consciousness. The first mother produced a Cain; the last mother produces Christ.  Allow this to become your meditation.  “I AM THE CHRIST (ANOINTED ONE) OF GOD.”

“Wisdom has built her house, she has hewed out her seven pillars; She has killed her beast; she has mixed her wine; She has furnished her table.”

We have only dealt with the Feminine Pillars of Wisdom, that speaks to the soul realm.  There are also the Masculine Pillars of Wisdom, both are necessary for the evolution of soul and spirit within, bringing divine polarity.   The 7-Pillars also represent the 7 Spirits of God functioning to bring us into realization of  Fullness.  Mother Wisdom’s  Cosmic house of humanity and all that exist can only come into full manifestation as we allow her to kill the beast (the ego) and mix her wine.

The mixing of Mother Wisdom’s wine is a very important mystical piece of the puzzle that many who do not understand the positive necessary side of what is termed  ‘duality,’  stumble over.   Without this understanding of merging or mixing of the wine (Spirit, revelation, manifestations) – spirituality becomes dead, fruitless and powerless.

{Regarding the physical aspect of our being, Mother Wisdom has provided in advance everything you think you Need, Want, or Desire for the natural man. There is abundance, come and partake of the blessings of the LORD}.

We honor and acknowledge the mother in you all, male and female.



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