70% of Stock/Bonds in your 401K Have Multiple Owners…

70% of Stock/Bonds in your 401K Have Multiple Owners…

70% of All Paper Instruments held in investment accounts have multiple owners, according to Bix Weir and other financial experts.  Are we coming to an end of this version of paper?  Will you be affected greatly?  Are you prepared or preparing, by being a wise steward over the little or much?  (We intend to only provide education and information..not fear.)  Are You Awake Yet??!!

“It’s time to get REAL about the fraud that has been going on at the DTCC and in brokerage houses around the world.
It is estimate that over 70% of all paper instruments held in investment accounts have multiple owners or are phantom shares. I would put that number at 90%+!
When you really think about it why would you have one penny “invested” in a 401k, IRA, Stock, Bond, Mutual Fund, etc. The brokerage houses are NOT going out and legally securing the rights to the stocks they claim to hold for you.
Think hard about it…billions of financial instruments are “High Frequency Traded” in milliseconds and with a finite amount of shares and certificates issued by public companies it is YOUR SHARES that are getting traded. On average it takes 5-7 days for the total amount of shares of a company to trade hands even though very few “investors” are daily traders. On more active days over 100% of a company share float is traded in a SINGLE DAY! Meaning somebody claimed ownership of YOUR SHARES and sold them to somebody who thinks they own the same share of stock that YOU DO.
Also, everyday an average of over 300M shares are NOT SETTLED according to the SEC’s own data on “Failure to Delivers”. These are also known as “Naked Shorts”. It is so bad in mining stocks that there are times when the failures to deliver in a single trading day are higher than the TOTAL amount of shares issued by the company!
My interview with Sean at SGTReport.com about this topic continues to gain traction with over 120,000 views in just the past few months.
The Shocking Truth the History Channel Can’t Broadcast
I have tried to get the footage of my interview from the  History Channel but no luck. As the fraud is exposed I expect that they will finally run the segment but by then it will be “too little, too late” for most.
Do yourself a favor…if you own any paper in any investment account make the transition now into physical silver or gold.
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This is the LONG planned end game for fiat paper money. The big players are doing EXACTLY what I am recommending to you here. Getting out of paper assets and into physical wealth in your own possession.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.”
Bix Weir
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