FEBRUARY 12, 2014

[We want to share a testimony and vision encounters given by Armando Raygoza from southern California. He shared some of his exciting encounters a while back and I believe you will be blessed by his experiences and encounters with the one of the beings that make up the great Cloud of Witnesses. Expect to have your own encounters as well.]


I want to relate what was happening to me in the last two years and how I see it correlating with what is manifesting currently. If it helps or blesses you. Good.

June 2012 I had just returned from a Honduras mission trip. That morning someone from the Cloud of Witnesses woke me up exactly an hour earlier than I needed to catch my flight home. He appears rough around the edges and usually a little rude when he visits me. He woke me up that morning with a hard tap on my shoulder. I immediately sat up in bed and just sat and listened. Twenty minutes past and apparently He just wanted to make sure I was on time to catch my flight.

12 hours later I'm at home unpacking all my clothes to be washed and dried immediately. At the very bottom of my carry-on luggage was a coin. A coin from China 1961. How did a Chinese coin get in my luggage? Who put it there? The image on the coin was of Chiang Kai Sek. China's first president. He was overtaken by Mao and the red regime.

The very next morning we were leaving on our family vacation for 7 days in San Felipe, Mexico. That night as I was dozing off to sleep, He slapped me in the forehead pretty hard and immediately with my eyes open I saw the Rock smashing the Papacy. The Rock hit it like 3 times. I could see the face of the pope. The face turned into another face. The face of Hitler. It was smashed by the Rock as well. I sat in bed for a while longer and then fell asleep quickly. I had 7 hours of driving to do there next day.

Months went by and one night before Pope Ratzinger announced his resignation my wife awoke from a dream. I sensed something more. So I pushed her to sit up in bed with me and ask Holy Spirit what was on HIS mind. She was seeing waves. I asked her to ask Holy Spirit who was teaching us. Now, I had never told her about my dreams in which the prophet Joel was appearing to me or the encounter with the Cloud of Witnesses in which one specific ornery looking Old Testament saint was looking at me intently. That night she asked Holy Spirit "who is teaching us?" She then said out loud: Joel! I was dumbfounded, flabbergasted and in awe. Confirmation! She turned and went back to sleep. I attempted to close my eyes. But he was there and with eyes closed or open, I saw the pope in his gold garb and in a few steps he became weak and poor. His clothing looked ragged and health failing. Then a rich Stock Broker type also dressed in fine clothing transformed into an old decrepit poorly dressed man who needed help to walk. Then it was the crown or King dressed in royal garb. They too took a hit health and financial hit. But not as severe as the first two.

In the vision... I am in the back of a pickup. A large skyscraper is falling towards us as were driving away from it. A young angry man who can run as fast as the truck, hit the truck double fisted in anger. It seems he is riding a motorcycle and also running. We arrive at a green meadow. Pass through a woodened gate and scrap, machinery, tools and other things are lined up for auction. A white motorcycle. I knew it was the popes motorcycle was also up for auction. Then the vision ended. Less than 2 weeks later the pope resigns and new pope Francisco signs a Harley Davidson gas tank that will go up for auction. It did so this week and sold. From what I've been learning from the our friend Joel is that Powers that be, those that seek to enslave humanity like Hitler and Religion are going to be halted. They will fail. System will crumble. The auction of that motto is a sign to me. Holy Spirit wants to instruct us in timing. Windows of opportunity. Will you know when to jump, buy, sell and wait. Lets get ready for the gnawing, swarming, creeping and stripping locust. Prepare!

Armando Raygoza -


Spirit seems to be reiterating again and again the awesome times we are in. We get to choose to be a part of the Restoration of all things in the new day, or the gnawing, stripping, destruction of the passing day. Even so keep on coming Lord Jesus. Share this with all you know.

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