MARCH 30, 2014

The attention of humanity is being force upward as the heavens continue to amaze us with phenomenal signs and wonders. Many of the Chrirstian leaders that once steered away from anything that had to do with astrological-astronomical events are now reporting on coming events and present events in the heavens. The things that were just a few years ago considered negative occultism now seem to have relevance in Christian theology. As consciousness continue to evolve, the Christian church must eventually "catch up" with what was recorded in the Bible thousands of years ago and realize the relevance of astro-theology and astro-prophecy.

As Jesus explained the signs to look for at the end of this age to his disciples, it was very clear that he wanted the people living in today's highly prophetic time to be aware of the events in the heavens. In Matthew 24, Jesus said, "There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars (constellations) , the sun will be turned into darkness (unusual Solar Eclipses) and the moon to blood (fascinating Lunar Eclipses on biblical holidays)."

The end of the age, mis-translated as "end of the world" in some Bible means, the end of the Piscean Age, which Jesus came to introduce. Jesus, the prophets and many of the learned ancient people understood the Zodiac Ages that the Creator established to work out His plan and purposes. The Piscean (Christian, religious) Age was given just over 2000 years from Jesus time. We have come to the end of the world or end of that age and there is a New Age dawning. For those who understand the prophetic signs of the heaven, we know it is the Age of Aquarius (Outpouring). We are now in the transitional stage between the ages of time, it is like twilight or the Twilight Zone, where darkness and light both exist. It is a time of events that will manifest beyond the 3 dimensional realm of thinking that we can call supernatural. The darkness of this time will co-exist until light totally consumes the darkness. This will take place as we progress further into the Age of Aquarius.


The Sun is now in the constellation of Aries the Ram, the slain Lamb, slain before the foundations of the world depicted in the stars of heaven. March 30, is the second New Moon of the month of March. When this phenomenon happen it is called a Black Moon. This is the second Black Moon phenomenon of the years. The first one was in January. Study Black Moon Rising

This Black Moon of Aries is yet prophesying Change. In understanding the prophetic sciences of the heavens one must realize there is the "shadow" (negative) meaning of things and the "light" (positive) meaning of things. In the natural, this Black Moon of Aries does not look very good for the coming days and years on the planet for those stuck in 3 dimensional thinking. This dark energy is reiterating the coming wars over the next several years. Aries is the god of war and aggression, he is empowered by Mars, his ruling planet; which also symbolizes war, aggression, bloodshed, violence and unrest.


April 2, 2014 -Mars will move near Aldebran, the eye of the Bull Taurus. Taurus rules the house of Finance, Economy and also represents Judgement/Correction.

April 8, 2014 - Just to make matter worse for those greatly attached to the 3 dimensional world of illusions. Mars will be in opposition with Earth. Earth will move between the Sun and Mars. The Martian negative, violent, aggressive, unrest-ful influences will be opposing the Peace, loving and tranquil energies created by conscious humans on the Earth. Mars will remain visible in the sky most of the years. April 13-14 15, 2014 Mars will be moving in near the Full Moon, Blood Red Lunar Eclipse of Passover. In our article November 1, 2104 - URANUS PLUTO-ASTRO PROPHECY, we share how the heavens literally pointed toward April 2014. Here's an excerpt below:

"Pluto and Uranus squaring the New Moon will form a YOD. Yod in astronomical and astrological terms mean, the Finger of God or the Finger of Destiny. It is taken from the Hebrew 10th letter of the alphabet, YOD meaning, Hand, finger. It is the Yod that forms the name of God, Yahuweh.

A Yod is an arrow-like triangle (named for the letter 'Y' in the Hebrew alphabet) consisting of two planets or points 60 degrees apart - both of which form a tense, highly energized 150 degree angle to a third planet or point. Now that we know that a Yod is forming and that it is a finger, where is the Finger of Fate, the Finger of God pointing to in the heavens?

It is pointing toward Aries. Why is that important? The Passover - slain Ram is Aries. This coming Passover 2014 will be most unusual, it will be the beginning of a series of Blood Red Lunar (Moon) Eclipses, all on the following next 3 biblical high feast days . This happened before in 1492, 1948 and 1967."


The most powerful of the Solar Flares, an X class (X1) erupted on the Sun yesterday, March 29, 2014. It flashed from sunspot AR2017. Isn't this region of the Sun, 2017 a hidden prophetic clue of major solar events in 2017? The CME - coronal mass ejection was released into space headed toward Earth. It wont be a direct hit, however, our atmosphere will be saturated with mysterious particle and gamma rays from the Sun on April 1-2.

The heavens are very busy and noisy declaring what shall be and we do not have the time to list many other events that will be taking place in the heavens over the next several weeks. But lets look at the events listed above and read the heavenly language of what the celestial prophets are prophesying.


The Black Moon is rising again, this time in Aries. Those who know and understand the dark arts are using this energy over the next day or so to further empower themselves, especially those who worship the god of war. Those who somewhat control the world are putting their finally plans together to begin implementation in April that will be carried out over the next several years. The carnage from the wars, violence and aggressions are actually human sacrifices to the god of forces, military, war. Daniel 11:37 We know that Scripture must be fulfilled, but can't those of us who are aware do something to confuse the plans of the enemy and soften the impact of the negative intents toward humanity. Yes. For those of you who enjoy and understand the power of rituals, perform this one below on March 30 -31.

This form of prophetic intercession only work when used in faith. If possible, hold an element or mineral in your hand (earth, water, wood, metal, or salt) during your exercise. The idea is to connect and ground yourself to be a conduit of power.

You can create your own prayers, incantations and say them using emotions and visualizing IT being done. Others might want to pray in tongues with fervency. Be free to move, vibrate and experience emotions as power passes through you. By the power of whatever element or mineral you hold in your hand, name it and direct your prayer. Be free to prophesy, declare and release decrees of God's Kingdom of Light swallowing darkness that might manifest as illness, disease, poverty, injustice, and violence for yourself and the world.

BLACK MOON MANTRA - (Speak at least 3-7 times with emotions and intent)







The Black Moon portal is being opened, use the energy for spiritual warfare, addressing the principalities and accusing the Accuser before the heavenly courts. Cut the heads off the giants. Lay hold to the sword of Perseus (the Breaker) in Aries and use the breaker anointing to break and destroy every yoke and chain in your life and the lives of others.

It was in 1948 under the power of Blood Moon Eclipses, the synagog of Satan (Zionist leaders) got together to finalize the putting together or Do-ing of the illegitimate modern state of Israel. Eye prophesy by the power of the coming Blood Moon Eclipses the dismantling and UNDOing of the synagogue of Satan and the Zionist state of Israel. The first phase of it is already manifesting as America's leaders are growing the backbone to stand up to Netanyahu and distance themselves. That regime must be dismantled and destroyed.

As Mars approach and moves in Taurus April 2, this will be reflected in the World Financial Markets - April 1- 4 . Unrest will continue to happen as they make efforts to prop up and lie about the economy.

April 7, 2014 - Tension building Global, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, North Korea, USA Black Ops and African nations. The movement of the planets and Mars opposing Earth will lead to many of our psychopathic leaders making statements, signing bills and provoking conflict.

If you work with, live with or have neighbors who are psychopaths, people not dealing with a full deck or prone to outburst or violence- April 7-16 the heavens will be affecting people who are off balance in a negative way. Pray for them, release love, mercy and grace to them. Avoid confrontations! Cover yourself and family with the Blood-Light of Christ.

The spirit of murder and suicide will be energized from April to October. You will see series after series of violent unbelievable crimes reported. (We are only reading what the heavens are prophesying) . Prayer and meditation lessen this influence.

As I meditated on the X-class Solar Flare from yesterday and wondered how this energy would manifest in the Earth, Spirit began to show me. First of all, this Xray radiation from the Sun particles hitting our atmosphere April 1-2 will be revealing the hidden things of the heart. The planet will have an Xray, all things hidden must be revealed so that it can be dealt with. Everything growing that the Father/Mother has not planted must be surgically cut out by the Spirit.

Absorb the particles from the Sun, allow them to further assist with your transformation. Spend time in the sun April 1-2 if possible. For those of you that do Sun-gazing, use this opportunity to absorb more through your eyes.

Eye also see this X-class Solar Flare and the ones following, the corona mass ejections will somehow interact with Earth's geomagnetic field. I am not a scientist, but Eye see somehow this causing MAJOR EARTHQUAKES - between 6 -8 on the Richter scale. We are moving into a season of many destructive Earthquakes, especially as the Sun moves into Cancer and Leo. (as we always say prayer and meditation can lessen the impact).


What an exciting time to be alive. Jupiter is yet looming high in the night sky, signifying the God of gods, the God of Abundance and Rain is watching over us.

"Do you know the laws of the heavens? Can you regulate their authority over the earth?" Job 38:33 Yes, once you learn how.


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