APRIL 2, 2014

This article is an update, a warning and call to prayer/meditation. As we often say, prophecy is given to not only show us the future, but so that in some cases, we can change the future. This is why Apostle Paul states in 1 Corinthians 13, "Prophecies shall fail..."

In our March 30 article, BLACK MOON, BLOOD MOON, MARS, ASTRO-PROPHECY , by the Spirit, we were able to accurately interpret how a space event would affect the earth. Here is an excerpt:

"The most powerful of the Solar Flares, an X class (X1) erupted on the Sun yesterday, March 29, 2014. It flashed from sunspot AR2017. Isn't this region of the Sun, 2017 a hidden prophetic clue of major solar events in 2017? The CME - coronal mass ejection was released into space headed toward Earth. It wont be a direct hit, however, our atmosphere will be saturated with mysterious particle and gamma rays from the Sun on April 1-2...Eye also see this X-class Solar Flare and the ones following, the corona mass ejections will somehow interact with Earth's geomagnetic field. I am not a scientist, but Eye see somehow this causing MAJOR EARTHQUAKES - between 6 -8 on the Richter scale. We are moving into a season of many destructive Earthquakes, especially as the Sun moves into Cancer and Leo."


This is a sign of the season we have moved into of seeing frequent Major Earthquakes, 6-8 on the Richter scale and more, also Tsunamis on the planet.


The recent release of the Noah movie is no coincident, the timing is a warning and a sign. I have not seen it yet, but others have told me about it. It seems to be filled with prophetic clues of what was and will be. I find it very interesting that the maker of this film is an atheist. Darren Aronofsky does not believe there is a Creator God, yet he reads the Bible and makes a film about God. There's lot more going on here.

One of the reasons the timing of the release of this film concerns me is that for 6 years we have been warning of a Water Event similar to Noah in a limited geographical area.

About 6 years ago, while living in Surprise, AZ I sat in my upstairs office staring out the window toward the White Tank Mountains. Windows sometimes serve as a portal for me. I sometime find my spirit traveling to the past, present or future. On that particular day in 2008, I found myself in what appeared as 2014. Eye seem to have been above Europe. Eye saw a major water event, water covered a lot of land. It reminded me of the Flood of Noah's day, but not globally. Since then we have been warning others, praying and hoping it does not happen.

If this does manifest, there is a possibility of parts of the East Coast of the US being affected. We know that prayer and repentance can cause prophecy to fail. As we often say, the future is sometimes revealed to give us a chance to change it. Here is what we posted in January prophecy 2013:

"Eye see a strong potential for major Water Events, while the Sun is in Taurus. The area most vulnerable is Europe, late April to mid May 2014. This event will most likely be preceded by an Earthquake. [The impact can be soften and the energy can be delayed through prayer/meditation]."

REGULUS OCCULTATION Posted March 19, 2014

(Those who control Hollywood and see themselves as gods of this world are also aware of major events coming to the planet before they happen. If they are not the ones causing them, the accurate information is given to them through dark occultism methods. They subtly release warnings, but most miss them. The Noah movie is a warning of an event shown to me 6 years ago, that Eye saw happening in 2014. Eye saw what looked like Europe, but could manifest in another region also. Our job is to pray, intercede and meditate about this especially as the Sun moves out of Aries into Taurus.)

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