For the past 13 years by the spirit of prophecy, we have been interpreting with great accuracy the signs in the heavens and posting them on the internet. The Bible clearly instructs us to watch the signs in the heavens. The SUN of Righteousness has 12 Major Prophets (12 Zodiac Signs), 36 Minor Prophets (36 sub constellations - 1 of which is a hidden major prophet) - in all 48 Prophets above our heads that are prophesying day and night none stop unlimited Divine revelations about every aspect of life. Psalms 19, Malachi 4:1 Along with the 48 constellations Prophesying and doing the Apostolic work of the heavens to influence the earth, there are a host of Comets, Asteroids and Meteors evangelizing, teaching and shepherding the planet with their influences day and night.

We have moved into a phase of acceleration beyond anything we have seen. The days are being shortened, literally; just as Jesus said it would be. Matthew 24 The Galaxy and our Solar System is about to be completely Born-again. The signs of this new birth are overwhelming. "Marvel not, I say, You Must be Born Again." John 3 And it is so, so be it.

After a Sun-less winter for months, the Sun usually rises over Ilulissa, Greenland on January 13 each year since there has been record keeping and as far back as scientist can tell. This year the Sun rose 2 days earlier on 1/11/11 at about 1:00 pm which has created quite a panic and concern in the scientific community.

How could this happen, many are wondering? In our June 13, 2010 Prophetic Publication - "Witness Earth's Crucifixion" http://www.atam.org/Grandcross.html Eye saw a soon coming Pole Shift and announced it. 7 months later, January 7, 2011 the Magnetic Pole Shift happened airports were closed, north is no longer exactly what was north and an airplane crashed in Russia due to this Pole Shift. Since the North Pole is yet moving, Greenland is further south; thus the Sun rise is early. Montana and other parts are reporting the sun is setting later than it should. The Equator is changing, what we know of as north will become south. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!


Could there be a complete Pole Shift? YES! Is it likely to happen? YES!! Is there anything in the Bible about this? Oh Yes! "The earth shall be turned upside down". Isaiah 24:1 Will humans survive? Yes, some. Those that choose to go on and have found shelter in Him.


As I was meditating on this it was so simple and funny the way He brought it to me. The early Sunrise is shouting to creation, "WAKE UP!!" It's time to awake, there's a new day dawning!! As in the natural when the Sun rises in the morning the body is alerted to wake up. There is an awesome AWAKENING taking place; here comes the Sun; let the Son shine in; get up. Also the date 1/11/11 @ 1:00 pm, that was not coincidence.

Many people are being prompted to look at a digital clock at 11:11, some even awake out of deep sleep to see this. This is our digital Wake Call preparing us and activating our digital self or higher body. The sequences of "1" are also a reminder that we are ONE and we can not fully awaken until we realize this. We must get beyond the illusion of our individuality. In reality, I am you looking back at me. 14 days after the Sun rose early on 1/11/11 the people of Egypt was AWAKENED to their sovereignty and captivated the world without bombs, WMD and weapons of war.

Revelation 11:11 An awakening takes place - an awakening to the supernatural resurrection power of the Spirit. "...The Spirit of life entered into them and they STOOD UP on their feet, and great fear fell on all those that saw them." This is what is happening globally, all creation, humanity is waking up. The inspiration of God is breathing into us to cause us to Stand Up and as we do the oppressors will tremble and be no more.



In 1998 I saw the movie "Deep Impact", a good science-fiction thriller disaster movie. When I watch a movie, I watch it for entertainment but I also look for clues and hidden messages because I know that the Spirit is ALWAYS speaking through everything. Hollywood is often a tool for prophecy unconsciously and sometimes they are consciously trying to prepare the public for major events. Just before you think I am way off, consider this and read further. In the Bible God spoke through Balaam's ass (donkey); so why could He not speak through the jack asses of today?

[I have been writing this newsletter for a week now off and on-the longest ever to get something out. After reading about Deep Impact on Wikipedia, names jumped off the monitor as the Spirit connected the dots- I was forced to watch the movie again at 3:00 am. You may be inspired to after reading this]

I have been sort of following Comet Elenin. In the movie Deep Impact it was discovered that a giant 7 mile wide comet was on a collision course with earth. It was discovered by a teen-age amateur astronomer name Leo Biederman on May 10, 1998. He alerted professional astronomer name Wolf in the film, thus the Comet was named after them, Comet Wolf-Biederman. Morgan Freeman is the African American President in the film, he has been preparing for this event. The Russians and Americans planned a mission to send astronauts to intercept the Comet, plant nuclear warheads on it and blow it up. By the way, the spacecraft is called, "Messiah". About 30-31 minutes into the movie during the Press Conference a journalist, Jenny Lerner makes a statement to the president which is one of my favorite lines. "Not everyone is convinced that Messiah will save us". The secret code name for the event is Ellie, or E.L.E. Before the whole truth was known, ELE was thought to be a mistress of the Secretary of State or the President by journalist. E.L.E. stands for EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT.

The plan to destroy or change the trajectory of the Comet fails. Messiah is damaged, the explosion splits the Comet into 2 pieces, and both Comets are now headed for Earth. The President is forced to make the announcement and discloses Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) are being built by the world governments and some that can house up to 1 million mostly randomly selected people for 2 years. The deep underground bases are set up to be like an underground Noah's Ark. The remaining (5) crew members of the Messiah decides to sacrifice themselves on a suicide mission to Save The World from total extinction, so they blow the larger Comet into pieces. Messiah saves the world. Millions are destroyed by the first Comet impact, the East Coast was wiped out, and Western Europe, but the world is saved and humanity goes forth to rebuild. (That's art, a film from just over 12 years ago, not real life and prophetic info Or Is It)?

On December 10, 2010 a Russian astronomer discovers a Comet, we are told. His name is Leo or Leonid Elenin. He discovers it at the International Scientific Optical Network's robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico, U.S.A. Both astronomers in the movie and real life are born in January. The government has been very quiet about it and down playing the affects of it coming very close to Earth in 2011.

As in the movie, we have an African American President Barack Obama. We have this Russian & America interest in the Comet. They want us to believe that Leo-nid Elenin discovered the Comet December 10 near MAY-hill, NM. Leo-nid in Deep Impact discovered the comet MAY 10. The acronym E.L.E. was a secret code for Extinction Level Event in the movie and in real life Leonids last name is ELE-nin. Leo in the movie is actually ELIjah Wood in real life. He has the word NINe tattooed on his body. The journalist Jenny Lerner in the movie real name is T'ea Leoni. In the movie the Comet devastated the East Coast and parts of Europe. If Comet Elenin impacts with Earth the East Coast and Europe could be devastated. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!!! This is no coincidence, Leonid Elenin could just be a code name put out there for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.

March 15 Comet Elenin will align with Earth's South Pole and the Sun. October 16 it will be closest to the Earth. November 8 an Asteroid will pass close to the Earth - Meteor Showers should be visible November 11, 2011 (11:11:11)

Why is FEMA as of this year preparing for a CDE = Catastrophic Disaster Event inland from the East Coast near the New Madrid Fault? They are preparing for Emergency assistance for 7 million survivors, the food (3 meals a day) and water can last for 10 days. Also the order included an unspecified number of "under water body bags". After it became public knowledge of their preparation, they issue a statement saying they were canceling the order and it was much ado about nothing. (yeah right)


It has been 200 years since a Catastrophic Disaster hit the region in 1811. The states where practice drill will commence are Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas, Illinois and Missouri. Exercises are scheduled for May 2011 (the next article below shows interest in May 2011 also). As you read further, realize that we Only speak what we see or feel-we are totally aware of the power of prayer and meditation that can change what we prophesy or forewarn about. I feel the Spirit many times gives us the news beforehand to allow us to accept it, change it or lessen the impact.

EYE Do Not See a "deep impact" situation in the near future. However, EYE do see Earthquake activity and further Pole Shifts related to Comet ELEnin. (We have spoken about the region listed above in other writings over the past several years and encouraged intercession).

Early March between March 6-11 are Highly Vulnerable dates for Earthquake Activity, Volcanoes and Natural Disasters that can cause great loss of life.


CORRECTS LOCATION - Houses swallowed by tsunami waves burn in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture (state) after Japan was struck by a strong earthquake off its


EYE see lots of Earthquake Activity in the Southern Hemisphere & South America affecting several countries.

October 12-17 are also Highly Vulnerable dates for Natural Disasters and great loss of life.

November will be very busy with people "crossing over" globally as a result of many events happening on the planet Natural and Man-made Disasters. I am sensing lots of panic and anxiety but also a deep peace.

All of these things that may seem so bad are necessary and are a part of the Shifting and birthing the planet into the 5th dimension. A miscarriage or still birth is not an option.

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