July 17, 2004

�For God may speak in one way (through people, nature, events), or in another (intuition, thoughts, inner voice), yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, Then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction�. Job 33:14-16 (NKJ)

In other words we are too busy to listen while awake. Recently I have been bombarded with questions about dreams and their interpretations. Every mammal dreams, including animals, however, not everyone remembers their dreams. Dreams are a communication between the body, mind and spirit set forth in pictures or images on the screen of our unconscious reality. Dreams are a natural function of the unconscious mind to express itself. About 16 hours of the day most people live out of the overactive Conscious Mind, this brain wave activity is usually between the Theta, Alpha, Beta States. The Subconscious or Unconscious Mind serves as a video or tape recorder collecting all the data that�s coming in through the 5-senses. This includes mostly data that you are not consciously aware of; every smell, vibration, sound, taste, the thousands of images that you don�t realize you see, cellular memories, long term memories, intuitions, spirit memories, and of course God speaking.

Dreams are an outlet for the Unconscious Mind, allowing the brain wave activity to slow down to the Delta State so that it can process all the conscious and unconscious data. Dreams give you the opportunity to express your desires, likes, dislikes, fantasies and fears in the safe environment of your bed. One of the main purposes for sleep is so that you can dream; it is a rest from the carnal mind or 10% of brain activity called the Conscious Mind. We are all victims of obsessive thinking and it is this thinking that kills us. �To be carnally minded is death�. We sleep so that the Unconscious Mind can filter out all the data accumulated daily or the past data that surfaces daily, otherwise, we would literally go insane and die.

During the course of a night or sleeping period one will have countless dreams, although only one or two may stand out and seem as though it lasted all night. It was believed and taught in Judaism that at least 1 out of every 6 dreams is a message from God.


The first time a dream is mentioned in scripture is in Genesis 20. Abimelech (a heathen king) was given a dream of revelation, warning and blessing by God. This type of dream is what I would call a �Direct Dream� or �Literal Dream�. There was no need for interpretation, it was very clear. The dream revealed the truth about Abraham and Sarah�s relationship; it was a warning of what not to do and a prophetic promise of blessings through obedience. [Do you still think that God does not speak to people you consider sinners]?

The second dream mentioned in the Bible is in Genesis 28:12-15. Jacob, a righteous man was given a prophetic dream of comfort and promise of being blessed. This type of dream is what I would call a �Prophetic Symbolic Dream�, therefore, it must be interpreted. Prophetic Symbolic Dreams are normally multi-dimensional. This means they could have many levels of meanings and the information could affect past, present and future.

First of all, this was a prophecy that would be relevant to Jacob�s life, then prophetically revealing Jesus (John 1:51), then the prophetic re-discovery of the spiral staircase (DNA) within man, and many other future things.

The third and fourth dreams mentioned in the Bible are in Genesis 37. Joseph dreams were also Prophetic Symbolic Dreams with multi-dimensional interpretations that were relevant for Joseph, a people becoming a nation, the influences of the Mazzaroth (Zodiac) and many other celestial events to come.

The fifth and sixth dreams mentioned in the Bible are in Genesis 40. The Cupbearer and Baker both had dreams that were Symbolic Prophetic Dreams; however, these were not the multi-dimensional in nature. These were messages given by God in symbolic language that required an interpretation. The dreams were fulfilled in three days as the prophetic interpretation revealed.

It is my belief that All dreams of substance will fall somewhere between the above three examples (Direct/Literal Dreams, Prophetic Symbolic Dreams with various meaning, or Specific Symbolic Prophetic Dreams). This does not include pizza, burrito, filet minion, scary movies and CNN motivated dreams.


The few examples that I list below will also fall in the categories above; however, these are more common. These dreams may happen more frequent in various forms as warnings, encouragement, and predictions. The short interpretations I give are basically from my frame of reference (study, experience, revelation etc.).

FLYING DREAMS = Spiritual momentum, faith, no limitations OR what are you trying to escape from � what seems to be holding you down?

FALLING DREAMS = Primal fears, decisions, transition OR what are you afraid of losing-let go or hold on, make up your mind.

RUNNING DREAMS = Spiritual momentum, progress, getting ahead OR what (who) are you running from-what part of you, escape?

HOUSE/BUILDING = Your life (body, business, family, ministry). What�s happening to the building? What�s going on in your life?


Yes. Although it appears that most time we may not have much control over when and what dream starts, yet we can control the dream. We all do this unconsciously from time to time; it is called �lucid dreaming�. You can develop the ability to become semi conscious of dreaming while dreaming and experience what you desire. These dreams are often in more color and detail since you have some control.

This enlightened type of conscious interaction within the dream state is developed through setting the intent, proper breathing, meditation and giving yourself permission before going to sleep.


The dream world is a real world that exists beyond the 3-dimensional reality. It is composed of electrical frequencies, impulses, spirit, mind stuff, bio-chemical stuff, unconscious insight and probably lots more that I don�t have a name for.

The dream experience is the detachment from the mass of our physical and material reality; it is a form of out of the body experiences and what we might call �spirit travel� transcending time and space. In many cases the things we see are real, we know this because they later materialize (come to pass).

Realizing that the dream world is real and if one become adept at �lucid dreaming�; would it not be possible to bring the dream world into our present reality? For instance, if one is dreaming of something precious that has been lost, couldn�t it be possible to recover it and bring out of the dream world immediately? Is that a stretch of imagination? NO! We do it all the time but from the 3-D reality which is subject to time and space, therefore, it takes longer. Why not try to do it in reverse, which could be the way it was meant to be from beginnings.

The dream world is the NOW reality, that�s why they seem so real. As we better understand this and realize the power of Spirit the 10% of brain wave activity (Carnal Conscious Mind) will lessen. Thus, we will need less sleep as we will operate more out of the Unconscious and Spirit realm. This will produce more �daydreaming� and use of the power of imagination and words to bring dreams into a NOW manifestation/materialization.

You have permission to DREAM & THINK. That disease will disappear because it does not exist. That new house, vehicle, money or whatever will appear instantly because you created it. Those relationships will be healed.


In Job 33 God states the ultimate purposes for dreams. Instruction, Change Us, Heal Us, Prosperity, Save our Soul (life), Joy, Restoration, Enlightenment, Immortality (deliver us from death). MORE WILL BE ADDED TO THIS PAGE ON THIS SUBJECT SOON.


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