FEBRUARY 20, 2014

We have been trying to keep up with the growing number of Bank Executives that have been flying off of high rise Bank buildings over the past few weeks or so. The global crash hasn't taken place yet, but yet they are free falling off of buildings. The official count is about (7) that have been reported. According to the media, they just decided to end their lives and careers of making lots of money by jumping from their Bank building or the nearest high rise. What makes this more amazing is that this free-fall epidemic is happening worldwide. When we started prophetically declaring in 2012 that Humpty Dumpty (the fat-cat bankers) would have a great fall, we did not expect it to be literal.

So do you think that the reported (7) as of 2/19/14 all committed suicide? I think they were SUICIDED - Murdered to make it look like a suicide because they knew too much or as some are suggesting, to prevent Forex Fraud Whistle-blowing. I am sure they knew about the planned Global Economic Collapse that's about to take place. We have been warning about for some time. Whether it is the Forex Fraud or Collapse Disclosure, they did not just jump or die of natural causes.

Finally, someone else is saying the same thing. Max Kaiser reports that it is actually 20 Bankers that he know of that have recently been found dead- suicided. Yes, at least 20. He even points the finger to the man, Lloyd Blankfein behind the hit on the Banker executives. It appears that jobs as Bankers are becoming high risk. Take a look at this Russia Today news interview, it takes a lot of courage to make this statement. Are the growing murders to prevent Forex Fraud Whistle-blowing or Disclosure of planned global collapse? ARE YOU AWAKE YET?!

The deaths of the other known 13 so far are all suspicious, they read like this; "could have fallen," "could have jumped," "7 or 8 self-inflicted shots to head and torso with a nail-gun," " missing and hasn't been seen," "cause of death undetermined," "apparent suicide," and "questionable causes."

Can you believe that?!! How can someone shoot themselves 7-8 times in the head and torso with a nail-gun? Somebody need to call CSI.

5 years ago this month the movie, The International was released prophesying the bank corruption and murders and possibly, how all this might end. Watch the trailer:

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