(Head Of Satan)

October 28, 2007

The heavens are screaming again at the top of it stellar lungs of soon eminent danger and pain worldwide, but very few are listening. The screams are being drowned out by the sounds of everyday life and the deceptive calmness reported in most western media. We here at CNN (Celestial News Network) report the news before it happens to give our readers an opportunity to pray, intercede or meditate to prevent or soften the impact of what the heavens are declaring. The heavens are always declaring (prophesying) the events on earth through mythology and cosmic sign language. Psalms 19


Myth, a traditional story about supernatural beings relating to our ancestors. Myths became legends; legends became a part of our history. As we come full circle we are finding out there is a power in these myths that somehow unlocks prophetic truth shouting from the heavens for our day. "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the honor of kings is to search out a matter." Proverbs 25:2 These myths have been etched in the constellations of stars on the eternal canvas of the seemingly silent heavens.

Medusa means �sovereign female wisdom�. She was worshiped in Libya and other parts of northern Africa as their Serpent Goddess over 3500 years ago, her dread-locks of serpents bear witness of this. Later she was imported into Greek mythology. The myth states that she was the most beautiful of maidens and her hair was her chief glory. One day while worshiping in the Temple of Athena she was raped by Neptune (Poseidon). Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom became angry that the Temple was violated and was jealous of Medusa. She turned Medusa�s beautiful locks into hissing serpents and granted her the power to turn any man to stone that looked into her eyes.

Perseus the warrior was challenged to cut off the head of Medusa. He was given a sharp sword and a bright shield to see her reflection to avoid looking into the face of Medusa while cutting off her head. He entered the cave of nymphs where she and her sisters lived while she was sleeping and took her head; Perseus used the head of Medusa to turn his enemies in battle into stone. Thus the heavens in the Zodiac Sign House of ARIES depict Perseus holding the head of Medusa in his left hand with his sword held high. See Below images.


The heavens are screaming their cosmic message to the sons of men. Amazing phenomenal astrological/astronomical events below.

1996 Comet Hyakutake suddenly appeared in the sky coming closer to Earth than any other known comet of our time. April 11, 1996 this Comet Cross AGOL, a star in the left Eye of Medusa Head.

1997 Comet Hale Bopp appeared in the sky. The last time this Comet was seen was just before the Flood of Noah. This Comet came even closer to Earth. On April 10, 1997 it crossed the star AGOL in the left eye of Medusa�s Head. (This eye appears to blink because it is an eclipsing binary star).

2007 Comet Holmes suddenly appears in the sky as a faint Comet around October 23, 2007, within 24 hours it erupts in brightness by over 1 million times. It went from a magnitude 17 to a magnitude 2, something that has never been seen in our history and can not be explained by astronomers. It can be seen with the naked eye appearing as a yellow star the size of Mars since it has not yet grown a tail. It can be seen intersecting the star AGOL in the left eye of Medusa�s Head around January 18, 2008. See the Path of Comet Holmes below.

Image of Comet Holmes

AGOL in Arabic means, Head of the Demon, in Hebrew - Satan's Head, Chinese it is called the 5th Mausoleum. Agology in Latin means, the study of pain. In virtually every culture the star Agol has a negative connotation. "There is no speech nor language (culture-nation) where the voice (message) of the stars are not heard". Psalms 19:3

October 21, 2007 Orion's Meteor Shower (Orionids) - Earth passed through the dust left from Comet Hale Bopp 10 years ago.

We have been posting and warning of the events in Iraq and the Middle East accurately based on interpreting the language of the heavens since 1997-98 and giving the exact year and season within a 30 day period that the war would start in 2003. Since 2002 we have warned, sounded the alarm and called for fasting and prayer regarding conflict with Iran.

Iraq's disarmament crisis begun May 1996, one month after Comet Hyakutake crossed the Head of Satan. This led to the invasion in 2003. Hale Bopp also passed through Orion Sword in Taurus in 1997 (Prophesying war). According to Hebrew history, it is said if a Comet ever passes through Orion's Sword the end of the world would be near. Hale Bopp crossing Agol, the left eye of Medusa 1997 became a double witness exactly one year later to what we see played out in the news daily.


**** Medusa is awake again and her hissing head (serpent brain) is summoning the leaders of the world. Comet Holmes in route to cross her left eye and mysteriously becoming over 1 million times brighter within 24 hours is evident of this. Her hypnotic glare has aroused the hearts of men to turn their hearts into stone. "The love of many growing cold".

The Neo-Cons, Hawks and Christian Warmongers have been smitten by their greed, lust for power and selfishness, they are paralyzed and even drunken with arrogance. Many will lie down to sleep some night in the near future at ease to only wake up to shock and awe, a world gone mad.

What are the heavenly mythological clues to prove this? Iraq and Iran was called PERSIA until 1932; they were one country a part of the ancient Persian Empire. The name Persia was derived from Perseus, he is thought to be the ancestor of the Persians. Remember, Perseus was the mythological warrior, not afraid to take chances and even cut off the head of Medusa (Satan). What is the name that Perseus - Persia - Iran refer to America & Israel as? Is it not the Great Satan?

Comet Holmes is erupting with brightness in the constellation of Perseus. Perseus means, the Breaker, He who fights and overcomes. Perseus is a sub-constellation in the Zodiac Sign House of ARIES. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of War, and the element is Fire. This astronomical anomaly is taking place while the Sun is in SCORPIO (the sting of death) and the Full Moon is in TAURUS (judgment). This is a recipe for an extremely deadly global situation developing.

Earth's atmosphere has been sprinkled with the dust of Comet Hale Bopp's October 21, 2007. Earth passed through the same dust that announced the present war in Iraq & Afghanistan and bore witness of the violence and wicked imagination of mankind 5000 years ago before the Flood of Noah. Genesis 6 - (As it was in the days of Noah - Luke 17:26).

*** November 14 - 30 2007 - A very Intense period on the planet and distress upon the nations. This period of 16 days has the Highest Potential For Great Loss of Life through WAR, Air Crashes, Explosions, Natural Disaster and even Attacks (possibly staged) on American Soil.

*** November - December 2007 There will be another Economical Shake Up possibly toward the end of November. Prepare for the soon coming collapse. (In our publication Falling Star of Auriga- August 24, 2007-, we revealed that the Dow would lose 400 points in (1) day between September & October. October 19, 2007 it dropped 366.94 points).

**** WHEN ATTACKED WHAT WEAPON WILL PERSEUS (PERSIA - IRAN) USE ON IT'S ENEMIES THAT WILL HARDEN THE SKIN & INTERNAL ORGANS?? (Will a mysterious illness slowly affect those that fight with Perseus? Will there be some type of biochemical retaliation that cause this? It may not be covered in western Media for years to come).

*** Athena is the goddess of War & Wisdom in mythology. The Feminine Energies of Athena and Medusa that's affecting the planet as being magnified by Is Comet Holmes in Medusa, representing the Female powers of Madame Speaker of the House Pelosi and future President - Hillary Clinton if elected? 2008 elections and the build up to it shall have more surprises, shocks, and weird things happening than a suspense drama.

Furthermore, Athena and Medusa represent the increase of women coming to political power. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany -Condoleeza Rice, Secretary of State - Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand - Tarja Halonen, President of Finland - Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia - Mary McAleese, President of Ireland - Vaira Vike-freuberga, President of Latvia - Luisa Diogo, Prime Minister of Mozambique - the return Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, etc.

*** On the Spiritual Level this also represent the Increase of women with great Wisdom that shall continue to answer the heavenly call to minister and serve humanity as Oracles of the Almighty God.

*** PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF THE MEDUSA EFFECT - Increase Kidney & Gall Stones cases. Re-occurrences of attacks; Liver, Pancreas, Mental Imbalance, Eye problems, Thyroid and Genital areas. [We are only making you aware of the areas of the body most vulnerable for illness or accidents from now to Jan. 30, 2008].


The country of TURKEY is bombing Northern Iraq - Kurdistan. President Bush let it slip in his speech a week ago saying that Turkey should not send "more troops" in. However, it had not been reported in western "media" that any troops was sent in; although other sources were reporting. hmmmmmm. By allowing at least 100,000 Turks to be sitting on the border of northern Iraq that borders with Syria, could they be used to keep the Syrians from assisting Iran in an eminent attack by USA & Israel? So far western "media" has not reported any major incursions by the Turks into Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Speaking of the news "media", by the way,who are these Kurds? Why at this time are they being bombed? The Kurds are the ancient Medes, also called "Media" of the Medo-Persian Empire mentioned in the book of Daniel. There were 6 tribes of them, one was called Magi. They were the Maji of Media or the Median Empire. They have lived for thousands of years in what is today called Azerbajan, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Armenia.

Was it not "wise men" from the east that followed the Star to find Jesus the Christ? The "wise men" or Maji Tribe of "MEDIA" was a royal priestly tribe of enlighten astrologers and supernaturally gifted prophets. They were called the "King-makers". They prophetically installed kings, advised kings, rulers and other important people throughout the region. We are now realizing that Jesus had fair and balanced good news "Media Coverage" of his birth 2000 years ago.

Why is Media (the Kurds of northern Iraq) being bombed? It is foreshadowing more of the changes to take place in the western News Media that I have been prophesying since January 2007. The hierarchy of this unfair and out of balance fear driven empire that has deceived the minds of many is about to be dismantled. You will see more Executives, Anchors and New Shows Host suddenly being removed and suddenly dying.

Remember, we proclaim the messages from the heavens (Celestial News Network) to create awareness and intercession; not fear. We believe in the power of prayer that can change world events or soften the impact of them. Keep yourself in the hot passionate love of God constantly putting it into action. Don't be attracted to the beauty of humanistic wisdom of the things of this world; look away, or your heart will become cold and hardened as so many are becoming.

May you erupt in brilliancy as the Comet Holmes.

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