FEBRUARY 19, 2014

We are given about 8 specific instruments that were to be used with various psalms in the Book of Psalms. I call them mystical instruments, due to the meanings behind the names and intent. Sound along with lyrics and intent created a range of effects using these instruments; from blessings to judgements. The prophetic Levitical choir was taught to chant and sing in ancient chords and with specifically designed instruments. Based on this ancient sound technology becoming weaponized, giant hail stones would fall or the enemy army would become confuse and utterly destroy each others and themselves. There were also times that the glorious Shekinah would materialize.


In your Bible, the subtitle or instruction to the choir master above the lyrics of Psalms 46 is the word Alamoth. Alamoth (a feminine word in Hebrew) means, virgins, young girls that have reached puberty and old enough for marriage, but is yet under the protection of her family. It also means sopranos. It was believed that this instrument, a string harp-type, made a sound like a young girls soprano voice. Alamoth was used to create and project the energetic frequencies of purity, peacefulness and innocence. So we see that the ancient mystics had knowledge how to create an instrument or tune a musical instrument for very specific purposes to achieve results.

Some of the psalms were assigned specific instruments, mystical chords and vibrations to bring about disruption and destruction to the plans of the enemy. Projecting the sound, intent, and emotions toward a person or an army could be deadly. Alamoth was not used to cause destruction, but just the opposite. In the midst of destruction, Earth Changes and disaster; Psalms 46 reminds us that God is. "God, our refuge and strength, a very present help in the time of trouble." Job said, Man born of a woman is in a few days full of trouble. We live in a time when there seems to be trouble everywhere in the outer world.

The Earth is changing and entering into a time of greater purification. In Psalms 46, David speaks of mountains shaking (Volcanic Eruptions), the Earth trembling (Massive Earthquakes), the waters roaring and swelling (Tsunamis, Flooding). He speaks about the heathens raging (Social & Financial unrest, Protest), Kingdoms being moved (governments dissolving and shaken), the Earth melting (Solar Flares, intense heat). He speaks about wars, desolation and the end of wars. All of these things are broadcast daily in the media. But wait a minute. That's not the end of the story. Thank God.

"Therefore, we will not fear...There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High. God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early. The LORD is with us..." Psalms 46:2,4-5,7

How can one experience this joy and peace while in Foreclosure, Vehicle Repossessed, Loss of job, Health Problems, Homelessness, Martial Problems, and all the other personal earthquakes, eruptions and a tsunami of debt in life? How can one sing the Song of the Virgins (Alamoth)? What about the times when don't feel like you are on Mt Zion? (Eye have a prophetic word Eye feel Spirit is wanting me to share again).


Most of you in this country and in much of Europe are experiencing horrible weather; cold, wet, cloudy or windy. Yes, you need a vacation! We all need a vacation, a vacation where you don't come home from. If you happen to have to return, take another vacation immediately. What meaneth this?? It takes money, time and planning for a vacation.

I want to invited each of you reading this blog on a vacation, all expense paid. Your heavenly Father/Mother, the Creator wants you to take this vacation. Ok, here it is. I promise, there are no catches, this is not a scheme.

"Be Still, and know that I AM God." Psalms 46:10 The Latin imperative for the phrase "be still" is VACATE (vacation). Vacate means to leave, give up, abandon, clear out, void; cease to occupy or hold. A vacation is a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest or relaxation.

In order to sing or experience the Song of the Virgins, the 144,000 on Mt Zion, one must leave the old paradigm, let go of old thought patterns and clear out the negativity. This can only be done by ceasing to be a victim of Compulsive Thinking (worrying). Set aside the mind from the consciousness, still the mind and all its drama. Shut off the noise and traffic of the mundane that pollutes your life with fear, worry and doubt. Be Still!! Take a vacation from the familiar areas and images projected on the screen of your mind, they are not real. They only appear real in the world of illusion. The world of illusions will drive you mad.

This can be done through meditation and breathing properly, consciously separate reality from the illusion. One must first define what is their reality. Is it Purity, Peace and Innocence, the frequency that Alamoth emits? Is it Life, Fullness, Abundance, Love and Wholeness? Define your reality and allow your being to experience that song. It will make no sense to the carnal mind, it transcends logic.

The deeper understanding of these mystical instruments is, you are the instrument. You are the Alamoth. In the stillness, when you have vacated the realm of illusions, the Master Musician will manifest. He will strum your life until it vibrates with utter Peace, Love, Wholeness, Abundance and the realization of I AM that I AM. "The vibration emanating from you will affect others all around, they will not know what hit them, says the Spirit of the LORD.

Eye hear the Spirit saying, 'You are being fine tuned. The things that appear as challenges and struggles now, will soon be dissolved and disappear into the noise of yesterday. Eye will cause a new sound to come forth out of your being and out of your mouth. The sounds of negative words filled with fear must be cut off from your lips. A pure sound I will bring forth. Decree a thing in faith with conviction from this place of stillness and it shall be established.

There is a sound within you. The universe is anxiously waiting to hear the sounds from your mouth and being. Find the Alamoth frequency of purity emanating from your virgin soul. This is the place of stillness and power. It is a high pitch, far above the principalities. It is a range that transports you outside the realm of destruction and negativity. This is the frequency that declares GOD IS!! GOD IS!! Not was, will or maybe. GOD IS!!! And God is in the midst of every situation. Most of all this is the self realization that, I Am God." Hallelujah!

Many years ago someone gave me a CD called Chakra Healing by Sophia (Wisdom). We used it often in those days when we did sound and energy healing work. Experience this Song of the Virgins from Psalms 46:10 BE STILL (best with head phones)


Get into your sacred space or quiet spot if possible. Prepare yourself to be taken to the Mt Zion vacation experience. This is located deep within. It is the Pituitary Gland in the brain. Ascend there - see the colorViolet as you prepare to listen and experience this song. Allow the Sopranos and strings to carry you deeper to that place of stillness.

Vacate from the anxiety, bills, worries, pain and fears. Be still. Vacate and abandon yourself, the ego and ideas. The only thing that exist is this holy Presence of Now. Yahweh IS in his holy temple, let all the earthly ways and thoughts keep silent before him.

To experience the power of this message and meditation you must be able to follow the simple instructions. Forward the video album below exactly to 46 minutes and 06 seconds. Listen, experience and absorb until 51 minutes and 30 seconds. After you have absorbed this song designed to resonate with your 7th chakra - pituitary gland (alamoth) - then you are free to enjoy the complete album. (The single song in no longer available-only the complete album).

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