APRIL 26, 2014

When we use the phrase, "religion kills", we mean, when someone using the natural intellect try to interpret the plan of the Creator and uses spiritual teachings to build systems to enslave other, the outcome can only be death. Laws and rules designed to control and make Adam (humanity) better have proven to only be an administration of death. We have over 3500 years of proof. The greatest Lawgiver of all time, Moses is our proof.

Poor Adam (humanity), he can can wear designer suits, expensive cologne, carry a 1611 KJV red letter edition Bible, meditate, listen to gurus or live in a cave; he will yet be a pitiful, empty creature, until a change takes place on the inside. Jesus (Yahushua), the second and last Adam came to cancel the first one. He was greatly flawed and corrupt by religion (looking outside himself for God, thinking his belief system was better than someone else, feeling that he had to appease a psychotic angry God through penance and extreme works). Jesus (Yahushua) came to show us it is not the outside but the inside that needs changing, a change in our mind and consciousness - repent. When the outside has been made like the inside and the inside becomes one with the outside, the kingdom of God will manifest.

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus (Yahushua)a new creation has come forth, a new specie of the last Adam. However, if we fail to acknowledge the finished work of Christ, we can never walk in resurrection power and life on earth. A sense of guilt and condemnation will loom over our head. As long as we see Him on the cross, the work is not finish. The crucifix is a symbol of suffering, defeat and death. Out of this mentality, many justify killing others in the name of their religion.

An empty cross is a symbol of victory and life, but we must go beyond the cross to get the full understanding and experience of the price that was paid for human consciousness to be freed. Religion kills and the Creator has so many ways to show us that. Linda Edwards sent us this news article which prophesy volumes.

Take a quick look at this image of a giant Pope John Paul II crucifix falling and killing a young man. He was crushed to death by a dying, suffering giant Jesus yet nailed to the cross, that seems to be trying to get off the cross.


This incident happened just days before Pope Francis II is suppose to make John Paul II a saint. Can a man make another man, a dead man a saint? Is God trying to tell the world something about the late celebrated charismatic Pope John Paul II who did many good works, although he refused to address the wide spread sexual abuse issue during his 26 years reign? Why would this giant crucifix falls just days before he is to be made a saint? Why would someone be killed?

The Creator seems to be shaking up false religion and their idols. We are told to not erect any images of worship. We have been prophesying the coming end of the Catholic Church and religion as we have known it for many years.

We pray for young Marco's family during this time of sorrow. He seems to have been chosen to give us this strong prophetic message. The young man killed by the giant crucifix name was Marco Gusmini.

The etymology of Marco comes from Mars, the Roman god of war. Gusmini has various meanings based on how it is pronounced or written. For example, Gusmini as a surname comes from a bible reference; a worker with wood, builder, or carpenter.

One of the hidden messages in this horrific prophetic event is; The god of war and violence shall be crushed and defeated by the God of love and mercy. Religion has waged war against humanity and enslaved humanity since its inception. The Roman Catholic system (those in control), Mystery Babylon, the Great Whore of Revelation has led the attacks under the guise of Christianity for nearly 2000 years. Their covert wars to subdue the nations is coming to an end. Their war on the young is coming to an end.

Eye also see in this that despite the world rushing toward WW3, Love will yet prevail and bring an end to the god of war (Marco). Marco must totally surrender to the power of love. Isn't it ironic, the world's (3) great religions whose founders spoke of peace are the greatest warmongers on the planet? The 3 great Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Gusmini, carpenter, wood worker, builder. Everything that Father has not built must be destroyed. Every religion or belief that's not founded on the Rock of revelation must be crushed and the gates of hell shall not prevail. What are you building? Are you building something to glorify yourself? Are you using the wood, hay and straw of humanism, deception, and compromise? It will be crushed on the rocks by the Rock. The Master Builder, Carpenter is coming to inspect what and how we are building, not in condemnation, but correcting love.

Further, on an individual level, we can read into this event that our personal secret wars and battles in the mind and body can only be brought to an end when we submit to the power of love. Realize that He suffered in your place. Allow what appeared as His defeat to become your triumph, His sorrows to become your joy and His death to become your life. Allow the ego that's constantly at war with the spiritual mind to be crushed, alone with every idol.

Our young brother Marco Gusmini was there to witness a historic event, the canonization of John Paul II. A religious idol killed him and he never got to see it. We are here to witness a historic event, the glory of the latter house becoming greater than the glory of the former house. Don't allow limited religious ideas, doctrines, people and beliefs destroy your vision or crush your spirit. Spirituality gives life.

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