FEBRUARY 3, 2014

Around 5000 years or so ago, there was a big problem on the planet. Scientist came from afar, they were called sons of God and angels due to their extremely advanced technology and intellect. These beings had sex with humans and produced giants and Nephilim in the earth.

They did not stop with the humans, but they also did things with the animals and plants, genetically manipulating their DNA. This produced hybrids, monsters and chimeras. All the mythological monsters and creatures were actually real and many will be coming back. The genetic manipulation was so widespread and out of control that God said, Noah was the only man with pure genetics (perfect and upright). All creation had become contaminated with Nephilim genetics. Hybrid animals in the wild mating with other animals creating even more weirder creatures. Hybrid humans having sex with other humans and hybrid animals, creating more strange human like creatures.

Jesus told us that the days of Noah would be repeated at the time of the end of the age. From the beginning, in the Book of Genetics/Genesis, we were given a clue that the battle at the end of this age would be about genetics, DNA. There is this grand conspiracy to further corrupt the human gene pool. God declared the end from the beginning.

If the remaining Nephilim and Reptilian seed that yet remains on the earth, in control of the major corporations, science, technology, medicine, media, finances, etc. had their way; this would be the last generation of humans. They realize that human DNA is literally the Book of Life, as the scientist have named it so. They realize that human DNA is the Stairway to heaven, Gateway, Stargate to the realm of God within.

This Super-Consciousness called God is not limited to humans, but exist at some level in every animal, plant and object on the planet. However, if certain Codes (Codons) are switched Off through genetic manipulation and hybridization; humans, animals and plants would find it more difficult accessing the God Frequency. Furthermore, the Super-Consciousness we call God would not be able to communicate with humans and His creation as easily.

Every seed must bring forth after its kind according to the universal law of creation. Every seed vibrates at a specific frequency and that frequency is fine tuned to the Super-Consciousness we called God or the God Frequency. When that seed has been manipulated or modified, its frequency changes. Therefore, the Life frequency that it was designed to receive can no longer reach it as before. Thus, when humans eat it, it can create dis-ease, dis-harmony and dis-cord in the body human, due to the interruption of the God Frequency.

To understand this better, imagine yourself listening to the radio. The sound is crystal clear and you are able to hear in stereo all the instruments and vocals from all the speakers in your car. Then, your child or someone turns the knob just a bit, the clarity is no longer there. There is static and muffled noise, because your radio can no longer pick up the radio frequency or signal that's all around you, though unseen.

This is what the Nephilim and Reptilian geneticists are doing. They are tweeking the genetics of humans just a bit through fluoridation of our water, Genetically Modified foods (plants and animals), poisons in the air and electrical pollution. This is making it more difficult for humans to commune with the Creator. Over time this tweeking of human genetics is producing sub-humans filled with violence, rage, lust, greed and fear. Just look around you. Going to watch a movie can be deadly. Going to a shopping mall can be deadly. Operating a vehicle or beating someone to a parking slot can be deadly. Going to Church can be deadly, causing you to meet your Maker sooner than expected.

"Now the earth was corrupt in God's sight and was full of violence. God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways. So God said to Noah, "I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them." Genesis 6:11-13

The days of Noah were filled with violence, the people were angry, afraid, intolerant and killing each other, just like today. What was it that cause the earth to become "corrupt" so fast? It was the genetic manipulation of the humans, plants and animals. Man was no longer able to receive the God Frequency, it was static and disturbing noise. Thus, he could not broadcast the powerful LOVE frequency to his fellowman. Only Noah at that time was hearing clearly from God. He and his family had not been corrupt genetically. Most of the animals had fallen and tampered genetics, except the ones that heard the call to go into the Ark.

It appeared as though Satan's plan had succeeded, there were only a very few "real" humans left. That same scenario is manifesting today as we see a repeat of the days of Noah. The plan is to dehumanize the world and create sub-humans and trans-humans. Of course, the drug-crazed, lust-filled, violent sub-humans would be controlled by the superior trans-humans and used as their slaves.

In their effort to erase God from the planet and human consciousness by tweeking our DNA, their plan will backfire. The earth was corrupt completely and covered with violence in Noah's day. In spite of what's happening and being planned in secret meetings, look what else is happening. "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea." Habakkuk 2:14

What is meant for evil will be turned for good as Codes (Codons) they did not intend to come on get "turned on". We will unzip the limited human version of our being to step out into the unlimited divine (trans-human) form.

The last humans will enter and stay in that place of rest in Him. Noah means to be at rest, still. "Be still and know that Eye Am God." The last humans are the Overcomers - Sons of God, living in harmony with everything on the planet, walking with and as God on the planet. The last humans will bring an end to the Nephilim and Reptilian seed on the planet.

Take a look at one of the signs of the Days of Noah being repeated. Plum Island, Mass. has become one of the new Island of Dr Monreau.

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