"EYE See Religious & World Leaders will begin to slowly disclose and toy with the facts that there are other none human beings existing and that we will have to re-think our theology on many things and understanding of science and history. It is necessary that someone in a high office disclose this so that a global paradigm shift can take place immediately.

There's a world of beings living all around you and flying in your atmosphere and even inside the Earth. Some will call these angels or demons; others will call them "aliens" or "extraterrestrials". Nevertheless, they are here and have been here a very long time. It is only in this season as you and the planet shifts into the 5th dimension that you will be able to see what your eyes have not seen but has been existing all about you. It shall become a common thing in broad daylight to see spacecrafts moving across the skies over the next 3 years. It shall also become normal to acknowledge various races of non-human beings on, in and off the planet. Many of you have prayed for your eyes to be opened, but are you really ready to see? Many of you have prayed for your ears to be opened, but are you really ready to hear? The mysterious secrets that's been waiting for you to develop and mature spiritually and mentally will soon be no more secret." - - Order of Melchizedek

We must be prepared spiritually and mentally AND NOT FEAR. - Jesus said, "People will be terrorized and faint from fear and apprehension because of the things that are coming on the earth." Luke 21:26