Jesus and the prophets instructed and warned us thousands of years ago about the day that we are now living in. They gave us specific clues how we would be able to identify this period of time so that we would not miss out on the greatest opportunities given to modern man. The clues they gave us are the same clues that have been given throughout the world transcending all cultures and religions regarding the “great change” coming to the planet. The clues are written on the darken canvas of the heavens just above our heads as the celestial orbs boldly proclaim the operations of our God and Father. Lift up your heads, O ye gates and you will see the King of glory coming in.

For the past 8 years we have been in a cycle of the most phenomenal celestial events known to mankind, and we have 8 more years of the same before this particular cycle ends around 2012. Enlightened people and those who are seeking truth are gathering in consciousness from around the globe June 6-8, 2004 to observe and participate in the event of the new millennium, Venus Transit.

VENUS will Transit the Sun. In other words, this is Venus passage across the Sun. This passage or transit will last about 7 hours and is similar to when the Moon comes between the Earth and Sun which is called a Solar Eclipse. However, when Venus passes across the Sun it will appear as a small dot traveling in front of the Sun. Stage One of the celestial event will happen June 8, 2004, Stage Two will happen June 6, 2012.

We are being given an 8 year window to understand, absorb and put into practice what the heavens are declaring and seize the moment. Venus passage across the Sun in 2 stages happens once in about every 113-130 years. However, this one is very significant because the 2nd stage ends during the period which has been called the end of linear time according to the Mayan Calendar – year 2012. In Christian terminology it is call the end of the world (age).


People are already gathering in specific locations around the world where there are strong energy centers or vortexes; many are gathering around the equator in Africa, all of this is wonderful for those that were prepared to travel. However, the most important gathering is the gathering in consciousness. (Only in Europe, Asia and Africa will this sign be seen).

Between June 6-8, 2004 if you would consciously align yourself with what the heavens are proclaiming; this would help as the door opens for the 8 years opportunity being given to humanity. We are not telling you to worship the Sun, Venus or anything. During your prayer or meditation time if you could let UNITY, LOVE and BEAUTY be your main focus, this will put you in alignment with what the heavens are declaring. Thus, it will affect every aspect of the planet.

Most Christians do not realize the authority that we have been given, nor the extent of our mission to reconcile the world and universe. We have been called and chosen to raise up all creation and restore it to its former estate. This is being done through preaching, teaching, worship, prayer, meditation, collective conscious efforts and many other ways.

Call forth Unity and Harmony within yourself, all those around you and the Earth. Be and release Love unconditionally to everyone and everything. Find Beauty and create beauty in every situation. Start with the next 2 days especially, but let it become a habit.


Yes and No. Yes, because 21st Century Western Christians are still very much controlled by a “dark age mentality”. It has become a fear based religion troubled by the fear of evil spirits and an unhealthy obsession and emphasis on demons instead of God.

No, Jesus, the ancient prophets and wisdom people understood the science of the heavens and knew how to read its messages. They were not bombarded with fear messages that would stunt their spiritual development.

“I will show wonders (signs) in the heavens…” Joel 2:30, Matthew 24:29-31, Acts 2:19-21


As we continue to grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus the Christ, much of our theology and what we thought we knew about God and the universe will change. Without getting into lengthy revelation knowledge and explanations, I will briefly mention a few scriptures and pose questions to you. All of the answers to the questions of the universe are within us, the Holy Spirit will reveal them and bring them back to our memory as we learn to listen.

There came wise men (magi-astrologers) from the east to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his Star in the east, and are come to worship him.” Matthew 2:1-2

The Astrologers saw His Star, planets are often referred to as stars. What planet did they see and why did they call it His Star? All the modern Astronomers agree that phenomenal celestial events took place about 2000 years ago. Jupiter and Venus conjunct for some time in the Zodiac Sign House of Leo. Leo is the Zodiac Sign assigned to the tribe of Judah from which Jesus was born.

According to history, Daniel the Master Astrologer of Babylon had told his students that when this happens they would find Messiah. This information was kept and passed down to many generations of Magi/Master Astrologers for around 500 years. Daniel 1:19-20, 5:11

Venus is the 2nd planet from the Sun and the brightest object in the sky besides the Sun and Moon. Venus was called by the ancients, the bright and morning star; even today it is still called that.

“I, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. Surely, I come quickly.” Revelation 22:16,20

Jesus states that these things should be discussed in the churches. Read the verse above slowly again. So do you mean we should be discussing astrological events in the church? Yes. Jesus says that He is Venus, the bright and morning star and his coming is associated with Venus.

Was Jesus saying that He is literally the planet Venus? No. Venus is only a sign or symbol for Him. Venus represents, love, beauty, peace, gentleness and harmony; this is the character of Christ.

“And then shall appear the Sign (Venus) of the Son of Man in the heavens.” Matt.24:29-30

Again we find Jesus connecting a celestial astrological event with his coming and the end of the world (age). Then we find that the overcomers are promised to be given the planet Venus. So if one already has the Christ character working in them, which is what enables him to overcome, what is being given to him???

“To him that overcomes…I will give him the morning star (Venus).” Rev.2:26,28 Jesus also has another Venus connection. Although He was born from the tribe of Judah which was assigned to Leo, His birth sign was Libra. Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles which happens when the Sun is in Libra. The ruling planet for Libra is Venus. {More about this and proof in our book, “Secrets of the Cherubim.”} The Bible is profoundly astrological.


“You have come to the period in time of what the ancients foresaw in glimpses and as in disorganized frames of a movie yet to be put together. How will this picture come together? What type of movie will you create or uncreate? They saw and recorded what they saw but the final cut must be made by this generation? What will you edit out, what will you keep and add to?

As Venus transit the Sun and yet another door in the heavens is opened, how will it affect you? For 7 hours the planet of Love, Peace and Harmony will pass before the Earth. This is the sign of the Son of Man, the Christ expression and energy being released in a greater measure into the Earth. This is also the Divine Feminine, Wisdom that has built her house calling out to the sons of men to turn from warfare and destruction to the path of love.

It is also the mystical union between spirit (Sun) and soul (Venus) to change the physical body (Earth) and raise it to yet a higher vibration of perfected love. All things must be weighed and brought into balanced within in order to express the fullness of the Christ without. This is the beginning of the coming of the Christ consciousness at a new level that shall increase for 8 years making all things new for those that receive. As the planet Venus passes across the Sun for 7 hours, this denotes the unconditional perfected love being extended to humanity and the unconditional love that humanity should extend to each other”.

The Sun is in Gemini the Twins, Venus is in the horn of Taurus the Bull while transiting the Sun.

Even though Love (Venus) is ruling the planets and foreshadowing the potential for humanity to rise up as One Body and change the world, we will not see the full manifestation of this in the near future. [However, this does not relieve us of our responsibility to align ourselves in agreement with the heavens through prayer, meditation, be-ing Love and expressing unity so that many will be enlightened].

There are 2 forms of energy at work in the Earth plane, the negative and positive. At this time the negative energy appears to be more aggressive and determined to reach its goal. However, the positive force shall gain momentum and overcome the negative. The Sun in Gemini, which represents duality and opposites portrays this ideal of instability, fear and nervousness within the hearts of many walking in negativity.

Instead of love, beauty and unity; coveting, jealousy, hatred and disharmony will be magnified in the hearts of many during this transition period.

Venus also speaks of matters of the heart, relationships, loved ones and emotional issues. As the darken minds sink further into darkness there will be an increase in divorce, affairs and break down of the traditional family structure.

* Also there will be an alarming rate of heart problems and heart attacks over the next 8 years. Before the summer 2004 is over there should be a major report of heart related problems and deaths occurring during the Spring and Summer months.

* Venus is in the horn of Taurus which is now the Zodiac Sign for Israel since 1948. Expect some agreement to come about within the Israeli Cabinet regarding the Gaza Strip but don’t expect it to last. Instead of Sharon taking the opportunity to show love and justice toward the Palestinians, he will do just the opposite.

During the time of transition on the planet from darkness to light, hatred to love, it will appear that things are getting worse. This is necessary; the world system that man has created must come to an end. The thinking and behavior of the old must pass away with great noise and fervent heat, out of the ashes of the old shall emerge the new.

During the 8 year cycle of Venus it forms the Pentagram (5- pointed star). This 5 pointed represents man with arms and legs stretched out. You must be stretched in every direction to receive the abundance of love, beauty and power that’s about to be bestowed upon the sons and daughters of God. This is the realization that you are His Star.

We are on the verge of Divine Breakthrough in every area; the heavens are proclaiming this over and over again. Venus Transit foreshadows Breakthrough and Enlightenment, it also represents Restoration of the Beauty or Glory of God manifested; Shekinah.

What was happening on the planet around 130 years ago when Venus Transit during 1874 - 1882?

The planet was on the verge of the greatest Revival like it had ever seen. There was a need for a new revelation to cause a paradigm shift on the planet. Mighty men and women were being launched forth to change the world; in spite of the negative circumstances. Smith Wigglesworth and John G. Lake were exercising the supernatural gifts of healings and miracles, the dead were being raised and creative miracles were performed. Watchman Nee was proclaiming revelation knowledge and kingdom truth. This was all leading up to William Seymore and the Azusa Street Revival that exploded into the entire world.

The heavens had declared the expression of LOVE. It was the love and compassions that produced the miracles.

What was happening on the planet 243 years ago when Venus Transit during 1761-1769?

The planet was on the verge of a great move of God. There was a need for a new revelation to cause a paradigm shift on the planet. The Wesley’s responded to the call of the heaven to proclaim truth. The message of Universal Redemption was revealed to John Wesley. He brought revival in spite of the persecution for preaching “free grace”.

What was happening on the planet around 499 years ago when Venus Transit during 1497-1505?

Much of the planet was yet in the Dark Ages, there was a need for someone to Protest and cause a paradigm shift on the planet. In 1505 Martin Luther suddenly and unexpectedly entered the monastery. It was time for a new voice to proclaim the just shall live…by faith.

With research we could go on and on, there is nothing new under the Sun, what has been will be again and that which is has been. This is the law of circularity as the planets and the solar system moves in the counterclockwise motion exerting influence upon the earth.

• There is a need for a new voice to sound upon many waters proclaiming that we have been justified, sanctified and made holy. And that God has a plan that is All Inclusive; none will be lost. But there is a need to not only proclaim this great gospel of the kingdom, but to demonstrate it with miraculous powers motivated by love.

Astrology is only the study and the interpretation of how energy in space (solar system) affects energy on earth (humans, animals etc). “Don’t you know the ordinances of the heavens?” Job 38: 33

Seek Him “until the day dawn, and the day star arise(Venus-Love) in your heart.” 2 Peter1:19

Take a little time to think things over. I know you want to know what LOVE is, you want to feel what LOVE is and Be what LOVE is. 1 Corinthians 13 Don’t forget to be in prayer/meditation with the proper Intent set for the next 2 days. Love, Unity, Beauty let it become your habit.


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