About Us

Age To Age Ministries International is registered with the State as a Non Denominational- Non Profit Organization. Our base now is in PHOENIX, ARIZONA.

We provide progressive spiritual educational material through our website, writing books, products and conferences. We challenge and encourage others to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX of traditional science, history and religion. Much of what we do and provide is based on Intuition, Insight, Spirit-revelation and neo-scientific discoveries.

Our call and passion is simply to reach the nations of the world; to Educate, Empower and Enlighten with the Good News of the Kingdom (using Christianese, contemporary and scientific language). We desire to let everyone know that Jesus (Yahushua) the Christ came to free All mankind,  God Loves everyone and to help those in need. Since we are Non Denominational (representing no particle brand of religion), we are free to serve all of God’s people. I suppose we could be considered Inter-Faith also.

Age To Age Ministries International is a small organization, but we are making a difference in our world.  We expect to make a greater impact by working with an upcoming humanitarian work called, HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS FOUNDATION.

We have been involved with on-going Outreach, Conferences, Material Assistance and Progressive Bible School Training throughout Latin America, Mexico, Canada, Africa, Asia, USA, Ukraine and Russia, Europe. Multitudes that have never heard of the Good News of God’s Kingdom are hearing for the first time, and realizing God is LOVE.

We also assist religious leaders and Missionaries/humanitarians financially in various countries.

In the past we have been involved with helping financially with Orphanages in the Ukraine and in Siberia, also assistance with Drug Rehab Centres in Siberia and in the south of Russia. 

We often travel teaching the revelation of Jesus (Yahushua) the Christ and the Kingdom of God. Contact us for Speaking Engagements (Conference or Seminars), and experience the power of the revealed word.

Pray for us that we may be better servants to humanity.


Sharing is Caring