AirRestore USA! Mother Nature may be the ORIGINAL Air Naturalizer, but AirRestore is proud to be her indoor helper. Take a look at this quick video below to get a better idea of how such a small unit can be so much more effective than traditional air purification systems.

And best yet, AirRestore Whole Home Systems are customizable to restore the air throughout your entire home!  Each system consists of four individual units to divide evenly throughout your home for thorough air restoration.  Learn more about RESTORE ZONES and how you and your family can benefit from such an amazing new technology.


AirRestore USA, Inc., also a USA product, brings an amazing new product to the air cleaning market.
The AirRestore naturalizer technology helps eliminate air pollutants which traditional purifiers
cannot trap with their reactive process units or filtering systems. AirRestore accomplishes this by
producing energized elements in the air which are dispersed throughout the room, pro-actively
attacking bacteria, pollen, germs, pet odors and dander, viruses, dust and mold without chemicals or perfumes. This process is so thorough it can even help with odors in carpeting, drapes and
upholstery, while supplying oxygen to work, living and sleeping areas.


David Gilbert contact information is
Phone: 612-702-5555
Address: P.O. Box 211
Excelsior, MN 55331
website is:
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