Aquarius – Pegasus & Cygnus – Part 3

Aquarius – Pegasus & Cygnus – Part 3


The Sun is in the house of Aquarius as of January 20 – February 18.  AQUARIUS is the Water-Man (Water Bearer), he is pouring out Living Waters. This signifies a time of refreshing, outpouring of Spirit, abundance, technology and wisdom in the Earth. Align yourself with the heavens to receive.


Each of the Zodiac houses has 3 sub-constellations called decans or faces.   These celestial faces are energetic expressions affecting everything and everyone on the planet.  The 2nd decan/face or sub-constellation of Aquarius is PEGASUS the Winged Horse. The eternal stories are written out on the dark canvas of the heavens telling and re-telling what was, is and is to come. In each of the Zodiac signs we can find an aspect of the work of Christ and also a work of His character manifesting in us. As stated in AQUARIUS Part 1 of this series, we will mostly focus on how these heavenly signs declare the “good news.”   By no means are the language of the heavens limited to what we consider gospel.  The handiworks of the Creator were declared before anything was written, eternally positioned in the heavens for all to read and see.  Pegasus will be rising in the sky January 30-February 8.  Prepare to see and understand the many levels of consciousness revealed in the stories of heaven, as we lightly touch upon them.


Some of you might remember our prophetic message written May 24, 2012 and posted on May 25, 2012, we mentioned the coming “beheadings,” among other violent acts increasing.  Eye was able to accurately foresee this after receiving a revelation regarding the star Agol before beheading of Christians and others became popularized.   You can study that later at this link if you’d like~   THE EVIL STAR – ALGOL.

Here is an excerpt of what Eye saw 5/24/12:

“Eye see increase news of extreme violence, Beheadings, Throat cuts, Asphyxiation and Hangings …

We are yet seeing, Rage, Violence, Protest and Riots during the Summer months here and abroad.

Eye see this energy manifesting as Major Attacks on Christianity, Spirituality and Faith in the coming months.” May 24, 2012

Algol is the most violent of all stars, it means the head of Satan or the head of the demon. In mythology, it is the severed  snake headed Medusa, which was cut off by Perseus, the Breaker.  In the heavenly constellations Perseus is seen holding the hissing serpent filled head of Medusa (a constellation with a blinking eye).  Medusa-Algol conjunct in May 2012  and we read the stars accurately and prophesied of the extreme violence and killings which would soon follow and documented much of it. We also shared that Ketu (the tail of the demon) would join the head (Algol) in the Fall of 2012, bringing us into another wave of murder and violence.  Since then, it seems as every day or so we are hearing or reading about shootings, mass killings, and unnecessary violence.

In Greek mythology, when Perseus cut off MedUSA’s head, as the blood skirted from her neck, out of the blood something miraculous happened. Pegasus, the pure white winged horse was born fully mature and also his twin giant brother Chrysaor was born fully mature.

Medusa had suffered much, cursed by the gods and isolated; she released her bitterness and vengeance on any man that looked at her.  However, through her death something miraculous  came forth that blessed both the heavens and earth.   It was her son, the winged horse Pegasus.

Pegasus comes from the Greek word Pegai, which means springs, to spring forth; gushing. So we see that the 2nd decan of Aquarius the Waterman, Pegasus is also associated with the refreshing living waters.   The celestial characters play interchangeable roles in the heavenly drama.  Pegasus becomes a type of Christ and the sons of God, birth out of great travail and challenges-but quickly comes to maturity.


At Pegasus’ birth his hoofs touched the earth and two springs of water were created. Pegasus flew to Mt Olympus where the gods lived, became of part of Zeus stables and was granted immortality. Pegasus carried the thunderbolts and lightning of Zeus.

One of the hidden messages in this so called myth is;  Pegasus the winged horse shows us our ability to live in 2 realms. Once we are truly ‘born-again’ our desires are heavenward and we long to live in that Presence.  We are physically attached to the earth realm by the silver cord, but we also have the ability to soar into the heavenly realms as the flying horse with great speed and power.  We can ascend in consciousness and descend at a moments notice through the invisible silver cord connected to the energetic and emotional bodies.  On the physical level, the silver cord  is associated with the spine, spinal fluid, heart and brain.   The silver cord is like our energetic umbilical cord nourishing and animating the physical body, if it is broken the body has no life.  It also serves as a spiritual vehicle.   Ecclesiastes 12:6


Yahushua (Jesus) physically walked the earth, but was also at the same time attached and totally aware of the heavenly realms.  This is the goal of the true sons and daughters of God, to be so heavenly minded that we are earthly invaluable.

“And no man hath ascended bodily up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.”  John 3:13

Another message Pegasus provides is; where ever we go we should bring living waters, inspiration, refreshing and life – just as where ever Pegasus feet touched the earth, springs gushed forth.

Yahushua (Jesus) met a woman at the well who had been married 5 times and told her that he would give her living waters that she could drink of and never thirst again.

He said, “I will be in you a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:14

Pegasus  shows us that it does not matter what type of background you came from. It does not matter how bad, evil or destructive it was – it does not have to dictate your future. Pegasus was conceived and birth out of  extreme violence. His mother was a rape victim; cursed and banished to live in isolation. She was filled with hatred and bitterness, for the injustice done to her.  So great was the hatred and bitterness that just one look at her would turn men into stone, as her heart had become.

How often many feel that their past decisions, their family, social or economic situation disqualifies them from the commonwealth of the true spiritual Israel – the Kingdom of God.  On the contrary, that makes one more qualified in many cases, if that’s possible.  Allow me to explain, he who has been forgiven much seems to have a greater passion for God-spirituality many times – they will wash his feet with their tears.

Pegasus matured quickly and ascended to Mt Olympus, the throne of God. He was used to inspire, bring refreshing and thunder the messages of God  and lightning (enlightenment) to others. On the star map, his head touches Aquarius the Waterman and also the Celestial Water Pot from which the outpouring comes. He is joined in mind with Aquarius-the Christ Man and is receiving the same life-giving force as Pisces Australis.

Some of the stars of Pegasus have these meanings; “the water”, “the chief horse”, “he who returns from afar”.



Jesus, the Aquarian Water-Man rides Pegasus:

“Then I saw heaven open and there was a white horse. Its rider is called Faithful and True….His eyes were like a flame of fire, and he wore many crowns on his head….The armies of heaven followed him riding on white horses…on his robe and on his thigh was written the name: King of kings and Lord of lords.”  Revelations 19:11

The horse is a vehicle of transportation, just as the silver cord is that King Solomon spoke about.  Should we expect Jesus to come riding across the sky in the 21st century on a literal white horse?  Keep in mind that the ancient people and prophets lacked the vocabulary we have in the 21st century to describe various modes of transportation or vehicles.  The most common mode of transportation was a horse and for the rich, a chariot pulled by horses.

A white horse galloping through the heavens could represent a magnificent flying vehicle or spaceship.  The ancient prophets of Yahweh 2000 years ago and beyond often called the flying vehicles that they frequently saw,  chariots of God.

On a more figurative level, we become the Pegasus that brings forth the coming of Christ from the heavens of our mind – higher consciousness…manifesting His Faith, Faithfulness and Truth.


The subject of the constellations is so deep and multi-dimensional that the current human consciousness can only scratch the surface of the treasures embedded.  To avoid overwhelming many of our readers with in-depth revelation knowledge, we will only introduce a truth in these few paragraphs regarding Pegasus.

According to the myth, Pegasus’ father was Neptune/Poseidon, the  god of the sea.  Therefore, Pegasus was actually a flying sea-horse.  This is why whenever his hoofs touched the earth springs of water and fountains burst forth.

Did you realize that you have a sea-horse in your head?   

The hippocampus or hippocamp, also hippokampoi (plural: hippocampi or hippocamps; Greek: ἱιππόκαμπος, from ἵππος, “horse” and κάμπος, “monster”), often called a sea-horse in English…  Wikipedia



According to the medical encyclopedia, the place of memory is called the Hippocampus. The hippocampus is in the shape of a sea-horse and white; just like Pegasus.  It belongs to the limbic  system and plays important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory and spatial navigation.

Pegasus is connected with memory.  Didn’t Jesus say the Holy Spirit would bring all things back to your remembrance?  It is during the Age of Aquarius that the hippocampus will serve its full purpose and  mankind will remember that he is also divine, his mind will be renewed.   The Cosmic Mind and Memory of the eternal Christ will permeate every cell in the body human.  This is the 2nd Coming within. 

The stars, mythology, human anatomy and Scripture all agree and can not be broken.



The 3rd sub-constellation of Aquarius is Cygnus the Swan.  Cygnus will be rising February 9 – February 18.

Swans spend a lot of time in water. When looking on the star map of the constellations, Cygnus right wing touches Pegasus left hoof, while Pegasus head touches the celestial water pot and Aquarius head. This Zodiac sign house tells a wonderful story of Unity, all the constellations are connected. It reminds me of after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts, there was unity and they had all things in common – they had no lack.  This is the way we should live.


The mythology behind Cygnus is; his friend Phaeton had died while swimming in the river of Eridanus (River of Judgment- a sub-constellation of Taurus). Cygnus searched and searched for him by sticking his head beneath the water and trying to retrieve his body.  Zeus had mercy and turned his body into a swan.  Cygnus would be forever bobbing his head beneath the water searching for life.


The English word for Swan has a root word that means sound, as in singing. Swans are known to sing only once in their lifetime; before their death.

“The ‘Swan song’ is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement. The phrase refers to an ancient belief that swans (Cygnus) sing a beautiful song in the moment just before death, having been silent (or alternatively, not so musical) during most of their lifetime.

Aristotle also noted that swans “are musical, and sing chiefly at the approach of death.”  By the third century BC the belief had become a proverb.  In Shakespeare’s – “The Merchant of Venice,”  Portia exclaims “Let music sound while he doth make his choice; Then, if he lose, he makes a swan-like end, Fading in music.” Wikipedia

Cygnus is also called the Northern Cross, it’s shape is like a giant cross in the northern heavens. The Cross speaks of death and metamorphosis. Just next to Cygnus is Lyra, the Celestial Harp constellation.

Throughout our spiritual experience, we will sing our swan-song many times as the Most High brings each phase of our life to the cross.

Apostle Paul said, “I die daily.”

We must be prepared to sing, celebrate and worship our way through the thousand deaths, until there is nothing left to die. Complete metamorphosis… as we decrease that He might increase and swallow up everything of the false self.   As Cygnus, we are on a constant search for more of His life as we look deeper and deeper within, until we fully remember who we are and see only Him.  Cygnus the Swan was immortalized in the stars and is forever a citizen of the heavenly kingdom.

Cygnus also teaches us that we should live each day as if it was our last and make it a box office hit performance. This can only be accomplished by accepting the daily outpouring of Spirit from the celestial water pot of Aquarius.

“Be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess, but be continually filled with the Holy Ghost..daily.”   Ephesians 5:18

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  1. so interesting. I never knew about the significance of Cygnus. You tied up the meaning of these constellations beautifully: Algol, Pegasus and Cygnus. Thank you.

    What a deep wisdom in the stars, lain out by our divine Creator, the Holy Trinity. Thank you for linking the significance of these great symbols inscribed in the stars, for us to understand, if we are fortunate enough to have acquired the tools to understand. These are the mysteries that ancient man (who was clairvoyant – and who we were in previous incarnations!) understood when looking at the heavens.

    I hope some day, in some life perhaps, I can look at the heavens and read its living script. For now, I barely glance at the heavens, which is IGNORANT of me.

    • thanks for reading and studying with us. we also are yet learning to decipher the heavens and we are honored to serve others with this celestial knowledge.



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