Aquarius – Pisces Australis Part 2

Aquarius – Pisces Australis Part 2

The Sun has moved into the house of Aquarius as of January 20 – February 18. AQUARIUS is the Water-Man (Water Bearer), he is pouring out Living Waters. This signifies a time of refreshing, outpouring of Spirit, abundance, technology and wisdom in the Earth. Align yourself with the heavens to receive. Part 1 here: AQUARIUS   We will touch on some sensitive and sexual issues in this messages.  If you are new to our ministry, you will probably need to put on your mystical mind to grasp the message.   The heavens, Bible and mythology all agree.  Let’s go deeper and find prophetic truth.  Christian mysticism is alive and well.


There is nothing new under the Sun.  If we look hard enough, we can find parallels to everything we are encountering in this 21st century, it is already laid out in the heavens, mythology and holy Scripture.  The Greek mythology behind how Aquarius came to be may be offensive or uncomfortable to some, however, if we look beyond that which we may not fully understand and see the hidden prophetic messages; events in our society will make further sense.  According to the movements of the heavens, science, and holy Scripture; we are exiting the Age of Pisces ruled by religious ideology and are moving into  the Age of Aquarius.   In this transitional period, there is a clash of old paradigms with the new.  There is absolutely NOTHING happening on the planet that can not be explained through the divine science of the heavens.  The heavens declare (prophesy, foretell, forth tell, number out) events that will eventually bring glory to God.   Psalms 19:1   The myths, Bible, and holy books all have a genesis in the stars.   Before anything was written, carved in stone, pressed on cuneiform or drawn in hieroglyphs; the heavens had already announced it.  The starry heavens was the Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Torah, Koran to our ancient ancestors.

In Greek mythology Aquarius is represented by Ganymedes (Ganymede), the beautiful Phrygian boy who was carried off by an eagle to Mount Olympus to become the cup-bearer of Zeus (Roman Jupiter, or Jove). Ganymedes was kidnapped from Mount Ida in Phrygia while tending a flock of sheep. Zeus saw him and fell in love with him, either sending an Eagle (Aquila) or assuming his own eagle nature to transport Ganymede to Mount Olympus. In compensation, Zeus the king of gods gave some fine horses to Ganymedes’ father, King Laomedon of Troy. As the cup-bearer of the gods Ganymedes was shown pouring nectar from a jug. In Roman times Ganymedes was an appellation sometimes given to handsome slaves who officiated as cupbearers.   Ganymedes pleased Zeus so well that he granted him immortality among the stars of heaven as Aquarius.

Looking at the etymology of the name Ganymedes, in Latin it means to rejoice, meditate and has high spiritual connotations.  From the French meaning of the name, we get the word “gai” or in English, “gay.”  Without going into too many details and prophetic indications, we see why there seems to be a global effort to  recognize the rights of Gay People in our time.  The Sun’s influences and equinox in Aquarius along with many other celestial conjuncts since 1998 is bringing to light or highlighting many issues that’s been in the closet.  Due to the order of the heavens and the Celestial Prophets that can not lie, these issues will only be magnified in the years to come.

Did Jesus give us some prophetic clues?

“Behold, when you enter into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entered in.”  Luke 22:10-12

This one verse above is filled with prophetic insight and clues that will be affecting the planet for the next literal 2000 years, during the Age of Aquarius.   (Yes, the Book we call the Bible will yet be relevant in whatever form it may appear in.)   We will only brush over relevant points to this message here. 

It was not customary for men to carry water in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, this was a woman’s job.  During the time of Joshua the Gibeonites were given this chore as a form of humiliation and de-masculinizing the men for their deception.  During Jesus time, one rarely saw a masculine man carrying a water jug, so it would been easy to spot a man carrying a pitcher of water.

A man carrying water meant that he was effeminate or gay.   Yahushua (Jesus) being the Living Word of God was well aware of  divine astrology, as were the prophets before him.  Everything that Jesus said and did had multiple meanings.  In short, He was showing us this Age of the Water-bearer, Outpouring,  Aquarius would also be identified by the “rise” (and I use this word carefully) of  many gay people.  Many of which will experience the pure love of the Father, something that many have not had from their natural or biological father.  This pure unconditional love will cause them to ascend to a place of high spirituality and power positions as the name Ganymedes means.

We are only reading the stars in connection with the words of Jesus and Greek mythology.  Greek mythology,  in my opinion has a basis in ancient history-it was the bible for the Greeks.  Just to be clear, do not confuse being gay with the demonic Gay Agenda, those are two different subjects.  There are those in power in the Western nations that understand the movements and influences of the heavens very clearly and do not make decisions, conduct speeches,  created bills or laws without consulting the heavens.  It was widely publicized that President Reagan and First Lady consulted the stars.    The problem is, many evil people in control use this divine science to pervert and further their own divisive evil agendas.  The energetic frequencies of the heavens can be used to advance good or evil.

In this age where the Divine Feminine – Mother Goddess – El Shaddai – Wisdom (Sophia) – Holy Spirit (all of these are names for the Shekinah) that is rising and returning:  there is a counterfeit.  Studying the Protocol of the Elders of Zion, we see it in full play.   (We encourage you to also study it, it is not a hoax as the evil ones would suggest.)  In it is laid out the plans for  the de-masculinization of the male.  

Here are a few examples that seem harmless how this agenda is being achieved; men wearing extremely tight skinny pants, sagging butt hanging out pants, men shifting their responsibilities to their wife and exchanging roles.   Who set these trends?  Who controls Congress & the White House?  Who controls Hollywood, Media & Fashion Industry?  It is the same people that victimize gay people and use them to promote their Gay Agenda.    Look closely at the ancient Aquarian image as it was prophetically drawn and seen by the ancients.  (Some of the modern images of the ancient constellations have been a bit altered by astronomers to make them more presentable.)  Ganymedes robe is beneath his waist showing his buttocks, a symbol of sexuality with the intent to  seduce another man.  The heavens declared (prophesied) that men would expose themselves in this way during the Aquarian age.  The stars don’t lie, look around the world and see both young and older men proudly sagging, exposing their butts.



Based on the signs of the heavens and the Word, light will overcome the perversion of darkness.  The gender confusion largely created by GMO foods, vaccines and other genetic tweaks will be overcome.   Many of our gay brothers and sister will experience the love of the Father/Mother God and fulfill their destiny.  We are not insinuating they all will become so called, “straight.”




Each Zodiac sign has 3 decans that rises for 10 days one after the other. The 1st decan/face of Aquarius is Piscis Australis, the Southern Fish or Great Fish.   The Southern Fish is rising from January 20-29.  The living waters poured from the celestial urn of Aquarius is being poured directly into the mouth of the Great Fish – she is not Pisces the Fishes, rather, she is the Mother of them.

According to mythology, it was the Southern Fish that drank in the waters of Noah’s Flood, thus, allowing few to be saved.  Piscis Australis is a symbol of Salvation during a time of great distress.  During the early part of this Age of Aquarius, there is and will be great distress upon the land, but we are given the message of salvation or deliverance in the midst of it.

In Egyptian mythology, Piscis Australia the Southern Fish is called, Oxyrinque.  There is yet a city today name Oxyrhynchus  in Upper Egypt after the specie of fish.  According to the Egyptian myth, it was Oxyrinque that swallowed the cut off penis of Osiris.  This represented the swallowing up of masculinity/manhood into femininity-the female Pisces Australis.   Here again, the heavens and Scripture can not be broken, as we see further into the one of the perversions during the Age of Aquarius is, the de-masculinization  of the male.  This is subtly being done on many levels.

Osiris, called the Lord of Creation was married to his sister Isis.  His brother Set (type of Satan), was the god of confusion, storms, illness, disaster, etc.  Set was jealous of Osiris and made a beautiful box (sarcophagus) that only fitted Osiris.  He offered it as a present to the man that could fit it, that was Osiris.  Once Osiris got in, Set locked it and sent it down the Nile river.   When Isis found out about it, she retrieved the body.  According to some myths, Set conspired with the queen of Ethiopia and cut up Osiris’ body into 14 pieces and the penis of Osiris was eaten by a fish.  Distraught, Isis searched throughout Egypt and found all the body part and began to re-member the body parts, but a most important part was missing; the penis.  The gods had mercy on Isis and resurrected Osiris dead body. She  fashioned an erect penis out of wood or clay, through magic copulated with it and produced Horus through virgin birth. This is where Penis or Phallic worship came about.  We yet see the residue of that on top of most churches.  The steeple and obelisk are ancient symbols of the erect penis, phallic worship.  They are  reminders of the lost penis of Osiris or the loss of masculinity.

 Throughout the Old Testament God rebuked the people for creating and worshipping this type of image.  Furthermore, the Israelite women were rebuked by the prophet for going after the ancient Black Egyptians, because they were sexually endowed like stallions and donkeys.

She lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose semen was like that of horses.”  Ezekiel 23:19-20  (GWT)

During this age of Aquarius, we are seeing a subtle revival of this in penis enhancement surgeries, implants  and other over-emphasis being placed on the idea that size matters.  All of this is the unconscious search for lost masculinity and the creative powers.

To solve the age old mystery of the lost penis of Osiris, we will have to look to the hunter constellation of Orion hanging over our heads.  Orion’s earthly counterpart in the Bible was Nimrod the giant hunter, son of Cush.  As we always mention, the characters of the heavens assume various names and parts for the heavenly drama, they all have human counterparts in the Bible.  The giant hunter god Orion is the same as Osiris.  It is in Orion where we see Osiris fully member-ed in all of his glory, as the heavens displays his giant penis of mythical size hanging beneath his knees.

God while interrogating Job asked,   “Can you loosen the belt of Orion?”  Job 38:31

Orion/Osiris unbuckle your belt!   A man’s belt is loosen (unbuckled)  to reveal the secret parts (mysteries).  There are many mysteries that would take us away from our subject in that verse and how it pertains to what is happening presently.  One of the largest nebulae visible to the naked eye is the Orion’s erect penis nebulae, called the Great Nebulae.  Orion etymology in Greek, means uracil; urine.  In Latin, to drip, milky, liquid.  In this Great Nebulae, over 700 stars are being born as we write this article, creating a large nebulous cloud looking like seminal fluid.   Among many other things, this represent the restoration of manhood or masculinity during the rise of the Divine Feminine.  Isn’t God awesome?!!  Can you unbuckle the belt of Orion?? (Below on modern maps of the heavens, modern astronomers changed the penis into a sheath for his sword to make it look more acceptable.  No warrior wear a sword between his legs.)  



Another one of the hidden clues the heavens and the myths are revealing here is that divine balance will be restored, despite the evil ones plans to subvert and pervert.  The divine polarity and union between masculine and feminine will manifest as the Creator intended.


Aquarius is a masculine sign, the Great Fish is feminine.  The Great Fish represents many things, in this part of the message,  we will only deal with some of the positive (light) meanings. She represents, Individuality, Originality; a hunger and yearning for our first estate. She represents the thirsty Soul of humanity, needing a refreshing with the living waters.

“They opened their mouth wide as they waited for the latter rain.” Job 29:23

Jesus the Christ – Aquarian Man had to ascend before the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit could be poured out and turned into New Wine. We must also ascend in consciousness to become the Living Waters poured out to quench the thirst of despairing humanity. How shall this be?

“If you believe on me as the Scriptures has said, Out of your belly will flow rivers of living water.” John 7:38   – Do you believe??!

Pisces Australis represents the experience of spirituality before one gets tied up with or bound to religious, limited thinking. She is not the (2) Fishes of Pisces, they are her offspring; represented by the Church Age, Age of Religion or Piscean Age. The star map shows that if we choose to not follow the man with the water pitcher into the house of Aquarius – Age of Aquarius; we will remain in bondage.

“Behold, when you enter into the city, There Shall a Man Meet You, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entered in.” Luke 22:10-12

Come into the city of God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You must meet a Man, not just the miracle worker and healer. You must meet the Man, not just the One on the Cross. You must meet the Man, not just the One that rose from the dead. You must meet the Man, the One that Ascended on High – the Christ of the highest frequency from your upper room of consciousness emanating through your being. It is He that will lead you to the Age of the Outpouring – Aquarius. Hal -Le – Lu- Yah!!

Pisces the Fishes are tied together with a constellation called Band that’s connected to the neck of CETUS (the constellation of the Beast-Sea Monster). This represents the beastly mindset or carnal system and nature that heavily influences religions and the Piscean Age, which now is ending. Yes, the heavens prophesied this eons ago.

“The heavens declare (prophesy)…” Psalms 19

This is why we have all the conflict with and in religions and those that choose to remain in that type of thinking. Look at this: What’s on the back of the neck of the Beast Cetus?  Look closely.  It is a constellation called Band. What is Band tied to? Pisces the Fishes of the Piscean Age.

if8sq2ioHere is it seen more clearer, they are tied to Cetus, the Beast or Sea monster constellation.  Did not John on Revelation see a beast rising up out of the sea in Revelation 13.


Notice the Fishes are moving in opposite directions. Isn’t that the way it is in religion and this world system much of the time? Dictators or unqualified people in the pulpits, or congregants which are not disciples; egos too big to submit to godly shepherds. Bound, limited and tied to the beastly egoic mind. Republican pulling one way and Democrats the opposite, friction and chaos in this expression of negative duality from the Age of Pisces.

Astrologically speaking, Revelation chapter 13 – When Apostle John saw the Beast rising up out of the sea, he was looking at the constellation of CETUS the Beast that can be seen on the night horizon from the middle East. This beastly constellation or consciousness appears to rise out of the sea of humanity creating division and destruction.

That’s the Age that’s ending. Thank God!! We are coming into a new age that will unify us and bind us together with cords of love, grace and mercy. It’s the Age of Aquarius, the Outpouring. Any flood of destruction or division sent will be swallowed up by Piscis Australis – she (the ascended soul) has the power to transmute it into deliverance.


We know that the 12 tribes of Israel were each assigned a Zodiac symbol and carried the signs of their Zodiac on their banners throughout the Wilderness. Numbers 2

Reuben, the first born of Jacob by Leah was assigned to Aquarius. The symbol carried by his tribe was the Face of a Man on a flag. Aquarius element is Water and each of the (3) decans/faces or sub-constellations that make up the house of Aquarius are associated with water. Thus, showing the cleansing and refreshing power; also the most valuable commodity during the Age of Aquarius.

The 1st decan Pisces Australis, the Southern Fish drinks the living waters poured out of the celestial urn of Aquarius, as she swims in the heavenly southern sea.  She, representing the ascended Soul is free the ties of limited religious ideology.  In our next articles we shall deal with the 2nd decan Pegasus the Flying Horse, of Aquarius and the 3rd Cyngus the Swan and how they are associated with water. However, to further prove that Aquarius is the tribal sign for Reuben, there should be other clues.

Reuben means, Look a son. This speaks of Sonship and the Sonship Company. Sons (huios) are those that no longer have a need for Only spiritual Milk – to be pampered, entertained, to entertain, constantly stumbling, has to be the center of attention; or easily throws a temper tantrum when they can’t get their way – Those are babies.

It will be during this Age of Aquarius that the sons of God will completely mature. They will be revealed as the ones that all creation is groaning for. But are we the only sons of God? Are the manifested sons of God from a specific religion only? NO!!

What most have not yet realized is; the manifestation of the sons of God are not limited to human sons, overcomers. The manifestation of the sons of God whom the creation is also groaning for, will include the ancient none human sons of God. Were not the beings called angels also called sons of God in Genesis 6? Were they not extraterrestrial biological entities, beings not created or born on planet Earth? Did not God speak about the sons of God shouting for joy before creation? Job 38:7

Reuben – look a son; many sons functioning as One, the Aquarian Water Man-child.  A deeper message in the Age of Aquarius is: Watchers on Earth will directly interact with Watchers from the heavens.  We will work together as one to renew the planet and transform our solar system and beyond. The interchange of natural and spiritual technologies will heal our planet and the groaning of all creation shall cease.

“Angels are ministering spirits (moving as wind), sent to minister (serve, assist) those who are heirs of salvation.”

Jacob’s prophecy over Reuben and his house gives us another clue and shows us the element of Water connection to Aquarius. Through the naming of the sons of Reuben the rabbit hole gets much deeper in understanding Aquarius the Water Man was assigned to Reuben.

“Reuben, you are my firstborn, My might and the beginning of my strength, The excellency of dignity and the excellency of power. You are unstable as WATER…” Genesis 49:3-4


The 5th Dimension or the Fifth Dimension was the name for a multiple Grammy-winning American popular music vocal group, whose repertoire also includes pop, R&B, soul, and jazz. In 1969, over 40 years ago this group wrote and sang a song called, “Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In”. The lyrics to this song were very prophetic, prophesying about the age we have moved into. [It is the Age of Aquarius or the Age of the Outpouring in Christian terminology]. Here are the powerful prophetic lyrics to this popular song, meditate on them:

When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Harmony and understanding

Sympathy and trust abounding

No more falsehoods or derisions

Golden living dreams of visions

Mystic crystal revelation

And the mind’s true liberation

Some would ask the question, “how do you know the lyrics are prophetic?” Many times when inspiration comes, the one receiving have very little clue how far reaching, profound or prophetic the message might be. The Bible even says that the angels that brought the messages to the prophets did not fully understand them.

** While the Sun was in Aquarius – On February 14, 2009 at 7:25 am GMT there was a heavenly display for 18 minutes. A portal opened in the form of the Moon being in the Seventh House (Libra) and Jupiter literally aligned with Mars. (Father was shouting, It’s Time To Move into the Age of Love, Acceptance & Tolerance).

Did the writers of this beautiful prophetic message know that exactly 40 years later the consciousness and energy on the planet would be repeating itself and this cosmic event would literally be taking place that they sang about? I think not. They (the 5th Dimension) foretold of an astrological event, signaling our soon move further into the 5th dimension.

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