Are UFO’s & Aliens In the Bible?

Are UFO’s & Aliens In the Bible?

Disclosure is happening in America. After the Pentagon’s admission this past week and video, there should be no more doubt that our government has known about “them” for decades.

Unfortunately, in much of Christianity, everything outside the limited understanding of creation, the universe, science or technology is often relegated to being demonic. What does the Bible say? Does the Bible actually give us an idea what these vehicles look like? Did many of the prophets have a special connection with them? Didn’t President Ronald Reagan know something? Are negative and positive alien abductions mentioned in the Bible? Experience what the Bible really says in the video below.

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  1. Thank you for doing this program here so we can view it! I do agree with everything you are saying. Have known it for years more or less but it takes people like you to bring it to the Forefront and put it together. Bless you John!😊

    • Bless u 🙂


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