Bacchus Is Fallen Follow-up

Bacchus Is Fallen Follow-up


Yesterday Eye posted an article called Prophetic Events Eye See.    In that writing Eye shared some thoughts on the 6.1  Earthquake in the NAPA Valley of Wine country and the fallen statue of Bacchus.  Ray Walter of South Dakota share further prophetic insight below.  Get ready to connect the dots.

Ray said:  Very good insights in your last message.


“Bacchus was dethroned by the Earthquake early Sunday morning August 24 after the Sun had moved from Leo to Virgo.  It’s time to clean house.   

Bacchus, also called Dionysus is the god of the grape harvest, wine, madness, carnal pleasure and religious ecstasy. 
During the 6.1 Earthquake in the NAPA Wine country early Sunday morning a statue of Bacchus fell.”

Ray adds this comment:   I want to touch a bit on the fallen statue of Bacchus/Dionysis you mentioned and its connection with academic degrees.

To signify a degree being obtained one graduates wearing the a flat hat (mortar board) with a black robe and is now qualified to be a mortar tender for the freemasons that hold all the degrees.

Academic degrees awarded today are associatebachelor’smaster’s, and doctoral degrees (Baccalaureate comes from the Latin word “baccalarius,”meaning “bachelor.”)

Its no secret that Colleges are renowned for alcohol abuse, carnal pleasure and madness just like Bacchus.

Our societies direction – banking, business models, political science/government, agriculture, engineering etc are greatly influenced by concepts that emerge from universities.
Traditionally one would usually have to jump through the hoops and obtain a degree or degrees to be successful in society.

Universities are in trouble today because the cost of a degree is becoming prohibitive. High paying jobs are harder to find and its increasingly harder to pay off the student loan debts.

The falling of Bacchus by an earthquake indicates a change in who will direct society/government.
This will mark a changeover from lawlessness and chaos to a lawful order administered in love and wisdom as the creator intended.

The first game played at the new Levi Jeans (new priesthood with new genetics) Stadium in Santa Clara (Saint Clear) was a soccer match between the San Jose (Joseph) Earthquakes and the Seattle Sounders.
The Earthquakes won 1 to 0.

Soccer balls have a geometric pattern of pentagons (5) and hexagons (6). In 1st Kings 6:31 we read that the door into the oracle (a cube having six sides) was to be a fifth part of the wall.
A cube unfolds into a cross.

The California silver rush began at Napa. Both Joseph and Jesus were sold for silver, twenty and thirty pieces respectively totaling fifty/jubilee.   Silver is the metal of redemption.

Also damaged in the earthquake was a building with Justice written in the center. The symbol for justice is a blindfolded (impartial) woman (feminine/wisdom) with a scale (judgement) and a sword (Spirit).
The damage on the building may indicate something has been weighed in the balance and found lacking.

Thanks Ray for your insight,

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  1. Whoa! Beautiful!! Thank you Ray for sharing. This is getting exciting!

    In order to draw closer, under His wings next to HIS HEART, we need to lay down ALL baggage. The path is gets very very narrow and the baggage won’t fit. Ask Him to heal the wounds of your soul and the memories that go with them….repent of the baggage and ascend the path.
    Praise Yah !


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