Birthing of the Christ Consciousness

Birthing of the Christ Consciousness

 It’s the Winter Solstice.  Portals are opening and many wonderful things are  happening, an awesome time for spiritual encounters.     As the Sun is on the move, it appears to move south and getting smaller and smaller.  It comes to it’s lowest point December 22nd, it will  seem to stop moving South and become fixed for 3 days, while in the sub-constellation CRUX the Southern Cross of Libra.

The Sun will remain on the Cross in Crux for 3 days (December 22, 23, 24);  on December 25, the Sun will be reborn or resurrected.  It will move 1 degree and start what is perceived as it’s approach back toward earth,  This is why December 25 has been observed and celebrated by pagans for thousands of years before Jesus the Christ was born.  Based on Scripture, history and astronomy, Jesus (Yahushua) was born more than 2 months before December 25.   The day that many call Christmas has always been the   birthday of the Sun, as it moves 1 degree  toward the earth with longer days or more daylight. The Sun is also moving from Sagittarius the Archer into Capricorn, the Sea-goat.  This is the Zodiac sign of TRANSFORMATION.

(Thoughts from the Archives – Message originally spoken & written 2001)

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord… Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:11,14

It is during this season the world celebrates the birth of Jesus the Christ or Christmas; however, we know that he was born around the  Feast of Tabernacles, between late September to early October.  Nevertheless, we want to address some of the meanings of this miraculous birth.


2000 years ago an event happened on earth that was destined to change the world. The heavens declared it as Jupiter, Saturn and Mars conjunct in Pisces, and later Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo. Wisdom People, Sages, Prophets, Astrologers and Enlightened Ones had anticipated this event. This event was to bring Deliverance and Restoration to all creation. On the physical plane it was demonstrated as the birth of Jesus the Christ. Somehow over the years the meaning of this wonderful event that was meant to bless All mankind and bring peace got lost. Instead this event has been used as a tool of destruction, death, discrimination, wars, and commercialism.


Christ has always existed with form and without form. Christ is moreso a Consciousness instead of a physical being. This Consciousness has manifested down throughout history in every culture, religion and nation to some degree. The prophets, sages and wisdom people All religions expressed Christ in a limited measure, just think of the name of any prophet or religious leader that impacted the world in a positive way: that was Christ.

What makes the event 2000 years ago different? The Christ Consciousness in its Totality was deposited in a body called Jesus.

“He received the Spirit without measure.”   He embodied the fullness of the Godhead.

The real meaning on a much deeper level is the realization of the Birthing of the Christ Consciousness within. What happened 2000 years ago in a far away place does not affect me in a real way, unless it becomes a personal experience within me. Once it becomes a personal experience it becomes a daily event instead of once a year. Christ-mass literally means, More of Christ the Anointing. It means the expansion or massing of Christ Consciousness. Christ = (Anointing) Mass = (More, Expanse).

A study of the annunciation of Jesus’ birth in Luke chapter 1 gives us some clues about the birthing within. This literal story here was given to transcend all religious beliefs and foreshadow a universal personal experience. Gabriel means, God is my strength; hero. Gabriel, man of God (messenger) was sent with a message from God to Nazareth.  Nazareth  means offshoot, despised place. This was a city of Galilee, meaning circle of life.

The first words that came from the messengers mouth were;

“Congratulation, you are highly favored by God, He is with you and you are blessed.”

This is what the Creator would say to you, in spite of what appears as failures, or weaknesses. How can God Congratulate me? God declares your end from the beginning. He looks beyond the process and sees the finished work. He congratulates Himself that He sees formed as you.

Mary wondered at the greeting, she wasn’t used to a message like this, like many others today she had heard all the condemnation and legalism. The angel went on to tell her about a conception and birthing that would take place within her. She could not understand how this could happen without man being involved.

The messenger went on to tell her that what she was to bring forth was designed for Greatness, born to rule. This is my message to you.  Your personal experience is to bring you beyond the realm of limitations so that you can realize your Greatness. The Christ Consciousness that’s being birth, is to restore your ability to rule and reign, first of all over the house of Jacob. Jacob represents the false self in the realm of appearance, the self that appears to be filled with flaws and deceptions, the Ego. Once this idea is conquered there shall be no limits to the extent of His kingdom, the Christ power within.

The messenger further explained this would not be accomplished by human efforts, but a higher power, the power of the Spirit overshadowing and coming on her. The word ‘overshadow’ means, to envelope, superimpose, and swallow up.

You are being enveloped by the Holy Spirit, God has superimposed Himself on what appeared as you and to swallow up that false realm of appearance. This is why you are called the Sons and Daughters of God.

Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Nazareth is the part of your being that is despised, unfruitful and considered worthless. However, this is the desired place where the Christ is formed.

Mary represents the realm of the Soul (mind, will, emotion, intellect and imagination). She received the message of the angel and said,

“let it happen to me according to your word.”  Luke 1:37

This verse shows us that when we exercise the God faith, nothing shall be impossible.

The scripture further shows us that after Mary received/conceived the Incorruptible Word that she rose up and went into the hill country of Judea with haste. This is how Faith causes one to react. Once the real meaning of Christ-mas is realized, you cannot remain where you are. One must ascend in consciousness, the lower realms can no longer satisfy. The run of the mill, boring, self centered, self destructive lifestyle must change. Zion calls to a higher place! One must leave Depression, Loneliness, Disease and Despair WITH HASTE. Get to Judea (Judah) the attitude of Praise, Worship and Rejoicing, this joy becomes your strength. Luke 1:39


The house of Zacharias, Zacharias means, God Remembers, memories; this speaks of the Past.  Elisabeth means, God of oath, Promise; this speaks of the Future. These are states of mind where most people live. Many are stuck in the PAST, they only have memories that are relived, and they never make progress. They hang on to bitterness, resentment, and hurts. Or, they revel in their glory days of bygone. Others have projected themselves into the FUTURE of what they wish for and might one day happen. Maybe when they get enough confidence or when they get to heaven. Or, what they fear what might happen. Past and Future can only be recognized in the NOW.

[In reality, all you have is NOW. Yesterday was NOW and what appears as Tomorrow when it comes will be NOW. For those worried about the future: YOU HAVE NO FUTURE TO LOOK FORWARD TO.  You only have NOW].

Mary the EnChristed Soul, one that’s been Enveloped, Superimposed on and Swallowed up in God comes in. She does not have a 5-point message, only a greeting. CONGRATULATION!! That greeting empowered by the Christ within was filled with LIFE. It resurrected what had lain dormant in Elisabeth’s womb (mind/spirit). It brought Elizabeth to a place to experience the God of the NOW (Present-Presence). Luke 1:39-56

“Eye  Greet you in the name of Jesus the Christ. Eye Congratulate you! Well Done you Good and Faithful Servant of God. Eye call those things that be not as though they ARE.  Eye Resurrect every Promise, Prophecy, Hope for the Future, and Dream of the Past to become a Reality NOW.

May Spirituality, Awareness, Business Ideas, Health, Prosperity, Forgiveness and Love be awakened within you and begin to leap forth into Realization.”

Those who believe shall see a Performance of these things. We must move from the realm of Promise (futuristic mentality) to Performance. Performance is the “now reality”. {Remember Israel in the Wilderness died in the realm of Promise/Pentecost}.

“Being confident of this one thing, that he which has begun a Good Work within you will Perform it.” Philippians 1:6

The curtains of your life are going up; at center stage is God. He is the Performer, Actor; the Star that shall manifest as you, out of your consciousness. Congratulation! Your life is a Box Office Hit. He is behind the scenes directing every aspect of it. The Birthing of the Christ Consciousness is to save you from Sin Consciousness, and Condemnation. It is to change your world.

Can you see His star as the Astrologers saw it? They saw the planet Venus, which represents Love, Beauty, Gentleness and Peace. When you can see this star instead of what the media, government, realm of appearance, and religion portrays, you will rejoice with exceedingly great joy as the wise men.

Venus was also called the Bright and Morning Star; this was a name that Jesus was also called by. Revelation 22:16

“As he is so are we.”

Mary said, “My soul (mind, will, emotion, intellect and imagination) magnifies (make Big) the Lord.”

This birthing causes us to see the Bigness of Christ within. He must become bigger than all that would manifest in the realm of appearance. Receive the Peace and Good Will as Christ is birthed daily within.





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  1. I’ve been brought to believe, all the pagan stories about the Goddess birthing the son, all the messages in the stars, and all the beliefs about the resurrection of the son during the winder solstice, is really about the birthing of the manchild of Revelations 12, the overcomers. The story fits precisely don’t you think? We are or will be as Christ, or He will be manifested in us completely. Those who were chosen before the foundation of the world. Those who have gone through the purging, and dying to self process. It is my hope that this will take place this December 25th. Happy Hanukkah!! Order of Melchizedek…

    • Absolutely.

  2. Please forgive me, I wanted to tell you how much your words bless me. This writing as well as many others has blessed my mother also, in such a tremendous way.. I pray our Father richly bless each and every one of you.


    Lisa M C

    • Thank You.

  3. God Bless You Prophet John For Showing us The Light and The Truth!!
    Viva ATAM!!

  4. amen amen amen

  5. Thank you for the nice literature. It certainly calms my mind.

    2017 will be a special year. I read something about the ending of the 120-100-70-50-40-year generation in regard to major happenings in Israel.

    I wish you a 2017 that is filled with powerful dreams! I or Eye certainly had some vivid dreams recently about the people I meet and care for. A certain mother-in-law that despises me for some unknown reason was waving at me in my sleep with a soothing smile. I told her about this dream that I had four years ago and she’s been ignoring me ever since.

    That’s why I like this website. You also have positive dreams and insights. That my friend gets me through the tough moments.

    Thank you!

    Esther Visser (Fisher)

    • Blessings on you also in 2017


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