Birthing Of the Issachar Anointing Part 1

Birthing Of the Issachar Anointing Part 1

This message, Birthing the Issachar Anointing is from the Vault Archives, originally shared about 2 years ago, but very relevant today.  We share this prophetic revelation in a very contemporary form to show that the ancient prophets, patriarchs and matriarchs were very similar to us.  In this 2 part message, we will show that the tribe of Issachar was assigned to the zodiac sign of Cancer.

The Sun has now moved into the Zodiac sign of Cancer, as of June 21 and will stay there until July 22. Cancer symbol is the pincher, or the CRAB. In the Egyptian records of about 2000 BC it was described as Scarabaeus (Scarab), the sacred emblem of immortality. In the Bible the tribe of Issachar was assigned to the Zodiac sign of Cancer. (The 12 Zodiac signs were assigned to the 12 tribes of ancient Israel, led by the 12 sons of Jacob. Of course, there was and is the hidden 13th Zodiac sign, which was assigned to the one daughter of Jacob- Dinah).


You might remember the story of Jacob and his (2) wives, Leah and Rachel. There was this life long rivalry between the sisters, they fought for the love and affections of Jacob. Jacob was the Mac-Daddy, con man; ultimate trickster, so he thought. He had lived a life of deception. Of course, there are those that would argue, excusing him and say, his conniving behavior was due to his love for spirituality. I don’t think so, that’s why he had to have a name change (born again experience), before allowed to go to Succoth (Pleiades). Genesis 32, 33:17

Nevertheless, while fleeing his country, he met the ultimate con man; it was his uncle Laban. Just as Jacob had cheated his fraternal twin brother Esau, he was cheated and manipulated for about 20 years. He agreed to work for 7 years for the woman he loved, his young beautiful cousin Rachel. (It’s yet customary for that part of the world to keep it in family). After the wedding party was over and he had consummated the marriage in his darken tent; the rays of early morning Sunlight brought forth shocking revelations.

He had spent the night calling “Oohhh Rachel” in ecstasy, to only realize it was the older sister; the not so attractive, half-blind Leah in his arms. Jacob immediately went to complain to his uncle, now father-in-law. Too late, you done the deed and it can’t be undone, she’s no longer a virgin, his uncle-father-in-laws says. By the way, didn’t you know the customs of this country? The elder daughter is always given in marriage first. But since you are such a good guy and my nephew, tell you what I’m gonna do for you. Jacob is yet staring in shock, not really absorbing the words coming out of Laban’s mouth. Come a little closer Jacob, whispers Laban, putting his arm around Jacobs’ shoulder. I’m going to give you a special deal, you’ll get both my daughters. All you have to do is work another 7 years for me. Jacob got his wages changed repeatedly, promises were broken. Laban was the deceitful father-in-law from hell, that basically pimped out his daughters. The trickster had met the master con man and the law of karma was in full effect.

Unattractive Leah turns out to be a baby making machine and beautiful Rachel is barren and can only provide pleasure. Leah gives Jacob (4) sons one after the other, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah. Pay close attention, the meanings of all these names were a prophetic slap in the face to younger sister Rachel. Leah declared, “Look I got a son (Reuben) and you don’t. God hears my prayers (Simeon) and has joined (Levi)  Jacob to me and I’m praising God (Judah).” In this unhealthy saga, Rachel knew she had Jacob’s heart, but she could not give him sons. Leah didn’t have his heart, but she gave him sons that would carry on his name. Plus, he was probably spending more time at Leah’s tent with the boys now.

The fruit don’t fall too far from the tree and this family that’s becoming a tribe and would one day become a nation, are masters at manipulation. Rachel gives her handmaiden to her husband to become a surrogate mother. This is a third woman being brought into the relationship. Young beautiful servant girl Bilhah is very fertile and produces (2) sons for Rachel, their names are a prophetic back hand slap in the face of older now even more unattractive sister Leah. Dan and Naphtali brings Jacob home early from the field now, to Rachel’s tent. Rachel is feeling God has judged  (Dan)her worthy and her wrestling (Naphatali) and competing with her sister is over.

As life would have it, just when you think you are getting a handle on things, something else comes up; and so it is with this real life 4000 year old Reality Show. Leah’s putting on weight, she’s eating more and trying to figure out how to get Jacob interested again.  Petite Rachel is gloating and cuddling her surrogate babies in Leah’s view.

Leah thinks, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Zilpah, her closes handmaiden- very dark skinned (according to some research), young and beautiful; she has to be fertile. She tells Jacob she wants another baby, or two and she can’t seem to get pregnant again. What do you suggest, Jacob says. Well, I have seen how my servant Zilpah has caught your eye a few times, I will give her to you to be my surrogate. This is now the fourth woman to be brought into this relationship founded on deception. I can imagine Jacob was feeling mighty blessed and highly favored by God. Of course he did not resist his wife, after all she was the first wife, which gives her seniority. Whatever it takes to keep the yelling and drama down, he thought, as he walked out with a swagger and a smile on his face.

BAMM!! Aging, overweight Leah serves Rachel a surprise prophetic headbutt, by naming the (2) sons of surrogate mother Zilpah; Gad and Asher. She’s prophesying that she’s only just getting started, because she can produce a troop (Gad) of sons, if necessary to win Jacob’s heart. She’s happy (Asher), confident and sees herself as blessed. Nightly family dinners must have been awesome, Jacob at the head of the table, his wives with attitudes and surrogates a bit uncomfortable and 8 boys sitting in order. Still there was an emptiness in beautiful petite Rachel, as she looked around the family table each evening. There was the harsh reality that out of all those beautiful boys, not one of them came from her own body.


Reuben is growing up, he’s working in the fields and comes across some mandrakes during the wheat harvest (Pentecost – Gemini). He gives some of them to his mothers. Kids seems to be listening when parents don’t realize it. He heard the complaints, arguments and Leah wishing Jacob would spend more time with her. Evidently Jacob is spending lots of time with yet beautiful petite Rachel at this point. Rachel is keeping Jacob busy at night, but still can’t get pregnant. Reuben is probably thinking, this will bring Dad back home, so he gives the mandrakes to his mother.

Mandrakes were and yet are used as an aphrodisiac, it was the ancient form of Viagra for men and women; also a natural fertility supplement. Mandrakes roots contains psychoactive substances, it is a stimulant and can cause hallucinations. On the esoteric side, those who understand the “old ways,” mandrake roots are used for casting spells.

Rachel hears about the mandrakes (Viagra/drugs/magic roots) and ask her sister for some. Bitter Leah says, “Is it a small thing that you took my husband and now your want my son to give you his mandrakes (drugs/Viagra/magic roots) to enhance aging Jacob’s sexual performance with you, cast a spell on him, and to possibly help you get pregnant?” You got to be kidding! Sneaky Rachel said, “Give me some of the mandrakes and I will let Jacob sleep with you tonight. Tired, lonely Leah agrees. Genesis 30:14-15 (Rachel should not have given Leah the first night. She did not know that the mandrakes were going to unleash the freak in her older sister. Nor did she realize Leah’s magic might work).

Leah’s been sipping mandrake tea all afternoon, she’s feeling giddy and aroused. She might have even uttered some incantations. She runs to meet Jacob coming out of the field and tells him he has to sleep with her tonight. She said, I have actually paid for your services with mandrakes. Get all scrubbed up and get ready for the time of your life, tonight I am going to rock your world. Do you think Jacob was feeling kinda like a prostitute, being shuttled between four women and hired? Probably not. “And Jacob listened to the words of Leah, she conceived and bore a fifth son, Issachar.” Genesis 30:16-18

BAMM! BAMM! Double headbutt Leah prophetically delivers to her manipulative little sister Rachel. Leah declares, God gave me a reward (Issachar) for hiring my own husband. We can only conclude the mandrakes really worked and aging, overweight Leah’s performance was nothing less than stellar. Why? Jacob came back for more, without being hired after Issachar was born and Leah got pregnant two more times and bore Zebulun and finally a daughter, Dinah. Leah had cast her spell. Jacob’s dwelling place was being solidified with Leah and she felt God had judged her righteously.

It might come as a surprise, but Jacob was not a young stud when he was being passed around to four younger women and had the hard job of satisfying them. He was over 80 years old when Issachar was born. What is age? Is it not but a number, based on your definition and how you allow others to define you?

In part 2, we will get into more details of the Issachar, Seer and Prophetic Science anointing. We’ll also share some insight on abilities and gifts those born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer possess and how it relates to your tribal sign Issachar.

Click here for Birthing of Issachar Anointing Part 2

(Eye can see some of you now, getting ready to google “mandrakes” trying to find out how to get some of that.  Go for it.) hahahaha : )

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  1. Wow, this is been an eye opener. Now I know why I been going through all that I been through with.

    I just wish I can get the rest of the tribes to help others. If that’s possible how do I go through it?


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