Brain Music

Brain Music

I have loved music since I can remember. As a child, we had this huge radio that was almost like a piece of furniture, it was a short wave type radio with possibly a world band on it. It could pick up the frequencies from radio stations around the world. Late nights I would often sneak and listen and experience the music from all over the world; knowing that one day I would travel to many of those lands. I could not understand the languages, but I could feel the music, experience it and appreciate it. Often, I’d fall asleep in the big chair near the radio and wake up early morning before anyone else to escape back to my bed; without anyone knowing.

In our music class at home, as I teach my sons, I always stress to them the importance of feeling the music and actually experiencing it. Music is powerful, it can bring enlightenment, healing, deliverance and open prophetic direction. We see this mentioned in the Bible many time. The Creator expresses the importance of coming into His Presence with thanksgiving, praise and using music (musical instruments). Throughout the book of Psalms, we find David and other writer using the world “Selah.” One of the definitions for “selah” means to repeat over and over again. The purpose for this was to interact with the brain wave patterns and body rhythms, thus, altering them. The repeating of a verse or chorus over and over has the ability to put one into an alter state of consciousness and open the realm of the supernatural (paranormal).

In most of my meetings, there is an extended praise/worship time – I understand the importance of preparing the hearts and minds to receive and experience change by the words I speak afterwards. The brain is as soil, some soil need to be soften so that the seeds (message) can take root and create the change. There are many times we don’t even get beyond the worship portion of the service, Spirit comes in as the music helps to unify us and out of that explosive experience all needs (healing, deliverance, uplifting of the depressed etc) are met without someone preaching or teaching. Unfortunately, most Churches and places where people meet have all but abandoned this powerful practice of worship-celebration with music. The express fast food type of meetings might have 3 songs, jokes, an intellectual message that might address everyday life and offerings/donations. Around 15 minutes is the allotted time for singing, music, worship. People coming in loaded down with the cares and challenges of this life hardly have time to access and connect with the Spirit realm in a rigid, short, structured setting. Could this be one of the reasons people return with the same challenges and weaknesses week after week? (Perhaps I am being a bit critical).

Modern science is now proving what ancient Biblical text stated thousands of years ago. The “right” kind of music activates the brain, specifically the right frontal lobe. This is the area of creativity, paranormal experiences (supernatural), problem solving, healing, visions, enlightenment, OBE, etc takes place. Metaphorically, this is where Christ sits on the right hand (right brain hemisphere) of God (pineal gland – all seeing Eye).

Anointed (generated from Spirit realm) worship music, instrumental music with less words, unless they are positive declaration, music that you can actually feel or experience is the “right” kind of music to awaken your spiritual abilities. These are only more tools to help us “come to our self”.

Here’s what brain researcher Neil Slade says. “The mind interacts with music. The fine hairs in the cochlea part of the inner ear sends electrical signals to the brain stem, which travels to the temporal lobe and other structures, where it’s recognized as music or sound. The way music is processed in the human brain is very complex, and is even connected to sight, Slade detailed. The Mozart Effect– the idea that listening to classical music by a pregnant mother will increase the intelligence of her child is somewhat of an urban myth, he reported. Yet, studies have found that 10-year-old children who learned to play a musical instrument such as the violin showed improvements in visual and spacial skills, as well as math, he added.”

Slade conducted his own experiment with 65 adults listening undisturbed on headphones to a special piece of music he designed. Over a one-month period, 78% of the participants reported high levels of unusual non-sensory and paranormal perception while listening to the music, including communications with deceased relatives, precognition, and heightened emotional states.

What is “BRAIN MUSIC” and what makes it different?

The brain requires more complex and NEW stimulation to grow. All commercial music, what is played on television and radio, and what is most popular is overly simplistic and repetitive. Even classical music, the same compositions once they have become overly familiar covers no new ground fails to meet this requirement.

By sharp contrast, “Brain Music” stimulates your brain by asking a musical QUESTION to the brain-

“What is this?”

This pleasant stimulation- a neurological riddle- involves the most advanced structures in the brain in the pre-frontal cortex as well as other areas of the brain including parietal, temporal regions and even the occipital lobes. In particular, the pre-frontal cortex is the same regions responsible for problem solving, creativity, cooperation, and high levels of intuition and global perception.

Additionally, there is evidence that links pre-frontal (frontal lobes) activity to paranormal processes and “ESP”. Although skeptics would dismiss such a notion, an examination of decades of laboratory testing has conclusively shown such extra-sensory processes are real.


Experience Some Brain Music:

For those of you that might be a bit more progressive, get your head phones on or turn up you volume and allow this Native Shamanic music to carry you away. Don’t forget to come back and record your experiences. : )

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  1. Hello!
    Where can I get the Native American Shaminic Music featured on your Brain Music page?
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    • Kym, not sure -you might want to search on line-google the name-that should provide some info. 🙂


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