Can We Time Travel???

Can We Time Travel???

Summer is here and many are planning a vacation to travel to somewhere beautiful for a time of relaxation, refreshing and fun. It is Vacation Season. Have you ever thought of taking a trip in Time, or through Time Past or Future? What a vacation that would be?! Can you imagine seeing things that were and things that will be, but have not been, that are?

Do you believe “time travel” is possible? Are there time travelers living among us today? Time travel might be more easier than one would realize. In the dream state, we all experience time travel in the comforts of our bed. Also, when we operate in the prophetic, there is an element of time travel that one experiences. The Seer moves in Spirit or consciousness between what is defined as time past, present or future; while the physical body is stationary.

Is it possible to take the physical body through the portals of time? What is time? Time is every moment that has exist or will exist, according to Webster’s Dictionary. Perhaps a better way of understanding a bit more about time is realizing that there is an experience and existence beyond time. Time as we know it is subject to the movements of the solar system based on the 3 dimensional construct we were born into.

Could a “born-again” experience lead us to a realm beyond time? What would that realm be? Where is it? What would it look like? In John chapter 3, one of the favorite chapters of most Christians, Jesus gives up a clue. He speaks about this born from above or born again experience that give the true believer the ability to “move like the wind” and understand (see) the NOW kingdom of God. As he continues his teaching to Nicodemus, he speaks about a life/experience that exist outside the realm of time. Although this experience exist outside of what we know of as time, it manifest through time. This realm is called “Eternity”.

Just to clarify, when we speak of “born-again”, we are not speaking of it in the religious sense it is widely used today. This has nothing to do with church affiliation, religion or religious doctrines. This has more to do with a heart felt experience with Reality.


Should we go to another planet to find it? “There is a time for everything under the Sun…” Ecclesiastes 3:1 Notice time is related to the Sun. The Sun is the governor of our solar system in this 3 dimensional construct. In Genesis, the Torah says the Sun is the “ruler” of the day. Ruler in that verse comes from the Hebrew word for “governor.” Also, the planet Saturn is called the Father of Time, it holds a lot of mysteries to what we know of as time and infinity. INfinity is living withIN the realm or construct of time, which could be an illusionary system created by Saturn that binds us to the limited space we call time.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

At the center of your being is the most powerful organ in your body, it is the heart. The heart is the bridge that connects us to higher states of consciousness outside the construct of “time.” It is the bridge between the lower chakras or base frequencies to the higher chakras and unlimited spiritual frequencies. The heart is the place of LOVE and Relationships.

It seems that one of the hidden messages Jesus taught Nicodemus that night was that, the truly born again experience of a believer filled with love would unleash the unlimited power of the universe, shattering Saturn’s rings of time as we know it. The born-again, born from above experience would cause the true believe to transcend time and empower one to live out from eternity, yet with the ability to move through the construct or realm of time.

In the book of Revelation, Apostle John meets a messenger that tells him of the things that will happen more than 2000 years in the future. John calls this person an angel, which simply means messenger. As Apostle John falls down to worship this man/messenger that could be from the future, he tells John not to. Then he tells him that he is a human, one of the prophets/brethren. Could this have been one of us from the 21st century traveling back in time to give a message to be recorded and warn us about our day? Could the purpose have been to give us a chance to avoid many of the apocalyptic events by making choices and operating in LOVE?

“I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I had heard and seen them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel (messenger/guide) who had been showing them to me. But he said to me, “Don’t do that! I am a fellow servant with you and with your fellow prophets and with all who keep the words of this scroll. Worship God!” Revelation 22:8-9

Time travel is real, it has always been and one does not necessarily need a high tech machine to do it. Physically moving into the past, present or future can be done by ordinary people. Expect it.

Below are 10 stories of people. I am not for sure about all of them, but some are very convincing. It has been rumored for some time that there are highly classified reasons that seem beyond ordinary why the president’s past seems to be very sketchy. Read these stories and discern what may be genuine or not. Allow faith to arise in your heart.



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  1. I gotta say Amen to that to time traveling because being in the eternal being in the in the presence of the spirit or tapping the presence of God transcend’s time transcend’s space and transcends matter. The word says that God created everything through his word through his Christ things visible and invisible matter is visible so being in the spirit will transcend matter.. I had a dream and it was about a future event. This event is going to take place so does that mean that transcended time through the spirit of God? yes. And it has partially manifested and the rest is yet to come. Dreaming it’s just an alternate reality but it’s still up just like God is multi-dimensional so where in his likeness and image we should also share the same characteristics and go to other versions of us because the Holy Spirit lives in every person that lives which is about 8 billion people does that mean that there is 8 billion gods no there is only one God imparted to each one of us but yet he is still one and it’s like a fire I like many candles but yet it is still still fire the same fire. Jesus did say ye are God’s. He quoted songs 8182 and also quoted he said that in John 10 he was just telling them what they believed in but yet they don’t believe what they read or what is the true sticking to the point I look forward to transcending time space and matter just says Philip also was taking it by the spirit when he was baptized the Ethiopian eunuch. He transcends space and time. Jesus was also taken by the spirit when he was fasting for 40 days and nights in the desert and also is he Keel was also taken to the spirit Transcendence ending time space and matter Noah obtained Grace Grace didn’t come until Jesus was born in the flesh David said it believed in Psalms 51 don’t take your Holy Spirit Away From Me the Holy Spirit didn’t come until Jesus ascended and then I poured during the day of Pentecost upon his apostles did they transcend time space and matter? Did Elijah and Moses transcend time space and matter when they appeared before John James and Peter on the mountain of transfiguration with Jesus the Lord and Master during the Feast of Tabernacles? Just food for thought praise God let every blessing come upon us in the name of Jesus the Christ.


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