Cecil the Lion – Prophetic Sign

Cecil the Lion – Prophetic Sign

How does the killing of a lion in Africa create such global stir, outrage and compassion, in a place where lions are killed probably everyday? We are all energetically connected, all humans, animals and everything on the planet and in space. This energetic connection could best be described as a super gigantic web.  We are all being affected consciously and unconsciously by the slightest vibration of this web of consciousness.  Some events cause a greater vibration, thus, causing the attention of those who are conscious to focus on what created the vibration in this energetic web. A spider knows the difference between wind vibrating the web and a potential prey or threat vibrating the web.

While out of the country, I did not notice much of the news or what was trending in the news.  Once I returned, I noticed several email inquires about the meaning of Cecil the Lion being killed.  Then I noticed others stating that people seem to be more concerned about the killing of a lion than the murders of mostly Black & Brown unarmed citizens in America by the Police.  As I read on, others made the statement that many are more concerned about a lion being killed than the many aborted babies and the selling of their body parts.  Both statements are unfortunately true.

A few days ago, after I finally got caught up with things after being away and got a chance to read the news about Cecil and the second report, a few days ago of another  lion that was killed …Spirit turned on within me.  These collared lions were lured out of their sanctuary into the National Park, so the hunters could make an easy trophy kill.  Of course, that wouldn’t be the story told to their friends, as they boasted and greatly exaggerated their hunting skills. The first thing I noticed was that both lions, Cecil the famous beloved lion of Zimbabwe and the other less famous lion  were reported killed,  while the Sun was in the Zodiac sign house of LEO, the Lion.

There are no coincidences and everything is prophetic to some degree; especially things that seem to stir international attention.  We realize there are many levels to this sign, however, this level Eye feel is most important and relevant. Here is what Spirit began to reveal.


As Eye started to read the news, Spirit moved me to look up the meaning of names associated with the story that would create a prophetic picture.  Immediately, Eye started to see what Father was saying in this event.  In this writing we  only have time to deal with Cecil.

2 Lions reportedly killed made International News, while the Sun is in LEO the Lion.  Cecil was the most famous lion, killed in Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe means house of veneration, sacred house, king’s court; also meaning the home or grave of a chief.  Cecil means blind. The famous lion was named after the British politician/businessman  Cecil Rhodes.


A lot of the problems that exist on much of the continent of Africa today can be traced back to the actions of one man called Cecil Rhodes.     He founded the largely unrecognized former nation of Rhodesia.  Rhodesia is now called Zimbabwe.   The former North & South Rhodesia extended to countries now called Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

As you may or may not know, Zimbabwe has probably the less valued currency on the planet.  It takes 35 Quadtrillion dollars  to equal $1  USD.  Zimbabwe is filled with Trillionaires who don’t have running water and can barely eat.   Where does these extreme situations in Africa, the continent of largely untapped wealth and natural resources come from?

“But it was Rhodes who originated the racist “land grabs” to which Zimbabwe’s current miseries can ultimately be traced. It was Rhodes, too, who in 1887 told the House of Assembly in Cape Town that “the native is to be treated as a child and denied the franchise. We must adopt a system of despotism in our relations with the barbarians of South Africa.”  In less oratorical moments, he put it even more bluntly: “I prefer land to niggers.”

Cecil Rhodes enjoyed the slaughter of Africans, he saw it as sport, an adventure.   He helped to set up the apartheid system of South Africa-based on the Jim Crow laws of the United State.  He was a perpetrator of genocide, responsible for the displacement of millions of African people for the benefit of white settlers and enslavement of African people on their own land. White people came from Europe and became wealthy from the theft of the gold and diamonds in Southern Africa.   He founded the DeBeers Diamond Cartel, by his early 20’s he was a millionaire and by his 30’s he was considered what today is a billionaire.”      Matthew Sweet  http://espressostalinist.com/genocide/cecil-rhodes-and-de-beers-genocide-diamonds/

Cecil Rhodes was called the evil man of Africa-known for bloodshed, racism, land grabs, blood diamonds.  Cecil means to be blinded, blind.  Cecil Rhodes was blinded by hate and greed. His goal was to tame the ‘barbarian salvages’ aka Africans while taking their wealth and enriching colonial Britain.  Cecil Rhodes died over 100 years ago, but his legacy lives on and the negative effects on the African people until this day.

God does nothing until He first reveals it first to his servants, the prophet.  He allows events to happen that become prophetic signs, which can be interpreted accurately by the spirit of prophecy.

A selfish egotistical dentist who killed huge beautiful animals for sports traveled to Africa to kill a beautiful black mane lion.  Unbeknownst to him the animal served as a prophetic symbol and agreed to be a martyr, for the sake of being  a prophetic sign.

Here is what the death of Cecil the Lion means prophetically:

Eye See: The roaring lion of British & western colonialism has been metaphorically de-fanged by a dentist hunter and beheaded. (Britain emblem is a lion).   The spirit of Cecil, the spiritual blindness and strangle hold of racism has been cut off.  The head of the adversary that goes about through the African nations and cities have been cut off.  This adversary has specifically been used to attack and roar to bring corruption in politics and business.  That principality has been dealt with even if you do not see immediate change outwardly.  The spirit behind racism has been decapitated. It’s been destroyed as was demonstrated in the beheading of Cecil.

Over the next 7 years, watch the resurrection of Zimbabwe’s dead economy and all the nations (Malawi, Zambia, etc) affected by Cecil Rhodes, as investors come.   Eye see there will be many foreign investor coming…especially from Asia.   Eye see Asian faces and communities springing up in Southern Africa at a fast pace.

Eye See rare minerals being discovered, many African millionaires will arise out of this region of nations.  Investors coming, new cities booming, and a spiritual mecca.   Eye See astounding miracles that will draw people from all over the world in to Zimbabwe, Malawi and surrounding regions as revival fires spread from there to other parts of Africa and the world.  There will be heavy angelic manifestations recorded on film.  Eye See God will raise up “young lions,”  men and women who are fearless, that will walk in great authority and powerful manifestations.

Eye See the face of International business is about to change, due to the high number of African CEO’s and multi-millionaires over the next 7 years.   The currency will be backed by hard assets and it will seemingly happen over night… crooked politician removed, corruption arrested, people flourishing.

‘Rise Africa out of the ruins and heaps

Rise Africa and take this message to the streets

Rise Africa, the lion is no more

Rise Africa and began to soar

The heavens smile on you with favor and prosperity

The stars sings for you, the songs of freedom and victory

Loose yourself from the chains that had you bound

For you as a continent of many people and nations shall rebound

The glory, dignity, and spiritual wealth of by-gone days

Shall return as you change your ways

Eye am raising up African prophetic voices that will cause nations and governments to literally tremble

Resounding my words of fire – reviving those who will assemble

Zimbabwe and the regions about, your time has come to shine

Use the power of Spirit to dismantled the bloodshed, warfare and live as divine

Cecil the generational blindness has been destroyed and taken away

See clearly now and walk in the light of the new day.’   So be it.  Amen!

There is one more little connection we will make without  going in depth.  Eye am claiming that word for us also here in the USA.   Eye am claiming that word of the Decapitation of Racism.  How can that be remotely tied to the event in Zimbabwe with the killing of Cecil the Lion?   June 17 here in our country a young man killed 9 worshippers in a Bible Study.  He is video taped before the attack wearing a jacket with the racist flag of the former nation of Rhodesia, founded by the racist Cecil Rhodes…who was metaphorically defanged and beheaded.  http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Security-Watch/Backchannels/2015/0618/Why-would-an-American-white-supremacist-be-fond-of-Rhodesia-video

There are no coincidences, only prophetic implications and hidden messages waiting to be decoded.  The Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevail and in this country also we will see the principalities dethroned. 

 Thank you Cecil the Lion for agreeing to become a prophetic sign to the nations. That which was done out of evil, greed and pride – prophesies of great things to come.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. Indeed, there are no coincidences. Africa is rising, and its prophetic voices are about to thunder the world with the divine move of the spirit of the Most High God. And its not a coincidence that as a prophet in training, came across this. Africa receives this prophecy in Jesus’s name. Be Blessed.


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