CERN Is Opening New Portals

CERN Is Opening New Portals

Do we have a reason to be conCERN with what is taking place at CERN? Only if you are enlightened enough to disCERN. Deep underground the modern techo-wizards practice their arts – Smashing protons and atoms apart. “Black Physics” the new name for the occult combined with fallen angel technology; conjuring energy to reconstruct what was once called mythology. Chants and vulgar dances to amplify the frequency, symbols and rituals of indecency.

10 billion dollars it cost to see what’s on the other side of the door – other dimensions await and so much more – more than modern human eyes have seen before. Unbeknownst to them it is destruction and evil at its core.

The key to the Bottomless Pit they seek to gain, archaic science and knowledge from the demonic domain. To loose the one there that’s been bound with a great chain, to join them on earth to reign. He’s promised them fame, power and immortality; to rule with him on earth and further enslave humanity.

Let the swirls and spinning begin, until we find the correct frequency to bring about the end. Out from the portals the lesser gods are already appearing – assisting the dark occult physicists, as they are cheering. Praying and begging for the Horned One to come soon, shaking the planet and heavens, teetering on doom. Accelerating the frequencies of the particles and causing them to collide – satanist, witches and sorcerers behind white coats and degrees they do hide.

Veiled in plain sight they do their deeds, because most don’t even believe the Bible they read. Allegories, fairy-tales, “don’t lecture me” – While the occult physicists build a Collider called “Open Sesame.” Ancient gods and demons entering in, at the summoning of the Luciferians.

While most Believers in God fight, hate and argue over guns, race and invisible border lines, devolving further into the satanic dark carnal mind. The real enemy will soon appear – guns, weapons nor politics will not be able to quell your fear. Out from the Abyss – the black hole according to Revelation 9, to rule for a time, times and half time.

Later another portal will open and Christ will appear – the brightness of his coming to destroy all fear. The occult scientists and their machines will burn – And many to the truth will turn. The enemy was not another human from near are far, skinned dark or light, it was the principality of the night. As they open portals outside, open portals within. The key is Love for all- Amen. —- JL

(The Rap-Poem above was given this morning).


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  1. In fact I did not even know (but the Spirit within knoweth ALL things), that the luciferians were opening another portal. But the Spirit said whilst I was in prayer to declare this most the month of sacred FAST for those who are enlightened to wage war as we called on the heavenly army , using the weapon we have to stop the effect of the evil one.
    So when I read your post today, I knew it is a confirmation.
    So I call on all who are called by the name of the Lord, to put aside our plates and leave the supper room to the upper room as we called on heaven to stop the effect what is happening at CERN .

    • Don’t you just love it when the Spirit has us in sync with global events that we are consciously aware of? Bless you man of God.

  2. Ah , been receiving unchion to fast . I am now seeing this is the time . My communication has been ” confused ” thanks to my tech savvy youngest son I’m back in touch . Thank you for sharing what “Spirit ” has been saying . Will be in agreement .

  3. Brother John,your article about cern and your rap poem were awesome. They motivated me to write a spoken word poem. I’ll send it to you when I have finished writing it. Infused by the muse Alvin Burton

    • Thanks


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