CERN Opening of the Abyss 2015? Movie

CERN Opening of the Abyss 2015? Movie

We have shared several messages and some revelations on CERN and the Large Hadron Collider over the past few weeks.  As you may or may not know, they are increasing the power to operate the LHC at the highest level ever by September 23, 2015.  The publicized goal is expected to be around 14 TeV.  That’s a lot of power, atoms and particles moving beyond the speed of light smashing into each other in a 17 mile circle, creating a super vortex.  Who or what will come through the gate?

Did you notice the 8.3 Earthquake in Chile yesterday?  Over 1 million people evacuated and displaced, this is also validation for a prophetic word Eye gave last month about mass evacuation and displaced people through Natural Disasters.  Please keep the people of Chile in your prayers.  CERN’s LHC magnetic  is 100,000 times stronger than earth’s magnetic field.  Wouldn’t you think it’s probably the cause of the 8.3 Earthquake in Chile?  After they restarted the LHC at CERN in April 2015, running it at the then highest speed ever, what happened?  There was an 8.2 Earthquake that hit Nepal, killing almost 10,000 people and injuring tens of thousands of others, in April.   In 2008, the LHC set off 7 Earthquakes and several Volcanoes in the same day globally.  Eye had spoken and posted this before it happened. 

Keep our world in prayer during these ‘days of awe,’  coming up to the day of Atonement.  Pray that the planets’ plates remain stable during CERN’s operations. There are at least 14 other smaller CERN like colliders operating at the same time, along with HAARP technologies.  Let’s try to tap into all this power in the atmosphere to bring more LIGHT into the world.  This is the year of Light, isn’t it?   Their experiments and trying to conjuring up Apollyon can set off “climate chaos” in the form of global earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Since 2008, we have shared prophetically CERN’s intent to open portals to other dimensions and worlds, but mainly to fulfill Revelation 9, by bringing Apollyon/Abbadon/Shiva into our world.  Thus, releasing evil, plagues, mass destruction on humanity and the planet.  In exchange, the occult physicists expect  to co-rule the world and solar system with the evil ones.  Off course it sounds foolish to the natural mind that does not understand that there is a “real” spiritual world, with “real” spirits and extraterrestrial biological entities. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Linda Prankretz from Oregon sent me this video/movie that kind of sums up what we have been sharing. It’s very well put together, although, we don’t agree with his statement that all aliens are demonic.  That’s unscriptural and unfounded.  Watch it. 



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