Charlottesville, Virginia Race & Terror Riot

Charlottesville, Virginia Race & Terror Riot

I was recently at a Church service where Christians were encouraged by these words, “The world is watching you, they want to see how Christians will react…be humble, be patience…sometimes it’s best to not share your perspective, after all, it is just your perspective. Pray and show love, don’t be confrontational or disagreeable,” the young pastor went on to say. As one might imagine, that 35 minutes teaching on the misunderstanding of what love is was very uncomfortable for me.

My thinking was, “sheep being led to the slaughter.” Scanning the large sanctuary, Eye could see others were not buying that either. The dumbing down of Christians and is one of Satan’s greatest weapons being used from the pulpit. Whatever happened to “PROTESTANTS?” Much of Christianity has become a gullible, irrelevant, powerless, clueless social club that takes a stand for few real issues or stands for evil, injustice and violence by their silence. One thing the young pastor said was correct, “The world is watching you.” I am sure if they have the least bit of intelligence, most don’t want to be like you.

Many people are somehow divided on what exactly happened on this past weekend with Neo-Nazis, Skinned-Heads, KKK, White Supremacists, White Nationalists and others who surrounded a Church on Friday night with torches, long-guns, baseball bats, shields, body armor, multiple guns, knives, etc chanting terrorist slogans to terrorize people; while people inside prayed for strength, peace and a strategy how to combat evil and hate during that night and the following day. As we know the following day led to beatings of Pastors, others and the death of Heather Heyer; using a vehicle as the weapon and 19 others.

“If I gotta go to jail today, you know it won’t be the f——* first time… I honestly believe I have been law-abiding. I have been engaged in violence, I have, there’s no question about it and I’ve done nothing to hide that but it was in defense of myself and others and I would not have done it for any other reason,” he added.




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