Conservative Christianity and White Supremacy’s Scary Kinship – John Pavlovitz

Conservative Christianity and White Supremacy’s Scary Kinship – John Pavlovitz

Late night November 7, 2016 I stated verbally and in a post, that it felt like we collectively had moved into an “alternative reality” or some type of “twilight zone.” The huge shift in consciousness was so obvious to me, my equilibrium was off a few days. Many have progressed along the path of this “alternative reality” to readily accept “Alternative Facts” as truth without questioning or corrections. In this reality, lines blur easily, and the distorted sounds can be interpreted to have changing meanings by the hour.

I have recently been seeing blogs on Face Book by a Pastor with a spine. Somehow it yet bugs me how Believers and especially Pastors can sit on the fence and choose to stay neutral on relevant issues that affect so many lives. Personally, I think they chose the wrong profession, religion or time to be born into. I can respect a man or woman with a backbone to actually put into practice the principle Jesus taught and not be afraid to be in the minority. I want to share this article by Pastor John Pavlovitz, he expresses so well my exact thoughts…the heart of God.

“To claim the Christian faith is to practice the most radical kind of hospitality and the most counterintuitive compassion for the other. Jesus was a homeless, dark-skinned immigrant who modeled sacrificial love and who welcomed to his table both beggar and soldier, both priest and prostitute, both Jew and Samaritan. It’s almost impossible to simultaneously emulate this Jesus, and champion exclusion, superiority, or even protection for that matter.

You cannot be both For God so loved the world—and America First.
You cannot preach the Gospel, while despising refugees and foreigners and immigrants.
You can’t claim that “all lives matter”, while protecting only your own kind.
You cannot be fully pro-life and uphold your supremacy based on color, geography, or religion.

You either believe all people are made fully in the image of God—or you don’t…

If you’re a Christian and you care to argue with that go ahead, but you’re going to have to argue with Jesus while also aligning yourself with White Supremacy as you do. (I’m not sure that’s a good spot to plant your theological flag.)

There is no border on real compassion and there aren’t varying degrees of human worth either—no matter what Richard Spencer or Amy or Steve Bannon or Donald Trump say or believe.

And if America is first, Jesus can only be a very distant second.”

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My friend Buddy, the Buddha from Mississippi posted this video. It is very informative (Not Fake News or Alternative Facts) and confirms what I have spoken for some time about the Trump Zionist connection. Who owns Trump?

This is how democracy works:
They Lied: McConnell And Ryan Just Blocked Expanded Russia Probe To Shield Trump From Impeachment

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