CRATER Rising in Leo

CRATER Rising in Leo

We are about mid-ways through Summer and just over 4 months before the end of the year. The Sun is in LEO until August 22, the roaring celestial Lion and his 2nd sub-constellation called CRATER the Cup is Rising at the time of this writing, until August 11. Then, CORVUS the Raven, the 3rd sub-constellation of LEO will rise until August 22. The 1st sub-constellation of LEO, HYDRA the Sea Serpent rose from July 23- August 1. (Each Zodiac sign has 3 separate expressions that makes up that sign-they are referred to as sub-constellations) There are many prophetic messages we can derive from these movements of the heavens in light of current events in our nation, world events, weather, finances, health, spirituality and many other things. However, we can only highlight a few points in this message and I apologize ahead for posting reference scriptures that I wont have time to explain in this message/article. There is an astrological battle taking place in the heavenlies that’s being played out on earth. This battle is between rulers and those who want or don’t want to be ruled.

In this article, I am going to focus on the sub-constellations (decans-faces) of LEO and not too much of LEO in light of current events and what soon shall be. There is a fierce battle going on and it is taking place on many levels and in many stages in the outer world, the battle is also taking place on the individual levels of our life. Take a look at the image of the heavens below: All of this is taking place in LEO. LEO the Lion is pouncing on HYDRA, the many headed Sea Serpent. This constellation is mentioned many times in the Book of Revelation called by several names; the old serpent and the dragon.

As you see in the images below, there is this giant sea serpent – Hydra constellation, it is actually the longest of the constellations, it circles about 1/3 of the heavens. It represents the negative control and strangle hold of dark forces encompassing the 3-dimensional world. It is negative energy, force of evil and the wisdom of this world that moves freely, seemingly unrestrained. I believe I remember reading in the astro-prophetic book of Revelation, Apostle John saw 1/3 of the stars of heaven fall. This Hydra has many heads, you cut one off and another one or two grows back. So has it been with the Cabal that controls this world. They are in control of every aspect of society, politics, religion, economy, military, food, entertainment, music, media, healthcare, etc. They found ways to have kept humanity enslaved for thousands of years…but things are changing and the heavens bear witness.

(The first image shows the naked stars – LEO above getting ready to pounce on HYDRA. As you can see CRATER and CORVUS is also attacking HYDRA. The second image shows HYDRA appears to be fleeing on the planisphere. The third image is a colored version of the 3 sub-constellations of Leo. Modern astronomers added other images/constellations, which we can ignore)

Crater, Leo, Hydra 1

Crater, Leo, Hydra 1

HYDRA Fleeing

HYDRA Fleeing


Metaphysically – Hydra represents the Carnal Mind or the SERPENT BRAIN. This is dealt with in our book called, SERPENT BRAIN. This is where all the base and destructive impulses are generated from, which are rooted in Fear. The thing about Hydra is, you cut one head off and another one grows back. She is all about control and manipulation. You are seeing this scenario played out on the global scene in various ways, as psychotic world leaders and evil people are passionate about achieving their goals and accelerating violence. Their serpent (reptile) brain is fully activated.

Individually, remember you have the power to tread on serpents and scorpions. Squash repeatedly every vain imagination and thought that would pose a threat to the Christ in you, the glory. Bring into submission carnal thinking and allow the Lion of Judah to roar out of you on your behalf. The heavens show the Lion (your Christ nature) pouncing on the Hydra (lower nature-carnal mind) You are more than a conqueror.


Take another look at the images. Hydra is slithering her way throughout the world with FEAR based Politics & Religious messages, seeking to create more instability and chaos. The Political & Religious messages of HATE & FEAR seems to reign supreme in American culture. We are at a time of great TRANSITION in our nation and yes, we have heard this many times before. However, you are about to see some MAJOR unorthodox things take place in our government and world of politics.

The heavens shows LEO pouncing on the HYDRA, but that does not seem to hinder HYDRA very much. As we come into the Next Several Weeks, according to the heavens, there will be major Transition taking place. CRATER the Cup is Rising. In the Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah & Revelation, this constellation is called, the Cup of Wrath being poured out. The ancient name for CRATER is the Cup of Wrath.

“Awake, awake! Rise up, Jerusalem, you who have drunk from the hand of the Lord the cup of his wrath, you who have drained to its dregs, the goblet that makes people stagger.” Isaiah 51:17

“Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the LORD, Intoxicating all the earth The nations have drunk of her wine; Therefore the nations are going mad.” Jeremiah 51:7

“The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation;” Revelation 14:10

Eye prophesy to you that there is about to be seen some Political Posturing and sneaky Maneuvers that will literal make people stagger, confused, drunk and dazed at what they are hearing and seeing on the evening news. CRATER is being poured out and many who are looking to a man or woman to save them are about to be greatly disappointed. You thought you had already seen or heard the worst and the most unexpected and ugly things from the mouth of some of those that seemingly would like to lead this nation. Just when you thought that things could not get worse for the star candidate nominee for the Republican Party…CRATER & CORVUS are rising to destroy the FEAR & HATE driven many-headed HYDRA. People are about to move further into the ‘crazy zone.’ The destruction of this beast will not come, with the planned political maneuvering – another head will appear out of the seeds of fear and hate that’s been sown and cultivated over the past year.




Eye yet don’t see Trump in the White House, as Eye have stated since he announced his run for the presidency June 2015.

In reality, it was never Trumps’ plan to become President. This deception and the inability of many of his supporters to accept it as deception, will cause them to blame others in their madness. The potential for a “Summer of Chaos” and into the Fall with Much Bloodshed is yet possible and will happen, unless Prayer/Intercession absorbs the negative serpent energy, rooted in hate and fear. (Prayer can offset this, lessen the impact or absorb this building negative energy)

Paul Ryan is up for election to continue as Speaker of the House. His eyes are on the prize to be POTUS and many of his supporters would like that. The wine of Crater’s cup has the ability to make people drunk, arrogant and see things that are not there. The wine also gives a false sense of boldness and confidence, that fades as the intoxicants wear off. 2024 could be a possibility for Ryan, if he is yet interested. His sign is Aquarius, hopefully by then, wars wont be as necessary as many think they are today and the Republican Party will look very little like it does today. That Party you see today is over.

Eye don’t see the discovery of 30,000 emails keeping Crooked Hilary Clinton from becoming the POTUS or being arrested. Did George W. Bush deleted 22 Million emails stop him or get him arrested?


CRATER from the Indo-European root word “kere” means To MIX UP, COOK (rare-not ready yet), CONFUSE; a derivative word means UPROAR. (From the Greek word akrasia, means to Mix , Bad Mixture, Excess, INTEMPERANCE. Other associated words means blood disease.) To put this mildly, there’s gonna be a lot of things manifesting from the bad-blood between opposing parties and people in the same party. This will continue long after CRATER is poured out and sits. Everything must be shaken. This has the potential to spill over into further corrupting the ‘bad blood’ between the races, to the point of an Aryan wanting to be a hero…starts something. (Where are those who will stand in the gap specifically regarding this AND STOP IT?)

Paul Ryan’s election date is August 9 – 8/9/2016=9 or 8/9/9 or 8+9+9=26, 2+6=8 (Lots of new things on the horizon) but … CRATER is Rising and showing us there will be Confusion, Mix up and an Uproar over the next several weeks, TRUMP and others will become more Intemperant. (“Premature,” “inexperienced” and “not ready” are keys words to listen for in the media). Will Trump get trumped by Paul Ryan and become the Republican’s choice? That indeed would be rare, a not fully cooked recipe for disaster.

Transition is happening. On a more positive note, CRATER is being poured out upon the dark Cabal, the serpent. LEO is pouncing on HYDRA, CRATER’S Wrath is being poured out on that system and CORVUS the Raven will peck it into pieces-according to the message of the heavens. This 3 fold process is a Process and will not be happen over night, although, the shaking in governments is a sign it is happening. The political posturing in this country is evidence. While the world is going mad on the outside, HYDRA is being ripped apart. HYDRA is the source of the increase violence, hate, fear, famine, wars, and murder.

Things to Watch & Pray about over the next few weeks- blood disease, blood disorders, virus, blood poisoning, leader/celebrity with disease of blood.


This summer, I think I have watched more movies than I ever have in a short period. My boys got me to agreed to watch ALL the Avengers and Marvel films with Iron Man aka Tony Sparks in them. I really enjoyed them. Thank God they were easily accessibly through some software we downloaded for free. Since I know that Hollywood often is used to foretell of coming events, I watched for clues. One big clue stood out was the mentioning of HYDRA.

What is HYDRA in the films? HYDRA is a criminal organization seeking world domination through terrorist acts and want a fascist New World Order. It is funded by Baron Strucker’s fortune that he obtained from Nazi plunder. HYDRA members wear all green with the serpent logo.

HYDRA is the branch of the Nazi-German Army of World War II under the command of the Red Skull. It was an SS sub-division that created advanced weaponry for the army. After the war, Arnim Zola rebuilt HYDRA inside of S.H.I.E.L.D.. It was revealed that HYDRA is centuries old and has taken many forms and names, with their sole purpose being to bring back HIVE from another world after being banished from Earth.


There is so much in that-just to highlight a few things. Can you see the Red Skull (Rothschild which means Red shield – also Skull & Bones secret society)? A criminal organization, the CABAL based on bloodline, built into the system that’s was suppose to protect us. Their goal is to bring back HIVE.

What is HIVE? Created in the Hydra laboratories in their home base of Gehenna (hell), the HIVE was an experiment made to physically embody the Hydra ideal. HIVE was a parasitic Inhuman capable of infesting and possessing the bodies of dead humans and controlling other Inhumans through a hive mind. The entity is composed of untold numbers of genetically-engineered parasites.

Hello!! Can you hear that? Real world – this is CERN’s intent, funded by the Rothschild & Rockefeller to bring in demons to empower them to rule in the NWO. CERN built underground (Gehenna-hell), seeking to resurrect the Nephilim – Raphim (dead bodies). These demons and giant humanoid beings are parasites, they feed off of negative human emotions – energy in motion (fear, hate, war, violence, division, anger, etc). It’s all laid out in the Marvel Comics, along with the coming of super heroes (manifestation of the sons of God) with awesome abilities, working with off world sons of God. HYDRA will be destroyed. The Lion (LEO) of the tribe of Judah has roared it.

Stay prayerful, declaring Love, Truth, Peace and Prosperity over the next several weeks, as political madness go to a whole new level.

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  1. This is what you said about Trump last year. “Eye See him fading from media exposure and becoming background noise and memories by January 15, 2016. Eye Hear his voice being silenced…He performed well, curtains are closing and the spotlight is searching for another willing DISTRACTION as December 2015 ends.”
    So my brother seems like there are other forces at play here and prophetically this will be difficult for you to “SEE”

    • You are correct! It has been very difficult reading the signs of this contest, a maze of twist and turns. However, there is yet that part of me (spirit) that reminds me that since around 2010 Eye have seen a woman in the White house after President Obama and that around 2012 or so, Eye started to announce that Hiliary would run. There were a few weeks early part of the year Trump sorta faded as Spirit said, he did not show up for debates and there was the Meagan Kelly thing..then he came back stronger. There are forces at work but I am not sure if they are the God forces…I think it is the elite psychological manipulation of the public forces. We shall SEE.

  2. What is seen by the “Eye” is not what the media shows… The Living God shows what is going to happen or what already happened even though media might show otherwise….. we walk by faith and not by sight. The word of the Lord says Donald trump is not the president then he is not going to be the president of the United States of America. David a man after God’s own heart fasted and prayed but his child from Bathsheba died. The outcome was not changed.

    2Sa 12:14
    Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.

    2Sa 12:15
    And Nathan departed unto his house. And the LORD struck the child that Uriah’s wife bare unto David, and it was very sick.

    2Sa 12:16
    David therefore besought God for the child; and David fasted, and went in, and lay all night upon the earth.

    2Sa 12:19
    But when David saw that his servants whispered, David perceived that the child was dead: therefore David said unto his servants, Is the child dead? And they said, He is dead.

    Sir F

    • Yes, very true Sir F.


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