Day After Diagnosis

Day After Diagnosis

This existence that we call life is filled with excitement,  surprises, challenges and sometimes extended periods of roller coaster type moments that turn into days and sometimes years.  The slower movement upward eventually brings you to the top and the view is magnificent, one can see into the far distance, as you appear on top of the world.  However, that moment is quickly followed by a downward, steep fast ride with lots of twists, turns, jerks and the vision that was once so clear at the pinnacle of the track is now intensely blurred and forgotten. Don’t worry, there’s another incline and soon you will crawl your way to the top again; where the vision is crystal clear, and the air is still.    There, it will seem as though you can see into forever, the panting and fears have subsided.  Deep within you know this can’t last for long, suddenly it starts all over again and you are lucky if you don’t totally humiliate yourself by losing the meal you had earlier, during the gyrations, screaming, and unforgettable intense blurred moments.  All the time of this seeming unending nightmarish hell, you might think, “Why did I ever get on this Leviathan…I will never do it again.”

Interesting things about roller coasters are, they are  fast, appealing, you are locked in and can’t get out.  If you happen to wiggle out before the ride is over, things will be far worse.  Another thing, there is someone else controlling the roller coaster, he has the power to bring it to a stop…when it’s finished the course.  Of course, there are times the ride can be shortened, when danger is detected.

I had thought of sharing this testimonial in booklet form, but decided to condense it to a  blog/message.   We endeavor to minister to the whole man, by sharing not only high spirituality, but human experiences.  It is these human experiences that develop true spirituality, when we can be authentic.   The Bible says that we should know those that labor among us in the ministry.  Using this website has been one way of connecting with many whom I will never meet in person, but you will be able to identify with our common struggles in the human form.  It is so freeing to know who you are and not to be concerned with the opinions, criticism or false accusations of others.   We are in an age where transparency will be of utmost importance on this journey from humanity to divinity.  Even the heavens are forcing us to be real.  The energetic frequencies of the heavenly orbs are stirring up everything deep within that’s been buried, hidden, pretend to be forgotten, or just too afraid to face.

It is impossible for one to have an EVOLution, without an INvolution, that results in a divine rEVOLution.  INvolutions are not designed to be painless, sweet, cute, and perfect; they are often messy and very uncomfortable.  Furthermore, you don’t get to consciously chose the tools that will be used to literally turn you INside out; otherwise, we’d avoid them.  These tools are often familiar (derived from the word family), they can also come in the form of financial disaster, or illnesses on this giant roller coaster of life.  The hidden message to this wonderful experience is to stay IN LOVE, walk in love.


It was year 2012, Eye had been prophesying about the death of many things that would be happening as we came to the end of a most important astronomical cycle.  Eye also spoke of the many that would be crossing over to the other-side in physical death,  choosing to assist those of us yet here with our transition, while in the physical form.  During late 2011 – 2012, I had stated in moments of frustration and high drama that was being created, “I feel like I am dying, I am tired of this..”  Eye have preached “Immortality” and believed in it since my late teen years and was very careful to not speak death over myself.  But I could not deny the feeling  during the extended roller coaster rides of high drama being created.

It was July 2012, Spirit had been moving me to write and prophesy into national and international events as never before with great details, as was dated and posted on this website and other forums.  It had been months, I could only sleep 3-4 hours nightly, the anointing was so heavy, despite the strong opposition daily.

Around late June 2012, I started to feel pain in my upper left chest, shoulder and across my upper abdomen.  Prayer and meditation gave me limited relief.  Then, I could barely sit up straight in my chair at the desk, due to the pressure below my ribs on the right side.  Plus, I could not shake this feeling of death around me.  To add to that, one of my spiritual mothers from the Crow Indian nation, Theo Ascensio called from Washington State.  She’s a visionary, she was awakened out of  a vision-dream shouting to me, “You better not die!!”  It was so real to her, she had called to confirm that I was yet alive, she said.

Shortly after that, around late June or early July 2012, Shirley Kellogg in Washington State emailed me  or messaged me of a dream.  It was something about me in a shower being washed and the Father said, “Well done my son.”  At the time I  received this message, it brought joy and encouragement. However, toward the end of July my mind began to re-interpret or question the messages meaning based on  fear of news that was given to me then.

It was July 22, 2012 – the Sun was moving from Cancer to Leo, a fire sign, and  I was about to experience the fire at a different level.  I had gone back and forth with the idea of going to the Emergency Room.  Eye did not feel the problem was my heart, but I knew something was really wrong.  My good friend  Dr. Patrick Fraser, had finally convinced me to at least go and get checked out, after over a  few weeks of talking.



It was a hot day, I was perspiring as I stood at the emergency counter describing my reason for being there.  Because my face was visibly yet wet with perspiration in the air conditioned building, they thought I might be having a heart attack and check me out immediately.  It didn’t take long for them to called in a room full of other doctors in to look at my EKG/ECG.  A barrage of questions were being asked, and I was not experiencing anything they were looking for.  Finally, they told me what the commotion was about.  My T-waves were inverted, they did not go up as they do on most people. Downward T-waves are a sign of heart attack or some other major heart problem.

I tried to calm them down by truthfully telling them that since I was a child, it was told to me that my T-waves go down instead of up – that’s normal for me.  Furthermore, I explained that I am not from here and I am on a different frequency than the masses on this planet.   : ) The room became quite, all the doctors chatter stopped, as they turned around to look at me, as I was smiling.  Okaaayyy, I better rephrase that before they shoot me up with drugs and put me in psychiatric care, I thought.  So I changed my story and told them I am from here (we are not of this world), but it is true that it had been discovered long ago my T-waves are inverted, even though I have never had heart problems.   In the midst of all this attention and commotion, all the pain was gone and there was no pressure in my chest anymore.

After X-rays they told me they found something suspicious and needed me to stay overnight to do more test and stress test also the next day.  It appeared that I was suffering from Exhaustion and Stress, but that was not the worst of it, which would be revealed the next day.   I settled into my room, number 2317.   2317=13, which on the one hand represents rebellion.  I pondered on what the rebellion might be in my life.  On the other hand, 13 is a Master number representing Initiation, Overcoming.   The drugs were working and working good to help me relax.  The floor appeared to be rolling the bed was inviting me.  I called our friend Lori to give her instructions, since I’d be away for a day, I thought.  She told me she was happy that I was on drugs and having a break from the kids.


It seems like Father was using the chest and arm pains just to get  me into the hospital.  July 23, 2012, I was hoping to go home-they had me fasting all day, which was no problem and testing me, Ultra Sound, EKG, blood, urine, etc.  Finally, the Hospitalist came in, Dr. Chewy, an Asian man, middle-age, with a very concerned look on his face.  He was accompanied by his assistant and a nurse that rubbed my feet, comforting me, as he talked to me.   Dr. Chewy began to use his hands to describe what he was saying, and in  heavy accented words  He spoke of  a Tumor that was 6 cm and others that were widespread.  His exaggerated description using his hands gave the idea that my whole abdomen and part of my chest area was covered.  (This was not totally accurate)  But the most serious one he stated was the larger one that was sitting on very important blood vessels and a vein that could cause a blood-clot anytime.  For this reason he explained we have been giving you medicine to prevent clotting.  He explained to me how lucky I was to catch this, but we had to determine if the tumors were malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous). I interrupted and said,“They are benign.”   He went on to say, we don’t know that as I repeated with authority, “They Are Benign-Non Cancerous”  As He left the room and said he would have the surgeon, Dr. Hillman come in to speak with me,  I thanked him for the information.

By this time, I was wondering if I had stepped into the twilight zone, while fighting the negative thoughts that came with a diagnosis like this.   What would happen to my boys??  The nurse and the other doctor stayed a few minutes talking.  But the images of Dr. Chewy’s hands moving erratically across the front of his body to describe my condition, replayed again and again in my mind, causing their voices to seem to fade into emptiness.

Dr. Hillman, a skilled surgeon entered the room.  The comforting nurse began to massage me again as he spoke.  He reiterated  the grave concern of the tumors, especially the larger one on my pancreas.  He explained in doctors terms the importance of removing it immediately from this particular blood vessel.  He told me it would be a very invasive “radical surgery” because the position was hard to get to.   Later, when I talked with him again, he told me he could not guaranteed I would wake up, but he was sure they’d probably have to damage healthy organs to get it out.


Dr. Hillman began to ask me a series of questions.  Have you ever been around or worked around nuclear waste? Have you been exposed to radiation in large amounts?  I had to not be totally honest, for the sake of standing in faith.  I softly said, “No.”   My mind went back to my days in western Siberia, Russia, during the early part of 2000’s.  Some of my greatest meetings where we saw notable miracles and experienced the supernatural daily, were in that region. 

While on that trip, I learned that very few American ministers had gone there at the time and none that looked like me. German ministers rarely came there.  “Why?” I naively asked.  The city of Asbest was named after the Asbestos mines.   Furthermore, old broken down Soviet Nuclear Reactors were there in the region also, leaking into the water and grounds throughout that area.  It was heavily guarded back then, going through several check point to enter the towns and cities where the leaky Nuclear Reactors were.  Many of the young men had lost teeth and had bald spots, the young women were prone to multiple miscarriages or still births.  Many people had tumors on their face and body.  The brothers often teased me and told me, “when you go back to America, you will glow green due to the radiation contamination.” I did not care, my life was not my own and we just laughed.  Plus, we saw many miracles of tumors instantly disappearing or decreasing over time; many miracle childbirths over the several times of going there.  Many of them named their miracle sons Ivan (John), after me.

As Dr. Hillman asked all the questions about radiation exposure, my mind went back to western Siberia, cities like Yekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, (near Kazakhstan) and many other smaller town (Prison Towns), where Christians were held in Concentration Camps.  I was privileged to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God with signs and miracles in many of those places and saw many people repent and turn to the Living God; including atheists.  (I can not say for sure, the exposure in that area was the cause of the  tumors.)

Despite his questions jogging my memory of  living in the supernatural and me denying exposure, the thoughts inspired by fear began to manifest.  After he left the room, I called (3) people who I knew were people of prayer to stand with me in prayer for a miracle (Vladimir Prosperity, Dr. Patrick Fraser & Mary Aarrestad.)


I woke up with the thought:  “Laboring To Enter Into Rest.”  So many people lives end with a terminal diagnosis.  The day after begins the count down to their death sentence.  Does it have to be that way?  It was the Day After Diagnosis.  I was up early pacing the floor in prayer, as I  normally do.  While pacing the floor, Spirit drew my attention to the bold address of the medical building directly across the street.  It was 19646.  It was a message from my Father.  The Hebrew gematria for 19646 = 26  –  26 is the numeric value of YHWH – (Yahweh)In Hebrew mysticism it also means LOVE. GOD IS LOVE!!!!!    My pacing turned to a skip and soft shouting and chanting, “God Is Love!!”  Then I became curious to know the address of the building I was staying in.  I found the address 19660.  The Hebrew gematria for 19660 = 22.  22 means LIGHT.  I began to chant, “God is Light!!” As I absorbed His love and light into my being.

The lab test from the tissue they took from the tumor on my pancreas finally came back to let them know if the tumor was malignant or benign.   It was benign as Eye had stated.  The doctors were planning to do this radical surgery, within a few days…but Spirit within me gave me a strong witness not to.

A male nurse name Danny had been coming in throughout the day and had observed how upbeat I  had been since the diagnosis and could not wrap his head around why I  refuse to take it seriously.   Eye explained to Danny that most people don’t die from a disease, they die from the diagnosis of the disease.  They accept the Facts of medical technology and allow it to become their Truth.  Fear of their newly accepted Truth causes the sickness or disease to advance and fulfills the prognosis (predicted medical outcome) developed by the diagnosis.

DIAGNOSISDIA (Greek) means – apart, separate –  GNOSIS (Greek) means Knowledge, to discern, know about something.   (This knowledge has the power to cause you to prematurely separate  from your physical body=death.. Die because of knowledge (tree of knowledge).  Or, the Dia- can separate you  from the medical Gnosis (knowledge) and cause you to transcend that and tap into  esoteric Spirit knowledge in Greek- Ginosko.   Whose report will you believe??   Don’t die from your diagnosis. We are not saying don’t get a diagnosis, that information can be useful to help you overcome.   We are saying, replace Diagnosis with Ginosko.     Jesus often spoken of this experience that takes you beyond natural knowledge.  In Hebrew it is called DA’ATH.   (Get this message today



Spirit was telling me to get out of the hospital, discharge myself.  My doctors were scheduling the surgery or at least trying to get me to agree.  I believe surgery is good when it is necessary or if one feel they need it.  I have experienced that before, but this time the Holy Ghost was telling me to run from it.  The doctors refused to sign my release papers as I  waited for hours, they were explaining how serious this condition was and I should not leave.  I thanked them, but told them I must go…NOW.

Danny was back on duty, I instructed him to find Dr. Chewy or somebody to sign the release forms.  They told him they were in conference and would not be available for hours.  When Danny came back and saw me fully dressed in street clothes, he tried to discourage me from leaving.  After they saw I was serious, they signed the released and refused to give me any medication to prevent clotting, since I refused treatment.  I don’t advise anyone to do this unless they are sure Father has told them to.  The Holy Spirit released me from the hospital, but the real battle had not yet begun.


The prophetic words I had received from Theo, “You better not die!”  and Shirley (Sissi) were resounding in my mind, especially, “Well Done…”  Did that mean my transition was near? What about my boys?   What about the ministry?  What about the message of immortality Eye had preached?  Apostle Paul and many others that are not here also preached it, believed it and yet unzipped the flesh form.  Even Jesus preached it and was murder, of course, He raised His body up again.

One way to overcome your fears is to face them. The doctors said, I should not sit long periods or fly, which could cause  blood clots.  I  was already scheduled to fly to Seattle, pick up a vehicle and drive back.  That meant driving alone over 20 hours in two days.  So I did it.  Furthermore, what about traveling to speak?  Questions bombarded my mind.  Each night for the longest time, I went to bed thinking….. and waking up in the middle of the night thankful for yet being alive.  To add to the drama fear was creating in my head… I was constantly reminded of a minister friend in his mid 50’s here in Phoenix had suddenly died a few years earlier.  He was actually the only minister I  knew well here.  He was a man of prayer and fasting and each year had me as his speaker for his Evangelistic Campaign.  It was Father’s Day, he came home from preaching, sat down and feel asleep calling on Jesus.  A blood clot had somehow formed in his leg and traveled quickly to his heart.  Within minutes he  was gone.  It is in moments like these we must practice casting down imaginations and strongholds in our thoughts, bringing them into obedience of what we are believing for.

Our society and culture is a death culture.  Death is glorified, tempted, happily welcomed and expected.  Even most churches feel their purpose is to prepare people to die, to go to heaven.  It becomes very difficult to take a stand for LIFE, when we live in a society of death and our own human body starts to agree with it.  An elevated experience awaits those who press through.

I was praying and asking  Father to give someone a clear word, anyone, since only a few people knew of this challenge.  A few months later, out of the blue, I got a call from Memphis, Tennessee.  It was a woman Eye led to the Lord as a teen-ager  and her whole family.  It had been years since I heard from her, but she somehow tracked me down with great effort, not know that I no longer lived in Canada.  God had told her to call me and pray for me, although, she did not know exactly what about.  The Holy Ghost through Sister Earleen began to bind the spirit of death and pray protection all around me, as she yelled and shouted into the phone.   God knows your address and phone number.   Aren’t you excited about the Holy Spirit?

While they were hinting at using radiation or chemo to shrink the tumors -these verses below became my meditation and medication and yet is.  Throughout the ordeal the only pharmaceutical drugs I took were the ones administered while in the hospital and the occasional Ibuprofen:  Check out my medicine.  (we realize that many people might need to depend on medicine while healing)

“Bless the Lord, Oh my soul and All that is within me … forget not ALL His benefits.  Who forgives all thine iniquities; who heals all thy diseases.   Psalms 103:1-3

“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.”  Psalms 118:17

“I have come that you might have LIFE…”  John 10:10

“Your appointment with death will be canceled, And your pact with the grave will not stand…”  Isaiah 28:18

Realizing the prophetic verse in Isaiah could mean other things than the context it was written in, I took it for a personal rhema word for me.  Could we have made an agreement before we came here to expire on a certain date?  Yes, I believe that and have taught that for years.  However, added revelation was coming.  Spirit was stirring in me that even though we may have contracted for certain things before coming into this physical form, which were all geared toward our spiritual evolution…ie life lessons, experiences, positive encounters or hardships…they could be re-contracted.  It is okay to break some appointment or even demand a new contract.

Eye saw in the spirit realm how we could in consciousness go back and cancel or edit a predestined script we had agreed to, making the old script null and void.  Eye saw how this works for every aspect of life and that it would even change DNA frequencies.   We do this often when we operate in the supernatural, but often not with intent or knowledge, realizing we have a legal right.

If you are reading this message and have been given a death sentence in the form of a medical diagnosis, you don’t have to accept it.  “By His stripes we are healed.”   Began to think and dwell on the instances where you were saved from death and how the Almighty brought you out.  He can do it again.

I began to remind myself of all the many near death experiences over the years that I was aware of and thank Him for those I was not aware of.  Father seems to have placed me in dangerous areas to minister over the years.  A few of the extreme cases are, missing  a bus on (2) occasions that was literally blown up by  bombs.  Once in the Philippines on the Island of Luzon and once in Maykop, Adygea- a small Muslim state of Russia.  Another time was missing a train in South Ossetia -Vladikavkaz region region near  Chechnya. (My team and  I were not the target, it was terrorism, but the enemy knew who we were)

I continued to remind Father of the many dangerous and deadly experiences He had delivered me out of, where even  guns were involved.   David said, “Forget Not ALL His Benefits.”


Then he said, “You will undoubtedly quote me this proverb: ‘Physician, heal yourself’–meaning, ‘Do miracles here in your hometown like those you did in Capernaum.’  Luke 4:23

It was now many days after the diagnosis.   Over the years, I’d  been a source for helping others find healing through natural cures along with prayer.  I  started on the 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol  along with High Concentrated Vitamin C orally and Fasting. ( Also various other natural things)

I went on line to find a Naturopath doctor and connected with one.  I  explained that just over a year ago while having a physical examination nothing was detected and the doctors felt it was  fast growing tumors.  (Deep inside I also felt there was a spiritual aspect to this)  She happened to not only be a Naturopath, but also very intuitive.  She told me straight forward, “Something is going on in a relationship that’s creating stress and that’s the root cause of this fast growth on the energetic  and emotional levels.  Do you want to tell me what’s going on?” she asked.    For the next 45 minutes, I mostly talked and she listened.  Not only was I struggling with  diagnosis of a  potentially terminal physical condition, but also a terminal relationship being used to try to destroy the ministry.   I started high dosage of Vitamin C intravenously, once a week…for the physical condition, and told myself I  would not allow emotional buttons to be pushed.

Early part of 2013.   Every sickness or disease has an energetic connection and once that or those emotions have been dealt with, healing can manifest.    After 6 month, I went for another CAT Scan, expecting the tumors to be gone or much smaller.  The good news was, they had stop growing and their was no change, the doctor said.  That Was Not Good News For Me!!!!  I wanted them gone, after all, I had seen so many miracles before for others.  This became like Leviathan the Roller Coaster. There were very few people I could share exactly what was going on with me, due to other dynamics taking place on a more sinister level.

I found out about Southwest College of  Naturopathic Medicine, they were willing to give me a higher dosage of Vitamin C. I desired 100 grams as my research suggested, but most places in Arizona will only do 50 – 75 grams  – I got 75  g  for a period of time. On my way to one of my appointments the number 53 kept coming up.  Intuitively, Eye asked my doctor if there was a gene that controls tumors by suppressing them or allowing them to grow.  She was surprised at my question since she was researching the exact subject.  She said, “Yes, it is called TP-53.”   That evening my GPS exit was #53 and I  had received a check for exactly $53, I knew it was not coincidence.  Find the details of  my TP53 experience/message here ~~  

Delayed does not necessarily mean denied.  Again, 6 months later or there about, there was yet no change.  Amazingly, the only symptom I had was the pressure when I sat up straight.  The medical doctor that came to examine me walked into the room with my chart, turned around and walked back out, to only come back in.  From looking at the chart he expected a frail, sickly looking man.  He came very close and looked at me intently, asking me to verify the information on his chart.  He said, “You don’t look like someone I should be seeing.”  I told him that I was there for him and explained that I am a sign.

 That was to be my last time seeing those doctors at the hospital to have them read results of Scans, MRI, etc.  At that point I had received all the information needed.   Plus, I had had more than enough radiation for several life times with the CAT Scan every 6 months.


After years of me pursuing ministers and professional counselors throughout the Phoenix area for biblical marriage counseling, to heal what had been diagnosed by many as terminal; It Flat Lined……After she became a US citizen.

Sorry to have to report this part of my human experience, which happens to be a part of my evolution.  Some of you were aware of major problems and had been praying with me over the years…but yet not aware that the divorce had taken place.  At this time I am led to release this information publicly.  It should not be used in any way as an excuse for others to make any relationship decisions.  This kind of explains why I have not able to be very active in traveling ministry over the past several years.    

If arrows are not being shot at you at some point, you are not a threat to the kingdom of darkness.   God is good. God is Love.

My boys have been with me 70-80% of the time and happy, yet home schooled and healthy.    “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”    Your prayers are welcomed.


I made a conscious decision to live my life peaceably and as Stress Free as possibly, but there are forces and people that choose to live in negativity and enjoy infected others with their poison.   The roller coaster gyrations were becoming nauseating.  It was 2014, Years After Diagnosis, and my medical report was the same…Until Late 2014.

I could not feel the huge tumor on my pancreas that caused discomfort when I sat up straight anymore.  I had done my best not to preoccupy my mind with it.  At the clinic, the doctor conducting the physical exam, pressing my stomach could no longer feel anything there.  It would appear that the energetic and emotional ties to the tumor that was killing me had been severed legally (pon intended) and it (they) had to wither and die.

The view at the pinnacle of this Leviathan is absolutely  breathtaking, but in order for this roller coaster to completely stop, it has to go down the steep hill with jerks and turns once more.

2015 – 3 Years After Diagnosis   –  My physical condition…Divine Health…And Symptom Free.  But 2015 was probably the worse year of my life (NOT PHYSICALLY).  God is Faithful!!

Father had told me I would go through these experiences of fire and not be burned, nor the smell of smoke would be detected on me.  People would be shocked if they knew the whole story, which only a small amount of people do.

I must give a shout out and thanks to my favorite Pastors in the whole world, Pastors Floyd and Mae Beecham of Minneapolis – They prayed me through some very very dark times.  Without the prayers of the righteous, I would probably be on Prozac or something similar, sitting in a corner counting my fingers and coming up with 3… Or, something even worse.

Disembark the Leviathan and EXIT to the right.

“To you who are troubled (pressed hard, in tribulation, in trouble, constricted, afflicted and in distress), rest (anesis – anacin – loosen up, relax, take ease, chill out) with us…”  2 Thessalonians 1:7

If you are suffering or have been given a diagnosis (physically, financially, relationship), things can change for you-when there is agreement with Truth.  Your diagnosis can be your Life Sentence.  The Greek word used in 2 Thessalonians 1:7 for REST is anesis, we get the word ANACIN from it.  We are being encouraged to take a pill (anacin), a Gos-pel.  Ingest the living words of the Almighty and loosen up, take it easy, chill out.  Take the focus off of your problem and look to Him.  Your roller coaster is coming to a complete stop.


Order of Melchizedek

(PS Some were concerned if I had cancer, sorry I did not make it clearer…The Answer Is, NO.  The tumors were benign (non-cancerous).  Thank God.   This is ONLY a testimony of what Father brought me through…Not what I am experiencing now. I am healed. Praise God)




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  1. I thank God , his son Jesus and the Holy Ghost ! You have been so supportive , spiritually and as a dear brother in Christ . Things we have learned as you shared are too numerable to count . This message is so timely ,I will share it with others and absorb it myself . Thank you got sharing and may you continue to grow and live long and prosperous .

    • Thanks. Amen

  2. Thank you John for your courage and faith in the One who Alone sustains us. He holds all things together…our lives and destinies. His plans will not be severed…it will come Forth!

    • Amen!!

  3. Thank you John for your transparency!!!
    Thank you yet again for an amazing article – still catching my breath from vicariously taking the ride with you as I read it all.

    • Blessings.

  4. Thank you for sharing this word with us. I love reading your personal testimonies. They are so inspiring and uplifting. Your ministry has changed the entire course of my life and I will forever be grateful. You are a magnificent man of the most high and your light is so bright. God bless you and your household and this wonderful ministry!!!

    • Thank you, blessings

  5. Brother John, Man of God. My family been praying for peace and comfort in your home. Blessings in Jesus name. Eye thank God for your life. You have much more places to go…. u can only live and prosper. Hallelujah Glory to God the Most High!!!!!!!

    • Yes, it is true!!!


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