Divine Numerology – Audio

Divine Numerology – Audio

In year 2009, I was invited to speak at a School of Prophets with some other well known Prophets and Apostles.  One of the subjects I was asked to speak on was, Divine Numerology.  This messages is an introduction to Biblical Numerology and one of the methods Spirit has taught me to prophesy with accuracy into global events.

This audio clip has been place in a Youtube format.  (My brother Khalid feels we need to catch up with technology, we will do more of this and eventually video.)  As most of our messages, this is for the serious Bible student, those who hunger for the esoteric meanings of things.  In this messages, Eye share some of the hidden meanings behind Master Numbers based on Hebrew gematria, numerology as played out in world events.  To go even deeper, Eye share mythology as related to the human body or divine metaphysics.  Everything in the universe prophesy, even the organs in your body declare the glory and restoration to come.

Every major “accurate” news event is layered with the prophetic for those who have eyes to decipher and see.   The prophetic message spoken in 2009 is relevant for today.  May this insight serve as clues and impartation to unleash a greater level of the prophetic in you.

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel that’s being created – Age To Age Ministries Int’l.  There are about (2) more messages there from conferences last year, “The Journey” & “Jacob’s Luz Experience.”  check them out.

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