DNA Conference Update

DNA Conference Update

Highlights From DNA Activation Conference


May 23, 2014 was the launch date for Age To Age Ministries Int’l in Phoenix, AZ.   Just over 7 years ago the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly to sell my home in Washington and to move here.  We blindly obeyed, not knowing anyone here and have waited to see the promised fulfilled, which was spoken at that time.  In the meantime, most of the ministry, speaking engagements have been away from here. It was just a week ago we had a glorious gathering of 6 meetings that seemed to merged into one continuous meeting over the past weekend and into the middle of this week.   We were blessed to have people come from as far as Canada and Hawaii.  It was also a blessing to see  some of my spiritual sons and daughters that I mentored many years ago.  In this update, we will feature several short testimonials of some of the speakers and those who exhorted the Body in love.  The Presence was very strong and expectancy was very high from beginning to end.  Eye spoke on Friday night, Saturday Morning, Evening and Sunday afternoon.


Susan Chin from Seattle (area), Washington shared a powerful word of exhortation on Saturday evening and exhorted us to continue to hunger for more of God and reminded us that we are overcomers.  Actually, it was after the meetings were officially finished,  on Monday over lunch she ministered to us under a heavy prophetic anointing for nearly 2 hours mostly to Zobia.   Susan is an Evangelist and Prophetess of the Most High God, and also business owner.  She travels to Asia frequently and speaks wherever Father opens a door.  God uses her to build faith and demonstrate His power.  (Feel free to contact her for ministry-email address below)  Here’s a testimonial she want to share:

dna conference


In early year of 2002 when I met Prophet John Lewis in Seattle, WA.  I was only 3 yrs old as a Believer of Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit.  I was so hungry and thirsty of the Word of God, as a new believer of Christ I need more guidance, understanding and wisdom.  I wanted more of God, at that time it seems no one really taking me seriously.  I had experienced  put downs and I felt no one really understood my emotions and my love to our God our Creator.  It was not until one of the sisters from the  Messianic Synagogue invited me to go to one John’s  meeting in West Seattle, WA.  She gave me hints that is not a like other meetings I had attended.  She shared a little bit what  happens when they come in to worship in Spirit and Truth.  Hearing this I felt my body already wanted to jump.  I was very excited and couldn’t wait to go to Bible study or prayer meeting.  I found out on my first visit was more than I expected.  I got delivered, I got healed emotionally, and experienced the presence of God.  The Glory of God was so real and amazing.  I got prophesied to by Prophet John and it came to pass, every word that was spoken.  Since that time, I attended regularly until he moved to Arizona.  He became my mentor, my spiritual father.  I did not experienced any judgment, but pure love from our God.  Every meeting was Glory after Glory.  I got to see people delivered and healed in these meetings.
Since John and his family moved to Arizona, I had lost contact for many yrs. But once in awhile I visited the website of Age to Age Ministries Int’l.  When I’ve found out that there will be a conference and he will speak and other guest speakers,  I strongly believe the Lord want me to go.  Immediately I bought a ticket for me and for my friend.  Surely the conference Rocked, it was awesome, the Glory of God manifested.  The amazing part was the Holy Spirit called me to speak, I shared my testimony and God wants to let his people know that we are overcomer.  It was so powerful and amazing, tangible moved by the Holy Spirit.  My friend Nida from Hawaii was amazed because she witness the works of the Holy Spirit.  We are transformed in different level knowing who we really are before God.   Life changes for us.  We are so blessed and can stop worshiping God and prophesying to speak life to one another and to other people.    God is so Alive and God is so good!!      (susanqchin@gmail.com)
I met George many years ago when I lived in Canada. He came into a meeting where I was speaking and Spirit spoke to me about him and gave him a word that interrupted his life plans and set him onto the path of his destiny.  A few years later I met Rhonda who would later become George’s wife, I baptized her and her household (family members).   George is from the Saulteaux Indian tribe, his father is an Englishman and his wife Rhonda is from the Cree Indian nation.  They minister faithfully in the uttermost parts of northern Canada in remote communities.  In these communities there is lots of negative occultism, alcoholism and high suicide rates, but we are seeing the Light overcome the darkness as more people are made aware of who they are.   Evangelist George & Rhonda Bird ministers with great compassion and see lots of deliverance and healing in their ministry.  We ordained George & Rhonda through Age To Age Ministries to do what they already do.   The paper is only to satisfy Caesar (government), they were ordained before the foundation of the world.  Evangelist George & Rhonda Bird shares their experience at the DNA Conference.  (Feel free to contact them to share or help support their work -info after their testimony)
Greetings to all and Blessings to all who read this; I, George met Prophet John many years ago, and had just come to the Lord. Prophet John mentored me as we travelled and missioned the far north regions of Manitoba & Ontario, Canada. Most of these remote regions were only Fly in communities and inaccessible. Taking the ministry to places where they never heard of Christ or never wanted the Gospel in their communities,  due to former bad experiences. We witnessed many miracles and witnessed many people change their lives.
My wife Rhonda and I still travel to the northern remote regions of Manitoba taking the ministry of the Kingdom of God to the First Nations People in Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan Canada. We have had the opportunity to work with many of the churches and continue to see people change their lives around.
We were TRULY and AMAZINGLY BLESSED when we attended the DNA Activation Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  It was not only a holiday for us, but also a refreshing and refilling of the Holy Spirit. Filling us both with new knowledge and a new message to share with Gods People. While at the conference I heard many people saying they were so HUNGRY!! and we felt the same. The Holy Spirit was so strong during the whole conference. Even while we were on lunch break I would break down crying, as I felt the Spirit of the Lord come down on me.
My husband George requested that Prophet John ordain us while we were there. The ordination ceremony was very POWERFUL and Anointing as the Prophet prayed his blessings onto both George and I and Words of Knowledge, and encouragement, speaking into the future came from Prophet John, Apostle Andrea, and the rest of the team from Indiana. Since we attended the DNA Activation Conference,  we continue to witness the after affects of the of the anointing followed us around.
We went for lunch with Prophet John and his family, Sister Suzanne from Seattle and her friend Nida from Hawaii.  Sister Suzanne prophesied throughout the lunch and when we drove back to the Hotel there was more praying as the Spirit took over, she prophesied to both George and I.
Another experience, When we were leaving Prophet John`s place after visiting him and his family, we were saying our goodbyes at the door and a rod of lightening came down from the sky! right in the middle of us. Zobia was further back and saw the flash of light also and thought we were taking pictures.  This was not a vision,  it was dark out and we all saw the bolt of lightning flash between  us.  I am waiting to read what it was or what it meant on John`s Blog.
During the DNA Activation Meditation/Workshop, Prophet John told us that we would start to have dreams, visions and other experiences.  I never used to dream or if I did, I don’t usually recall dreams. I have been dreaming constantly since the activation,  seeing visions and hearing Spirit speaking to me in a clear voice that I am able to hear. When we were leaving John`s house the last night we were there as we were praying I say a vision of San Diego (I`ve never been there) but Spirit spoke and said that was what I saw. Brother John confirmed that he was planning another conference there in the Fall season.   George is seeing similar visions, he shared that while looking at himself in the mirror, he saw his face change right before him.   Please keep us in your prayers as we seek to reach our First Nations tribes in the remote regions of the north with this gospel of God’s Kingdom and grace.  All Our Love; George and Rhonda Bird  (rbuffalo@hotmail.com)
I refer to Minister Delicia Smith from Los Angeles, CA as the High Priestess.  She attended one of our conferences in Seattle about a decade ago after studying on our website.  In her words, “I have been messed up ever since.”  It has been awesome watching her evolution and over the past year her involvement with our School of Prophets in San Diego.  She has overcome fears of stepping outside the boundaries of religion and limited concepts about Creator God.   She spoke on Saturday afternoon and took many to a place in understanding the Bigness of Father that they had not considered.  She has been given a revelation on “Altering your life by building an Altar.”   Creating a “sacred space” in your home can be very powerful.
High Priestess Delicia built a huge Altar and allowed the congregants to contribute, fruit, seed, branches, photos of loved ones, stones or anything.  She taught on the symbolism and how her home has become a place of continual communion, worship and spiritual activity.  A month prior to the conference Eye had contacted a local Pastor asking him to attend, not realizing he performs Mime.  He performed a powerful Mime called “Jesus is real.”  He confirmed the message by sharing how God had told him to build an Altar in his home since he was recently released from prison.  (Amazing how anyone can make a false accusation to turn your life upside down and have you spend money and time trying to prove your innocence while being locked up- disgruntle religious people can be a pain).     High Priestess Delicia on the left and her friend Marilyn from LA.  (Minister Delicia can be contacted for speaking @ the address below)
Firstly, I want to give thanks to God for you and Zobia,  for your loving-kindness and preparing for us a sacred dwelling place to worship, fellowship, prophesy, heal, learn and shift!  I’ve been trying to write to you figure out how to express the paradigm shift in my consciousness since I’ve returned back to Los Angeles and I cannot even sum-IT up for truly, the seasons have changed – HALLELU-YAH,-HALLELU-YAH, GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH!
It’s been only a few days since we were all assembled together fellowshipping, worshiping and learning from Prophet John about the 7-BODIES,  DNA strands and the 97% alien DNA discoveries in science and how it relates to ancestry of JESUS and man… and I am still sharing and basking in the GLORY of GOD and the LOVE.  I am still overwhelmingly amazed at the LOVE we all shared and I truly feel plugged into POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  For the first time in my life and not through the media channels, I heard the WORD OF GOD FLOW THROUGH HIS PEOPLE like the RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS!  The GLORY, the GLORY, I still HEAR sounding like a gong in my spirit as it was UTTERED through the Apostle Andrea’s voice about the GLORY OF GOD in how the BODY OF CHRIST has been given all things that pertain to LIFE AND GODLINESS (2 Peter 1-9) and your teaching on DNA confirmed the HOLY SCRIPTURES.
God sent the Pastor to share his testimonies of the ALTAR and how his life was altered at the altar.. the words and prophecies spoken and the seeds planted have embodied me and I know they have taken root because I am not the same and have been transformed and blessed with more of the CHRIST within manifesting.  During the DNA meditation/workshop, the word of God that you spoke and administered during very loving SOUND BATH you gave to all of us took me to the Pool of Bethesda and when GOD STIRRED you up to move  upon the waters for us, you created for us a healing pool of water through SOUND WAVES!  The heat of fire that rose up in my belly, something moved because it has resurrected me into a new paradigm in my mind and spirit.
the altar
The gathering of the saints edifying and loving and sharing with one another, laying at the altar and breaking bread and partaking of the LORD’S SUPPER, I honestly felt like I was a part of a living epistle.  The blessings and abundance of open doors I’ve walked into since I’ve come back to Los Angeles is overwhelming and MY CUP RUNNETH OVER… and the LOVE and connecting with other BROTHERS AND SISTERS from other regions and parts of the world has also expanded the compass of my horizons and feel LINKED-IN to my CHURCH family in the earth. I am honored and truly give thanksgiving to THE MOST HIGH for the spiritual buffet you prepared for us! All, I can say at this moment is TRANSFORMATION AND TRANSFIGURATION!
PS – I am deeply appreciative for you giving me the opportunity to share my experience at the altar with everyone. It is something I will never forget and for this I am also forever changed and thank you for supporting me through my development and growth. Please tell Zobia that I want to talk to her when she has time because I want her to know how she blessed me with food for 2 days without even knowing that I didn’t even have money for food and I had brought nuts and fruit with me to eat. I know GOD is REAL and FAITHFUL and has BLESSED me mightily. I am still amazed that upon my return, I received a call from my employment agency to start working on Monday at a real estate firm and a couple a weeks ago, the sign came before my eyes while driving and it read, ” I C Realty” and I said, okay, I am going to a real estate office and that begins on Monday!  HALLELU-YAH! GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!
I was honored to finally make contact with Apostle Andrea Williams last year after hearing of her for some time and finding out that she frequented our website.  I was invited as one of the guest speakers at her New Year 2014 Prophetic Conference in Fishers, Indiana.  There was a connection right away.  She was able to confirm and see prophetically Father’s plan to launch Age To Age Ministries in the Phoenix area.  Months later, when I told her that I would be taking a step of faith (since we are yet not connected to a group of people here) to host a conference, she felt she had to be here to stand with us in spirit.
Apostle Andrea and her prophetic team  of  Pastor Robyn, & Minister Calvin ministered Sunday morning, she “rocked the house,”  with a word on the Divine Nature & Glory.   She preached under a heavy anointing, bringing the meeting to a new dimension.  Afterwards she and her prophetic team prophesied accurate words, confirming many prophetic words that Eye had given to individual the night before, when she was not there.
Apostle Andrea is the founder of Ebenezer International Ministries, Fishers, Indiana.  She travels throughout the nations of the world, training, nurturing and equipping saints for their Kingdom assignment. She is sought after for her apostolic mentorship and prophetic gifting.   Thanks for blessing us and depositing the word of the Lord that will change the region.
Apostle Andrea

I have arrived home from the DNA Activation Conference hosted by Prophet John Lewis and ATAM.

There was much that happened and I have been reflecting on how powerful and intentional our God is.

Prophet Lewis shared God has a covenant with humanity and is re-connecting us to our original DNA through Jesus Christ.

DNA is the blueprint of life and if we want to know what our life is intended to be, we must read the DNA.

I am still contemplating on all that happened during the meetings,  as the atmosphere was charged with the presence of the Lord. I saw lives changed and people healed physically and emotionally as God moved among us.

God is doing something very special in Phoenix as was evidenced by the people who came from various places across the country and out of the country to be there.

I don’t know or pretend to know all that God is doing in that region or in the people who attended the meeting, but what I do know is that it is only the beginning; and I am looking forward to more.

If you are in the Fishers, Indiana area contact the Woman of God to find out times of their gathering.  (apostleandrea@gmail.com)


We thank all of those who came and experienced what we call God.  The locals that we met for the first time, others that we knew and those who traveled from various places.  Thanks for your contribution into mass consciousness, bringing us closer to “critical mass”  when enough will have been enlightened to cause a global paradigm shift..in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye all DNA will become activated.

We expect to have our MP3 and Product Store open by the end of next week.  We are hoping to have the audio from all the 6 meetings available.  It will be announced, keep checking the website.  We are a royal priesthood of the order of Melchizedek, Zobia, my (2) princes & Eye.

family DNA conference

Here’s my homie, Mary Lou & Zobia –    Some people experiencing, making music, contributing or communing around the Altar.

MaryLou Zobia     aroud the altar

Enjoy this song that became sort of the theme song for the meeting.

We will begin meetings in June on a Saturday evenings, the date will be announced on our Home Page.  Our intent is to share the revelation of Jesus the Christ and the Kingdom of God through Divine metaphysic, the prophetic sciences and manifestation of Spirit  to build a Mystery School, a Temple of Light … it does not yet appear what it share be… but we know it will be like Him.  Keep this in your prayers.  We are yet rebuilding our website-learn to navigate through the new system, its going to be awesome in a few week.  We are yet adding pages to the new system, be patient.

Order of Melchizedek

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