DNA Overwrite

DNA Overwrite

 JUNE 12, 2012

“I will open my mouth… I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.” Matthew 13:35

We have come to another very important set of dates for year 2012. These can also be called “shift dates” due to the movements and alignments of the heavens. JUNE 14 – 17, 2012 will create a shift in consciousness and much more. Knowing the times and seasons are very important as we come to the close of one age and the opening of another. Prepare yourself to receive.

For many years, we have revealed how the movements of the heavens and Solar Flares would assist with the next stage of our evolution from humans to Gods (Elohims). Psalms 82:6 John 10:34 – In Biblical terminology, the Apostle Paul called it; being “changed from glory to glory,” “clothed with our house from heaven”, “knowing even as we are known” and “putting on immortality.”

All of the ancient prophets and sages of every culture spoke about an event or series of events that would lead humans to being restored back to that Edenic state of consciousness. Jesus and others said, “ye are gods.” We have now come to a very important time in history and we are experiencing a series of events that’s forcing, if you will, the evolution of mankind and also the planet. It is very important that we live in the present moment with intent, so that we may capture the frequencies being broadcast from the heavens.

We have just recently come through a series of very powerful celestial dates and have experienced energies and events in the heaven that hasn’t taken place in 26,000 years. It is not by coincidence that the year 2012 is jammed packed with phenomenal astronomical events. Jesus and the prophets all told us that the signs would be in the Sun, Moon, stars (constellations) and that we should look for them. “Do you know the laws of the universe and how the heavens influence the earth?” GOD – Job 38:33


For over 6000 years the DNA of humans and everything on the planet has been suppressed, and this has been by design and no fault of humans. From the records of Genesis chapter 3, the Serpent around the Tree of Knowledge (technology) of Good and Evil, we know that represents the DNA record keeper of humanity and the planet. Adam and Eve lost their light-body as a result of the Genesis 3 encounter, which was a metaphor for genetic manipulation. Their original DNA, chromosomes and genetic markers language codes were disrupted and reprogrammed and their genetic sequences were thrown off. Therefore, they “missed the mark”– this is the definition for “sin” from the Greek New Testament.

The ultimate pay or results for sin (missing the genetic marker) is physical death. All of creation has miss the “genetic marker” and fallen short of the glory we once expressed. Genetic markers are genes or DNA sequences with known locations on the chromosome. They determine life, longevity, health, disease, poverty, hair and skin color, death etc. “For the creation has been subjected to futility (frustration), not by its choice, but because of him who subjected it upon hope. For the creation shall also be freed from the bondage of destruction into the liberty of the glory of the sons of God.” Romans 8:20-21 Aramaic Bible

ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!! Let go of the unnecessary religious guilt, condemnation and Fear. The Creator purposely lock up the sacred fire (bio-photons) within the DNA of humans for an appointed time, then it would be unleashed to lift up creation from destruction into the glorious liberty of the sons and daughters of God. The 6 days (6000 years) of toiling and futility is over, the 7th day is here. Remember the Sabbath to keep it Wholly is the command of the Creator. Enter into rest and whole-EYE-ness (holiness); without such no man can SEE God.

For over 6000 years only a very few have evolved or had the privilege to have a DNA overwrite. The rest of us use barely over 3% of our known DNA, while nearly 97% lies dormant and untapped; only accessed briefly in unique situations. Scientists call the 97% junk or alien DNA. DNA is a highly complex language of proteins, chemicals and the etheric, comprised of only (4) letters used in unlimited sequences to achieve unlimited results and manifestations. With a DNA overwrite, access would be granted to use the 97% of alien or unknown DNA we possess.


JUNE 14 – 17, 2012 – We get one step closer, as the planets and their influences are causing another shift in consciousness. Mystery particles filled with powerful data from deep within space are speeding toward Earth to interact with your DNA. Soon, all the information, all the data of your current DNA that we have carried for the past over 6000 years will be wiped and another program will come on line. The new programming will be a new sequence of coded DNA language that will hit the genetic markers on target.

This is already being seen in some as “mutated DNA.” Humans are evolving. For example, the Vietnamese girl with pyrokinesis, the ability to start fires with her mind. (Did not Elijah call down fire multiple times)? There are many other kids and young people exemplifying extreme psychic abilities worldwide (visions, healing, levitation, prophecy, word of knowledge); technological, musical and artistic abilities, etc. Some have the ability to not get sick or their body instantly repairs itself.

Our DNA base letters of ACGT original letters are YHWH, the Tetragrammon or unpronouncible name of God. These 4 letters or codes can be used in a myriad of sequences, making up the equivalent data of at least 3 billion words in the known human DNA. Each of these sacred letters (YHWH) are names and expressions of the Divine Nature becoming Activated in every cell of our being.

What’s happening starting June 14, 2012 before dawn, during the darkest hour? DNA structure was discovered in the darkest part of the cell, the nucleus. How can we know what the heavens are saying? Keep in mind, we are only saying that this is another event, another download to bring us closer to a complete overwrite of our DNA.

May 20, 2012 – we experienced the Annular Solar Eclipse, as the Pleiades aligned with the Sun, Moon and Earth. June 5,6 2012 – 16 days later we experience Venus Transit, the sign of the Son of Man coming. 24 days later, the Pleiades (Alcyone, the Central star) will be seen near the waning Moon before Sunrise, aligning with Jupiter and Venus.

dna overwrite

On Saturday morning, the 16th is when the alignment is most defined.

The Pleiades system (7 stars) is our origins, as discussed in our series SWEET INFLUENCES OF PLEIADES. Every alignment and movement of the planets of 2012 and hereafter, takes on deeper meanings because we have come to the end of a 26,000 year cycle. Jesus and the prophets called it, the end of the world (age). It is the end of the world as we have perceived it and known it.

Alcyone, the Central star of the Pleiades was believed by the ancients to be the center of the universe. It is the birthing place of all creation and how fitting it is for the Pleiades to assist with the re-birthing of all creation on Earth. The 7 sisters, 7 doves (Pleiades) led by Alcyone has joined with Venus (Love) and Jupiter (God of gods-God of Blessings) while the Sun is in Gemini (Twins), next to the waning Moon, to create One New Man – a new creation man (humanity). This is the feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot (Pleiades).

There are many messages being given, but the most important is, creation is due for a DNA overwrite. “For the creation shall also be freed from the bondage of destruction into the liberty of the glory of the sons of God.” Romans 8:21 Aramaic Bible The metaphor is given to us throughout the book of Revelation. Jesus hold the 7 stars (Pleiades) in his right hand. He walks in the midst of the 7 candlestick showing us the illuminating power of the Pleiadian consciousness during the time of great darkness at the end of the age.

Eye expect a Solar Flare to be release just before or during this 4 day DNA overwrite to assist with and accelerate the deep work being done.

(God is faithful to confirm His prophetic word, 1 day after released).




Beautiful Venus has been prominent in the evening and morning skies throughout the year and sharing powerful positives messages with us. In March, we shared a message called, POWER OF THE SEED and the conjunct of Venus and Jupiter’s meaning. There are many ways to interpret this energy; however, the Spirit wanted to deal specifically with finance and the economy.

We gave the days when the Financial Influences of this conjunct were strongest, between March 12-15. We also stated that March 13 would be the most powerful day and that the Stock Markets would reflect it. This was posted publicly 7 days before the event. March 13, 2012, as the Spirit said, the DOW soared 218 points, the Nasdaq closed at a level it had not since year 2000 and the S&P rose 25 point. Dow UP 218. The stars don’t lie, they are the Creator’s eternal cosmic prophets.

During this financially energetic window of 4-5 days, we encouraged our readers to work with the universe, as the ancients of all cultures did. We encouraged people to “KNOW WHEN TO SOW.” We received testimonial from various people that acted in faith by giving (sowing) during that time. Several people reported unexpected or unusually high income tax returns, opportunity for work opening, promotions, favor and resources to start a business, vehicle, unexpected money, etc. These all manifested within a 2 month period.

Mid April, Venus was yet so bright hanging in the evening sky that an Air Canada pilot of a 767 almost crashed. He took a noise dive to avoid crashing into what he thought was another airplane; it was Venus.

In May, Venus was yet performing in her home sign of Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the house of love, romance, relationships and money. Venus rules deep matters of the heart. Where ever your treasure is, things of value to you; there will your heart be. <5> June 5, 2012 – Venus out-did herself as she took a long slow cat walk – in vogue, strolling across the face of the Sun. Watched by billions, she exerted her powerful influence over the whole world. This was the sign of the coming of the Son of Man, that 2000 year old Bible prophecy speaks about. “Do you know the laws of the universe and how the heavens influence the earth?” Job 38:33


June 14-17, 2012 – The heavens are not only prophesying of the next phase of a DNA overwrite for humanity, it is also prophesying of ABUNDANCE. Expect things to happen in the area of finances and the financial world.

Looking at the world situation, the Economy in Europe, the soon crash of our economy in America and many other things – the natural mind questions how can this be? We are to be in this world but not of this world. The sad economic situation has no power over a true “sower.” Why? Because the Universe, God will always give seed to the sower, it is a universal law. “Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.” Genesis 26:12 One famine had ended and another famine had begun, Double Dip Recession (Economic Collapse – Depression) – yet Isaac sowed and he got a 100 fold return in that same year. He got the return because he sowed in faith. Isaac had abundance during a famine (economic collapse) and was able to help others that did not get a harvest, because they did not activate the laws of the universe. That’s the kind of God I serve and believe in.

Within 4-6 months from now everything will be changing in this country and the world, the financial system and everything will be in great transition. If you don’t know who you are and who He is, you will be trembling. Your harvest is determined by the seed you’ve sown.

WATCH THE MARKETS – June 13-15, 2012. There should be some excitement and even in the European and Asian Markets over the weekend. (The global Market sickness is unto death; even if they appear to come out of the coma for a few days-that manipulated system must crash).

VALIDATION – – The STOCK MARKET rallied JUNE 14, 2012. It closed at 12,652. It went up 155.53 Points. The Nasdaq went up 17.72 points. The S&P 500 went up 14.22 points. MARKET WATCH JUNE 14-16 The energy is highest for activating the heavens by sowing seed to receive an abundant harvest. Know when to sow.

Those that can, rise up early during one of the mornings between 14th-17th and experience Succoth, the Pleiades align with Venus and Jupiter. Venus will be performing throughout the year, assisting with abundance and many other things as we transition from the old to the new. However, she will experience something called “a death” in astrological terms, toward the end of the year. More about the death of Venus in a blog. Get excited!! Stay excited!!



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