Don’t Touch Me…

Don’t Touch Me…

Warning! This article will probably offend someone. What’s new?!! Doesn’t many of the articles on this website?

Ok, this is a sensitive subject for many people, especially those who have had the unpleasant experience of being raped, sexually assaulted, pressured or violated in anyway sexually. This goes for both male and female. My intent is not to minimize, question, or make light of any serious offense as such. May you continue to be healed, if you have not been yet from that experience and use it to empower others.

The heavens have been prophesying for some time now that we are in a time where everything will be shaken and uncovered. The political corruption and sex scandals as reflected in the TV series “House of Cards” mildly reflect the depth of the corruption of this present Administration, DC and sex craved politicians and those in the Entertainment Industry. Hurricane Harvey Weinstein introduced -uncovered the Category 4 level of Sexual Harassment, Perversion and Rape that the Political and Entertainment Industries are plagued with. Just as Hurricane Harvey in August expanded and waffled back and forth in the Gulf States, we have seen the Harvey Weinstein allegations expand to include many others.

This is manifesting in the Political & Entertainment Industry with Kevin Spacey and others. We have never seen these many sexual allegations at the same time, accounts of rape, multiple rapes, Kevin Spacey attempts to rape multiple men, and over 300 women, (not counting the growing number of men), claiming sexual misconduct from multiple political and entertainment figures. Unfortunately, there is the religious storm of accusations coming that we spoke about in the 5778 New Year Prophetic Post. Then you will have the 3 hurricanes (political, entertainment, religious) storms of scandal moving at the same time.

(I am so tempted to chase this astrological rabbit trail to see how far it goes, due to time constraints; I will only mention this. Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac, ruling the 8th part of the human body, the Sexual Organs/Genitals. It is the sign of sexual desire, creativity, creation and holds the power of birth (life) and death. Anthony Rapp, a SCORPIO, born 10/26/1971 – broke the story with accusations against Kevin Spacey, a LEO-rules the Heart, relationships, passion, October 29; while the Sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio is the keeper of secrets – the Sun illuminating the house of Scorpio is the revealer of secrets; especially, sexual secrets. Everything on the planet and every action is governed by the heavens and there are no coincidences.)

Is anyone surprised that Politics or Hollywood is filled with Pedophiles, Perverts, Rapists, and Beastiality? Everyone has heard of the famous “Casting Couch.” Many of the contracts are determined by how well one performs on the “casting couch” and keep their mouth closed, male or female. This even goes for much of the Music Industry. Have you looked at who controls Hollywood, Entertainment and the Media Industries? I will also add the Political and Religious Industries/Corporations have also been hi-jacked by them. Their Talmud that’s read every Sabbath gives them permission to commit such lewd acts with no shame. Have you read it yet?? Of course, we are not saying this is limited to one religious group, we find people in all religions or political parties guilty of these acts. Further, we are not saying that “everyone” in Hollywood or the other industries mentioned agree with or practice such behavior.

Besides the Sun in the house of Scorpio, why are we being bombarded at this time with SEX? Why are we being programmed to become super sensitive about sexual harassment and being forced to analyze every touch from the opposite sex or same sex? Can you see what Eye see? There is a hidden agenda here:

#1 – This huge leak could not be happening, unless someone ALLOWED it. Yes, we thank God that pedophilia is being exposed, rape, and sexual misconduct. The most powerful men in Hollywood would not be allowing this unless, they had a hidden agenda. You must remember, these are the people that shape human consciousness, especially in America. They tell you who to love, how to love, what is trendy, how to dress, what to eat, who to hate, what is good for you, what is bad…they control you. It’s Mind Control through your TV Programming Machine. Further, the CIA and other government entities feed them what to program you with in the form of arts and entertainment.

What you are seeing in the media regarding these accusations is mostly real…in a sense; but it is a huge DISTRACTION from the bigger pictures. One of the bigger pictures is the Global Human Trafficking – Child Sex Slave Ring(s) owned and controlled by Hollywood and Political elites. The raids and arrests you see periodically across the country and outside the country is for the most part, getting rid of the competition. These are low level perverts, some just hustlers, in for the money. This is to pretend that your tax dollars are working hard to uncover and STOP this, they offer you a carrot or carrots, or scapegoats to distract you. How often do you see stories of these unfortunate kids returned to their families? Rarely. Whose to say that many of these same kids are not just transferred to the elites’ global sex rings, protected by elements of the CIA and other agencies. When you see people in the White House, Washington D C and Billionaire Entertainment Moguls being led out of their secret Sex Retreats, Castles, Mansions and Yachts in chains, then you will know that something is really happening.

#2 – The PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Distress -Syndrome. I was reading with great skepticism about several of Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and many other perpetrators “victims” that “suffered” PTSD from a brief encounter. A few male “actors” had to go into therapy, because Spacey touched them inappropriately, while they are out drinking – “he grabbed my whole package,” stated one yet suffering man. Some of the women who encountered Weinstein’s sexual advances or him disrobing himself had to have therapy also and suffers PTSD. (Hmm, I could possibly see how the sight of his naked body might…Plus, he being obese…he’s probably not seen his own manhood in decades..outside of a mirror.)

Something is not adding up. A grown man, in that environment touched winds up in therapy?? A female “actress” that has done plays, or movies, close contact with men, kissed, held (take #27, redo)…but out of character touched and it sends her into therapy. You have permission to THINK. This is no excuse for sexual harassment. Something does not make sense. I also acknowledge that each person or victim responds differently to sexual misconduct, anyone suffering should get help.

(Speaking of the film industry, yesterday afternoon I took my boys to see. “THOR – RAGNAROK.” Totally Awesome!! Then, we went to do some grocery shopping. While coming out of the store on the way to our vehicle in the parking lot, they got to see a car hit someone. I had often, almost every time tell them, “stay with me” “do not run” “watch for cars” etc., while in parking lots. A woman in her 30’s walking and not paying attention to the very slow moving car with a very quiet engine approaching, walked in front of the car, just several feet in front of us. She tumbled over side-ways a few times, landing on her butt. The woman driving the car about mid 60’s was calm, polite and explaining what happening. The younger woman on the ground was yelling, crying, upset and holding her right hip. I picked up her phone, bag, asked how I could help. It was clear that the only thing hurt was the younger woman’s pride. She faked intense pain, inability to walk, turned red shouting at the older lady. She was going to need an ambulance for her sore right butt cheek that she rubbed incessantly. I looked around to see if there were any other witnesses. There were 2 benches filled with mostly males taking a break or people just enjoying the beautiful evening. Not one person got up. I realized they too all saw where this was headed. $$$$.)

Everybody without morals wants a ride on the “gravy train.” I am sure there will be many more people come out and claim sexual misconduct from decades ago to recent time. Some of them might be telling the truth, but I am sure that others will want 3 minutes of fame, money, or they have the “wanna be a victim” mentality. They seem to fantasize and exaggerate events.

#3 -Why is everything being sexualized “In America?” If you travel the world, especially other developed nations in Europe, one will find that America is ‘special’ regarding sexual issues. We are programmed to be obsessed with people’s sexuality, preference and people are defined or stigmatized based on sex. Why? The tabloids, media, religions, politics seems to have a subliminal message against sex, while at the same time bombarding us with sex (films, songs, etc).

What is the agenda behind this tsunami of sexual harassment’s?

#1 – DIVISION – Divide and conquer is one of the oldest art of war. If you have not realized it yet, we are in Sexo-Psychological Warfare. (That’s probably not even a word) The evil ones have been very successful at causing a greater division in this nation between blacks, whites, minorities, whites with the Divider in Chief at the helm. Now that they have almost accomplished their goal with race – they are going after Gender.

Do you realize we live in a country where Kindergarten and Elementary kids are charged with and accused of Sexual Harrassment & Sexual Assault?



Females are overtly being told to question every gesture from a male, become suspicious that it might have a sexual connotation. If he opens a car door, it could be a sexual advance. If he puts your coat around you, he probably wants to get you in bed. If he shakes your hand and touches your shoulder, or puts your hand in both his hands during the hand shake, it could be sexual harassment. If he looks you in the eyes while talking, he’s probably trying to hypnotize you to have sex. If he is extra nice and gentlemanly, he definitely has ulterior sexual motives. If he happens to be a hugger, someone please call the police. DON’T TOUCH ME!!!!

Women, be afraid of men. You don’t need no one to open the car door for you, help you with your coat or treat you like a lady. You can do it all for yourself. You really don’t need a man. They only want you for SEX. That’s the under-LYING message. Divide and Conquer!

We are in an age of high strangeness, gender confusion and genderlessness; by the way, which is not by accident, but orchestrated. Men are being told to question gestures from other males and become suspicious if he might be gay. If he looks you in the eyes while talking, he’s probably trying to hypnotize you to make you gay also. If he compliments or encourages you, surely that’s a sign he wants you in bed; even if he’s married. If he is a hugger, talks with his hands, dress nice, smiles a lot; don’t end up in the locker room with him. If he shakes your hand too long, gets excited and touches you (not inappropriately) when he talks, you might need therapy. DON’T TOUCH ME!!!

Males (men) be afraid of other males. You don’t need male bonding, brotherhood or a good friend to hold you accountable and talk to male issues about. Be suspicious, because everything is about Sex. You don’t need anyone. That’s the underLYING message. Divide and Conquer!

#2 – FEAR. Fearful people are easy to manipulate and control. Fear of other races, skin color, gender, sexuality, religion, political party. All this goes against being human. (Keep in mind this extreme crazy behavior is mostly found in America, beside some religious-culture expressions of some countries.)


September 27, 2016, I wrote an article called, SATANIC HOLLYWOOD & RITUALS .
I warned to “WATCH” what would happen with Corey Feldman. He’s back in the news again and he might get paid $10 million to expose the high level pedophiles of Hollywood. They might allow for a few more scapegoats or people whose literal deal with the literal devil contracts soon to expire be exposed. Yes, the Luciferians that control Hollywood, Media, Politics, Religion do have literal contracts in blood. Why is no one is talking about that…it is the root of the extreme perversion?

If Corey Feldman really has the goodies on high ranking baddies and is planning to expose them, don’t expect him to be around long. If he is a part of the smoke and mirrors distraction, he will enjoy the limelight, be praised for unveiling the perverts, enjoy the millions for a while.

#3 – DISTRACTION OVERDRIVE – No one is talking about the Las Vegas Mass Murder anymore. They came to the conclusion that he couldn’t be a ‘terrorist.’ Why? He was white and rich. The poor man that killed 58 people and wounded over 500 was “terribly depressed,” “he had money problems,” says the news headlines. He spent too much time gambling in the casinos and started to lose his money, he had nightmares, talked in his sleep. (Can you really blame him?) Trump said, “It’s a very very sad day for me personally.”

What about the guy in New York a few days ago that ran down people with a rented truck and killed 8? He was immediately called a terrorist, and some tried to spin it saying he was Middle Eastern. He was from the former Soviet Union/Russia – Uzbekistan.

Trump’s under investigation and it “Mueller Time” they will need to keep the salacious distractions coming. Also, what about the 16 women accusing Trump of sexual assault, groping and grabbing their privates?

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