Dream On

Dream On

“Joseph dreamed yet another dream…” Genesis 37:9

Humans were intelligently designed to dream. If we did not have literal dreams, we would cease to exist, die.  Throughout the day the brain is constantly recording and taking in data, mostly of what we are not even aware of.

The eyes are seeing multiple spectrums of light data and images; processing them and filing them away. The ears are hearing sounds on various levels, above and below the ranges we are aware of. The nostrils are sensing and smelling scents, odors and fragrances beyond our conscious reality of smell. Each time we open our mouth, our taste buds are treated with whatever is in our environment, mostly what we are not aware of. Our bodies are being bombarded with sensations and feelings throughout the day, that are neatly cataloged and stored in memory files.

We have trained ourselves to be limited to what our 5-senses tell us that we are consciously experiencing; which is far from the truth.  Actually,  our bio-chemical extremely highly sophisticated computer, called the body human… mind-brain,  is receiving and processing at least 90% of data every moment, that we consciously know nothing about. Much of this information is not useful for the 3 dimensional world, where we reside the majority of the time.

Due to the vast amount of data being downloaded moment by moment while we are in this dense reality, the brain and body must often be rebooted to avoid overload. The body human can only go several days without sleep or it will physically die. 

Is it the sleep that is needed or what happens when we sleep?

It is what happens when we sleep. Everyone dreams when they fall asleep, even if you never remember your dreams. One of the purposes for dreaming is to process and purge all the data that has come in through the sense realm throughout the day. However, some things are not purged or processed til many days later.  For example, one might have an emotional experience (joyful or frightful); weeks later that experience will manifest in a conscious dream or nightmare. If you are aware, you will remember a similar experience in the recent past.

The only part of the human brain that does not dream is the Serpent Brain or Reptile Brain. It is the oldest part of the brain, however, when it is transformed – it will play a greater role in the Dream Time – Awakened State.


Dreams may last only a few seconds, but may feel as though they go on all night.  Another purpose for dreams: Dream time is where you enter another world, the Creator designed it as a trip for the soul/mind. The body is in the bed, but the spirit/soul is experiencing life on many dimensions. Much of the data that is unused or not necessary for the 3-dimensional world becomes useful for Dream Time world of other dimensions and times.

In Dream Time all desires can be fulfilled and acted out, they are real.  Eye believe that we have possibly hundreds of dreams between the time we sleep and awake. However, sometimes we remember only one dream or parts of it that seem to gnaw at our mind.

In Hebrew thinking, it is believe that one out of every six dreams is prophetic. Eye believe that as we continue to evolve, we will remember more dreams and most of them will be prophetic.  As we learn to function out of higher brain (neo cortex, limbic nerves system) capacity, we will remember more dreams. This is where lucid dreaming is experienced and dream world becomes Real. Consciously interacting with intent in dreams should be normal for us, creating and un-creating in dream time. 

As the inner walls of dimensionality continues to collapse, the unused data  we have unconsciously stored will find more relevance.   The physical body will be able to transverse dimensions and manifest in physical form at the same time in many realities.  We will also experience bringing out or materializing things (matter in any form) from dream time, into the conscious reality.  Take a moment and absorb that.  At this point, sleep will not be necessary or barely necessary. What we have called “Dream Time” will be realized that it actually was and is the “Awaken State.”

Dream Time in the physically relaxed unconscious state is allowed and necessary now, because the body human has not been quickened to the desired frequency of Spirit completely yet. The physical body at this point for most of us would disintegrate, while attempting to multi-locate.

“The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

Joseph dreamed and it took 13 earth years for his human development to catch up with what already was in the Dream Time spirit realm.   He was already Prince of Egypt, existing and ruling on what could be perceived as a future plane.  Once his 3-dimensional consciousness caught up with what appeared as his future; it became Now.   In reality, it was always Now/Present.   Today the time has been shortened and the realization manifestation is much sooner. Eventually, your dreams will be merged as one experience in real time now.


Avoid the dream thieves if at all possible, they are within and they are without. Plotting to steal or kill the dream or dreamer and cast a shadow of doubt. They may even find or prepare a pit to put you in, sell you out or betray you, while calling you brother and friend.

If you find yourself in a pit because of your dreams, keep this in mind.  The PIT is necessary for people destined for the higher calling of God.  The PIT = Prophet In Training.  There is a power within you to transform many lives and the thief of your soul is intimidated by that.  Don’t worry, be happy.  You PIT will become your pulPIT; elevated stage or platform to fulfill your destiny.  The deeper the Pit, the higher your platform – pulpit will be.

Follow your dream, at all cost and become it’s slave.    

 Constantly remind yourself, it is the dream that God gave –                                                                   

Your imprisonment to your dream will soon one day end,                                                                                        

As you are called out from the dungeon, to the throne – ascend.

Dream time and the awakened state will merge as one,                                                                                            

As you joyfully count the months or  years of waiting for what has come.                                                   

Joseph dared to dream yet another dream in the face of ridicule and fear,                                                  

Committed to see the fulfillment in joyful cheer.

(One of my favorite performances by Aerosmith.  Nobody screams like Steven Tyler, may not be for everyone. Warning: you might feel compel to thrash your hair or phantom hair – DREAM ON)

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