Elul After The Eclipse

Elul After The Eclipse

The highly prophetic America’s Great Total Eclipse seen across America was yesterday, at the end of the 5th month, Av. (We are encouraging everyone for the next 40 days to enter into place of prayer, repentance specifically for our nation. It is a very crucial time.) We have come unto the 6th month according to the ancient lunar-solar Biblical Calendar, counting from Nisan (March/April). This month is called ELUL. Sunset August 22, 2017 ELUL 1 begins thru September 20, 2017. My son Zarius blew the shofar toward the 4 directions at sunset. He will blow it morning and @ sunset throughout the month and into the 7th month (Tishrei). Elul the 6th month comes as the Sun is moving into Virgo. It is called the “Month of Preparation.” For over 3500 years it has been observed as such in preparation for the High Feast Days of the 7th month. This month we will share messages on some the ancient customs of Elul and the prophetic significance for us today.

The ancient kings of old got off their throne, left the palace and walked among the people during this month to hear the needs of the people. As in heaven, so in earth. It was believe that the Creator was closer to the people during this season or “set time,” anxious to hear their petitions and to grant them. “Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and marvelous thing that you did not know about.” Jeremiah 33:3

The kings acted out in the physical world what was taking place in what we call the spiritual world. Hidden in this act was the mysterious duality of the Order of Melchizedek, the Cosmic King-Priest that is yet misunderstood by many. Some of the duties of the king, that now acts as priest are to; call people to repentance, hear confessions, remit sin, cleanse them from death (carnality), instruct in righteousness, receive tithe, which was instituted before the Torah law, pronounce blessings, etc . Those who feel they are called to the order of Melchizedek must learn how to be a priest before you can be a king and understand the functions of both callings.

Elul means good for nothing, nothingness; searching. Mankind created on the 6th day to live in the 7th day is lacking awareness of perfection until he learns to enter into the Sabbath rest within. The Sabbath we are speaking of is not limited to a specific day of the week, but rather this is a state of mind that transcends a 24 hour day. It is the day of the LORD or millennium within everyday. (However, we do realize the Creator established Saturday as Sabbath forever and it foreshadowed the 7th Feast-Sukkot, the 7th millennium and the 7th Zodiac Age).

Elul reminds us that humanity living apart from Divine Principles and the Spirit of life is good for nothing and must face the judgment of the metaphoric 7th month. Apart from Spirit consciousness, it is a life filled with worthless things that amount to nothing. We see this demonstrated in the lives of the celebrities and many others that are controlled by material possessions. All the things that people use to define themselves by; money, women, men, drugs, alcohol, fame and power; it’s nothing. With many it is not the toys; it is the arrogance, attitudes and religious superiority. The flesh can not be satisfied and it will always want more. Therefore, Elul reminds us of the heart searching for love in all the wrong places and never satisfied. King Solomon summed it up this way, “Vanity of vanity all of life is filled with emptiness.” It is true, if we fail to get in touch with our divine nature and stay connected; life is not worth living.


There are many deceivers and deceived. They are being bewitched by smooth words that seem to hypnotize the listeners and excuse behavior patterns and lifestyles in opposition to true spirituality. In their quest for power and spiritual experiences, they omit foundational truth. Others have distanced themselves from the I Am the Door, and are trying to climb up another way as a thief or robber.

During the month Elul, the shofar (trumpet) is sounded each day among those who practice Judaism, and those of us who honor God’s Calendar. The blowing of the ram’s horn is a call to REPENTANCE, changing of the mind and returning to the pent (top); have a paradigm shift, exchange your thoughts for higher (His) thoughts. One operating in full capacity of the Christ love at all times and have completely mastered the flesh and material world needs no repentance. They have been caught up to the Christ frequency and have the ability to maintain that vibration. I am not aware of anyone expressing that yet.

Spend each of the next 30 days looking seriously into your life, without condemnation. However, do not hide or think you are hiding from the all seeing Eye within. Be honest with yourself. (That is very scary for some.) Verbally admit your side slips, transgression, screw-ups and missing the mark. It may be incidents from 15 minutes ago, 15 days ago or over 15 years ago. Say it out loud so you can hear it if you have no one you can be accountable to. Kneel, pace the floor, sit or stand in front of a mirror – seriously release it and allow God’s Grace to cover it. The 6th month is to prepare you for the 7th month/experience.

Visualize those you have hurt with words, lies, attitudes or actions. Ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself. Let’s see how “spiritually mature” you really are? Are you spiritual enough to call them and apologize, send an email or visit them?!! Do you just talk, teach or preach spirituality or have you really had an experience and yet having one??!! ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!

This is what the month of Elul is all about; dealing with your mess. Stop sweeping it under the carpet. If you are accountable and deal with your “mess” properly as a loving spiritual person should- Father will transform your mess into a MESSAGE that will help others.

Eye see some of you reading this blog have taken many food supplements, visited doctors, and tried various meditation techniques, but you are yet sick. Could there be an energetic emotional connection to what ails you? Here is a possible simple solution for some of you: “Therefore, CONFESS your sins to one another, and pray for one another, So That You May Be Healed. The fervent effective prayers of a righteous person can accomplish much.” James 5:16 Confession is good for the soul (emotions-the energy that has stopped the motion in the body, thus creating sickness, disease), it’s a cleansing. Confession is also good (healthy) for the body (healing). Let go of the Anger, Bitterness, Hate, Regret, Resentment and Un-forgiveness. Those negative energies will literally kill you.

Reality check!!! You may read blogs or books on spirituality, learn all the cute clichés, study quantum physics, watch videos and attend conferences-without Love it profits you nothing (elul). Clean up the horizontal relationships first and the vertical one will fall into place. “If a person says he loves the Creator whom he has not seen and hates his brother (other humans, in-law, out-law, exes, people of other religions) who he sees daily, he is a liar and the truth is not in him.”

People, we must stop deceiving ourselves and wanting to be deceived by others that tickle our ears. The out of balance message of “grace” and “love” that require one to do nothing but smile with a blank stare, saying, “I love you” and not deal with issues, have deprived many of a real experience with Him. Be not deceived. SPIRITUALITY THAT DOES NOT COST YOU NOTHING IS NOT WORTH NOTHING!! Let’s not become like the religious hypocrites of Jesus’ day, they thought they had it. They even sat and ate with the Messiah, walked with him and saw the miracles, but their hearts were so filled with PRIDE. He told them, “You have missed your hour of visitation.” They got so close, but pride and the ego blinded them from what was the most important.

For nearly 3000 years Psalms 27 has been read during the month of Elul. Let this be your prayer and meditation each day with strong emphasis on verses 4 & 5.

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