Enoch Chapter One “A Quantum Leap” – Rudy Jones

Enoch Chapter One “A Quantum Leap” – Rudy Jones


Enoch is one of my favorite Biblical characters, the man that walked with God so closely that he cheated death.  “Enoch was not, for God took him.”   Don’t you want to be a “was not”?  Rudy Jones and I had been sharing some exciting insights about Enoch over the past month.  Unbeknownst to me Spirit had also given him to start a series of writings/messages on Enoch.  Herein you will find, Part 1.  To get part 2-4 or however many there may be, you’ll have to email him.  He will send them as he receives them.  Here is his email address: highergroundsc@gmail.com    Now let’s experience this teaser message from Rudy.


I propose that the mystery of Enoch was concealed in cryptology thorough out our Bible; especially in Revelations 4 and 5..all the history was based on an Enoch quality of faith operation. (By faith Enoch was translated) In Jude, v.14. “And Enoch also, the 7th from Adam; prophesied of these, saying Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of His saints” Enoch hasn’t said (prophesied) anything as Enoch, for five thousand years. He helped his dad Jared and his son Methuselah, bury Adam, when Adam was 930 years old. At the time of Enoch’s translation, it was about 1,000 years from Adam, about 5,000 years ago. Jude used the word cometh; which is in Greek “erchomai” and was “used only in the present, imperfect tenses”) I associate the coming spoken of by Jude, ” as the Lord’s coming” , as an imperfect or incomplete coming. Later I will call your attention to Hebrews 11; where Enoch is mentioned as the earliest example of living faith.

Then in the Book of Jasher, a history book ( which Joshua quoted from before we had a written Bible) 3:23 “…behold an angel of the Lord called unto Enoch from heaven, and wished to bring him up to heaven, to make him reign there over the sons of God,” then verse 26…”Enoch taught the sons of men everlasting life…and they lifted up their eyes and saw the likeness of a great horse as it descended from heaven” and “after this Enoch rode upon the horse and 10,000’s (plural) of the sons of men went after him into heaven” . Jude’s Enoch’s prophesy is not found in our Scriptures; but is in the book Jasher.

Connect this to Rev.5: 11;( written about 2,000 years ago) “and I beheld and heard the voice of many angels… and the number of them was 10,000 times 10,000 and thousands and thousands. Heb. 11: 5, “By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death“. Enoch was a man of faith. Heb. 11:6 “without faith it is impossible to please God” Enoch is identified in our text; with faith. Faith is associated with a revelation and a revelation suggests a translation. It will help if we start thinking “by faith, I have been translated, (Enoch was translated by faith) and a translation causes you to begin to see; to see what blind Bartimaeus saw, after he could see ; that life is eternal. According to Jasher; eternal life was Enoch’s message. We will see that Enoch was associated with Cloud – Angels and Stars (Sons) and warriors of another dimension.

Enoch’s name in original Hebrew is “Chenoch”; the root verb in his name is chn, which is also the same root verb as Grace, “chn”. Enoch’s identity contains as his root or foundation, the fact that his life was built on and is associated with Grace. If you get my drift; I am trying to Connect Grace to Enoch as he is associated also with thousands of Angel messengers and Stars.. “for by grace are you saved, through faith, and THIS not of yourself, it is unmerited (help) GIFT of God’s heavenly company”. Eph 2: 8. The Hebrew depicts Grace as a “Superior who submits to a lesser”

“For by “Grace” are you saved through faith” Without the invisible helpers of the Enoch Assignment we could not have come to grace. The Superior LORD sees that HIS Grace nature is administered on Earth by the many Sons, Angels & messengers of Divine Appointments in Enoch…Enoch is even cryptically represented in God’s promise to Abraham. “I will multiply your Seed as the stars of heaven”. Gen 22: 17 Strong’s 7234 multiply is “rebad” and means to increase in authority“) Gal. 3: 16; “Now to Abraham and his Seed were the promises made. He saith not, and thy seeds, as many, but one. And to thy Seed which is Christ”. (who will continually increase in authority.) seed, son, stars, angels clouds: all are cryptic as in Enoch.

Duet 1: 10; “God telleth the number of the stars and calleth them by names” ( the Enoch company). In our generation, with the help of Hubble and others we know that stars are not those twinkling little lights in the heavens; they are each a SON (sun); each with its own galaxy. I suggest that we see the Enoch company is also connected to all the clouds and Angels in Israel’s Exodus; plus the innumerable “cloud” of witnesses in Hebrews and in The Revelation. .

“all those(of us) who receive a good report by faith, (but not as a complete fact) who have received NOT the promise,(of perfection) they who without us cannot be made perfect” Hebrews 11: 39 and 40:. I propose that the Enoch company cannot come to perfection without us (they must help us come to Spiritual completeness; but by the same fact we need to understand that we did not come to faith by grace, without them. In God’s plan we are interconnected. We faith people, on Earth and in the heavens must come to completion or perfection together. Believe me! We need to see how they can help us NOW; and to understand how to activate their help. [Later; we will discuss their weather control; in the first rain and causing the wind to open the Red sea].

Back to Hebrews 11: 39,40) Please notice that faith is not the end of the story; “they received NOT the promise”. Faith did not make a person perfect. The word Perfect is in Greek is from #5050, “teleioso”s; means, “complete verification . please, for emphasis, note the “who without us”; Hebrews 12:22,23 continues our assignment. “But you (we) are come unto Mt, Zion, the city of the Living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable Company of Angels (the Enoch’s Company of righteous who at first were translated along with Enoch and have been added by those faith people types in Hebrews 11 who have continually been added to, by Saints of faith, through the ages ) .”

12: 23] “But we are the general assembly, the church of the first born, written in heaven, and unto God; the Judge ( who only Judges righteous judgment) and to righteous men made perfect”……” SEE that you refuse not him that speaketh” (refuse not him, ie. [those], who speak) , ” from Heaven ; they are of the Holy Spirit who is in you and in heaven.” Jesus showed that we can be in two dimensions at the same time; Compare John 3:13 and Hebrews 12:22 25; KJV, paraphrased by crj The Sum: Enoch’s Angels cannot come to perfection without us and we cannot come to Grace/faith without them. It is God’s plan.

### Enoch was a man of faith and the same principle’s apply;

“They who come to the Enoch Sons of Light must believe

that they are and they will reward those who diligently seek

their help”.### Hebrews 11:5 ……6.

Enoch; identified in our Bible as the seventh (7th.) generation from Adam, the first man of his kind. Adam lived about six thousand (6,000) years ago. Enoch lived about five thousand (5,000) years ago. The main thing our Bible tells us about Enoch is that he was the father of Methuselah who was the oldest man who ever lived; plus that when Enoch was three hundred sixty five years old (365 yrs) God took him. In the days of Enoch up to Noah, time was kept by the lunar months and years. Enoch was a prophet of the Solar year; 365.

(There is so much back ground information that you might think that I am wandering; but please hang with me; it will begin to jell.)

I believe that the Spirit of God has tapped me to introduce to you the man Enoch that I have come to know and understand. I have, through about sixty years of honest research, developed a true confidence in the Book of Jasher. Jasher is mentioned twice in our Bible; first by Joshua in chapter 10: 13 and also in 2 Samuel 1: 18 and helps us complete the mental puzzles.

I have developed my confidence in the written record of Jasher mainly because Joshua referred to Jasher. in (Having spent at least 60 years endeavoring to decipher the encrypted record of Israel’s history and specifically The Tabernacle of Worship; which I still believe applies to every believer) Exodus 34 11 reads, “And the LORD spoke unto Moses face to face (out of the cloud v.9) as a man speaks to his friend. And Moses turned again into the camp (of Israel) ; but Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man ( 40 years younger than Moses was 80 years old at that time) Joshua departed not out of the tabernacle (of meeting).

It is important to note that the tabernacle, outside of the camp, was different than the Tabernacle, inside the camp. Also notice that Joshua is never mentioned without being identified as the son of Nun. The man Nun is ONLY mentioned once, in1 Chronicles 7: 27 as Non; so we must ask the question; ” does the emphasis of ” Joshua the son of Nun”, communicates something other than Joshua’s daddy? I believe it does….

The word nun is the 14th letter in the Hebrew alphabet; [or the Alef/beit] . The Angel Pele told me that the Hebrew letter N (nun) is like an eternal light within yourself. You don’t see her by opening your eyes, you can only see her by closing your eyes to look within..(tis little light of mine) The nun is also used as the number 50. Fifty represents Pentecost [Penta,5 cost, day] and also the 50th year is Jubilee. ( 50 Pentecost: fully come: The baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the gift of other languages; (important to Enoch function) and “the fiftieth year Jubilee; the cancelling of all debt (ie, the consciousness gift of “no debt, no guilt, no condemnation; Jubile). Adam never learned that the kingdom, the real Garden, was within. Jesus corrected our view. ” The Garden Kingdom is within”. Adam was given responsible dominion of the Adam within; the nun within.

I believe that Moses’ servant Joshua, whose name Joshua means; Yeshua; (Yahweh’s salvation). He discovered the Life of God within. He learned that he was the tent of meeting. He was also the preliminary introduction of the ONE who would lead the Nation Israel across Jordan and into the promised land; for those who, like Adam, thought that the Promise was geographical. Joshua symbolized the ONE Mary was told to “call His name Joshua” (Yeshua)” the one who was born with the Light inside turned on”. Joshua actually previewed the One who would lead all individuals (Israeli) who know personally by our name Israel; our own individuality; into THE Promise of the individual, I AM; my/His Salvation.Jesus, (Yeshua) himself actually chose His introduction as Messiah by being baptized in the symbolic place of life running toward death; the Jordan. He was baptized at the very sport where Joshua led Israel across the Jordan; at Bethabara. John 1:28. Bethabara , the place of crossing (over) was the place of a new creation; the place where he prophesied that death was going to be defeated by death and resurrection. Beleive me!, this information is critically important to understanding the implications of Enoch, being the seventh, the Sabbath man. I have reached a position; He was elected to head up the fifth (5th) dimension, of faith, as a point of contact between the 3rd and 7th. heaven.

” Joshua”; I believe that Joshua, the son of Nun, is one of witnesses to the heavenly Enoch Sons of God. When we came to know that we are the tent Temple of God; we came to the insight with Enoch/ Joshua’s help.. There is no room left for personal pride; our victory is achieved above. That is what Shem told Abraham when he brought forth bread and wine. The Enoch family of faith cannot come to perfection without us and we cannot come to perfection without them, Pride is erased; in both camps. What a Plan !

Enoch, the 7th from Adam (Jude 14) was the visible definition of God’s 7th Day. The word seven in Hebrew is Sabbath. Sabbath and Seven are also the same word and indicates finishing a Sabbath-Rest; indicating there is nothing else to do. There remains a rest.

Genesis 2: 2 “And on the seventh day (on the Sabbath) God ended His work.” The word work in Hebrew is “malak”. Malak is never translated to suggest physical or spiritual exertion or activity. God’s work (malak) is always used to identify a person’s assignment ; “as a servant/slave, an angelic cloud and Star messenger, an ambassador, a prophet ,a priest/teacher or a King “.

Genesis 2; 2 and 3 a crj amplification, ” And on the Sabbath day God ended His ‘work’; He ended (the placing of His sons) which He had made.(6213 “asah”, Appointed), and He Sabbath’d on the Sabbath”. [3] “And God blessed the Sabbath day and sanctified it; because that in it He had sabbath’d (rested) from all the creating and appointing of Sons whom He had created and appointed”.

Enoch, the seventh, was not; “he was taken”, because God had for Enoch, another Appointment; “to assist in bringing sons to glory”; an unrecognized mystery of being saved as a “was not”; Sabbath Salvation begins with a no body.

WE have only just begun; hopefully chapter 2 will follow. ( I should mention that I am a student of Allen Newton; one of God’s Hebrew Appointees )



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