Enoch Chapter Nine – “Chen” – Rudy Jones

Enoch Chapter Nine – “Chen” – Rudy Jones

Enoch is one of my favorite Biblical characters, the man that walked with God so closely that he cheated death.  “Enoch was not, for God took him.”   Don’t you want to be a “was not”?  Rudy Jones and I had been sharing with each other some exciting insights about Enoch months past.  Unbeknownst to me Spirit had also given him  to start a series of writings/messages on Enoch.  Herein you will find, Part 9.  To get part 2-8 or however many there may be, you’ll have to email him.  He will send them as he receives them.  Here is his email address: highergroundsc@gmail.com    We featured his 1st publication of the series here:   http://atam.org/enoch-chapter-1-a-quantum-leap-rudy-jones/       Now let’s experience chapter 9 of this exciting message from Rudy.



Enoch and Grace are actually positions of prerecorded “Heaven” in our B- rain. ”

ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD; and he was not, for God took him” [Gen.5:24]. ‘Interpretation’: “Enoch walked so close, side by side in oneness; so equal with GOD; that no one remembered Enoch“. [except as God] That is the ultimate image expression of being the righteousness of God. God is not a respecter of individual persons; what he did for Enoch, and Jesus, is His plan for the body of Christ.. “We came only to do the will of the Father who sent us.” [ John 5: 12 ] Religion grew by separating Jesus from the Father and placing them outside.

*** ((Some who read these articles will likely say; “I have never heard this before”; I say to you; you will have to trust the Holy Spirit for confirmation. You have never heard these things about Enoch; because as far as I know it has not been written before this day. We are in a new day…This is The Day that The LORD hath made. Mankind has never been in the 3rd day of God’s 3 day plan before… We are in, just the beginning, of the 3rd day of the ‘water’, of the Aquarian Age; and in the “Body” you can expect new revelation, Daily.))***

“…and God blew into man’s nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul, endowed with speech[ Jasher 1:2] Compare; “God breathed into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul“[ Gen. 2:7] The only way ” a living soulcan image the Creative Life of God is with words. Speech was man’s only spiritual equity. For physical man to manifest the Spirit of God, (to give God physical form) begins only with pure speech. Enoch, number 7, was the first descendant of Adam, in the Bible, with pure Anointed speech. We could say; Enoch’s speech of eternal life, was the Anointed Word. [Jasher 3: 26]

Abraham; in his ‘blood’ covenant with God; identified man’s problem as being his speech. He prophesied; “my descendants will wind up in slavery; because the iniquity (the in- equity) (the deficiency in their equity) of the Amorites is not yet full. The word Amorite is “one who is endowed with creative speech”. Abraham understood that his own descendants would fail to ‘image’ GOD in their speech; their complaining, jealous, critical and judgmental words would eventually lead to slavery. Our Lesson: We (as mankind) suffer the consequence of our words.

Enoch was endowed with Anointed speech. He symbolized what made Adam’s 7th. generation different. May I suggest that Enoch also symbolizes what we should expect in our 7th millennium, the Aquarian age? The requirement has not changed. We should understand that there will be a repeat of the 7th day. Aquarians ‘who walk with God’ will sound like Him. I suggest that we should respectfully expect Christ, who is our life, to be recognized in our words. And He, as the Word will be the One remembered? That seems to me to Be fair.

I am persuaded, after in depth research, of what Enoch understood; ie., “God has invited me to ascend to another dimension, to develop a Secret Unknown Order”Enoch. ( like our specialized Navy Seals; like The Delta Forces or like “T he Cloud” in Israel’s Egyptian O.T. Exodus history) Enoch was positioned in the spiritual dimension; to establish a Human-Spirit Buffer Zone. (in a higher invisible realm) made up of invisible Spiritual Helpers; who are There now, to assist Believers in setting up a visible Kingdom of God. [in man on the Earth] .

I am further persuaded; The ‘Enochions’ [the Enoch Company of Messenger Angels, Ascended Arch Angels, Guides, Warriors, Builders, Nature and Weather Control Operators, Restoration Healers, etc. ,etc] All can only function through a personal born again, Christ centered Spiritual Covenant; where They are recognized by man as being There, and thankfully welcomed. [Not prayed to; but where They are acknowledged and appreciated; for Being THERE; recognized with an attitude of Thanksgiving; understanding; that ” THEY know the Mind of Christ” and always Know What, Where and When to Be and Do.

“Are they not all Specialized ministering spirits, sent forth [and positioned] to minister for those who shall be heirs of salvation”?[ Heb.1: 14]. They work when we Rest. (Not when we ascend into Heaven; but when we discover inside our own “frontal cortex” the pre-recorded cells of Rest; which is ” Peace and Joy”.

With the authentic time proven Bible texts, plus time proven historic records; I believe that we can all agree that The Enoch Association [in the Government of the Kingdom of Heaven] make ‘His’ position a part of our Spiritual Grace. Grace is not only unmerited favor; it is a division of the Heaven within. They who come to God must believe that He Is, [ as Enoch] and that He is, and they are, a reward to them who diligently seek His Rest” [Heb.1 1: 6].

The anointed O.T. Prophets [speaking under and as Christ’s Anointed Word] have predicted that near the ‘end days’ “ many shall come saying that they are Anointed [Christs] and shall deceive many; there shall be rumors of wars; nation against nation; famines, pestilence, earth quakes” .etc. etc. [Matt: 24: 5 and following].. Those predictions make the need for knowledge and the presence of Enoch’s Army critical; the undergirding of our Hope. (our HOPE}

Since our last correspondence I have been drawn back to the Scriptures where I cut my teeth. I noticed that The Tabernacle is referred to as the Shadow of God. I would like to lead you back there; because I can now ‘see’ Enoch’s presence in the Cloud message, and more specifically Enoch’s participation in the construction of the original worship center pattern; which is a patterned order of the spiritual journey of our human experience. ( of 7 levels of 7 Heavens ) ?

The particular Scripture I want to introduce is; “And the Lord spoke to Moses saying, See I have called by name Bezaleel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. And I have filled him with the Spirit of wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship. To devise cunning works, to work in gold, in silver and in brass; And in cutting of stones; to set them; and in carving of timber, to work in all manner of workmanship. And I , behold, I have given with him Aholiab, the son of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan; and in all who are wise hearted, I have put wisdom, that they may make all that I have commanded thee.” [Exod. 31: 1-6]

We have the record that “the LORD’S Angel appeared to and spoke to Moses through A CLOUD, and face to face. “And the LORD spoke unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend. [Exod. 32: 10, 11 in part]

(( I PROPOSE to you that the “Cloud and the Angelic Voice” were functional parts of the Enoch “job description“. I could fill pages of type confirming that Our LORD used the cloud phenomenon to conceal the Angel of the LORD’s presence. The cloud symbolism takes us back in Covenant symbolism, to Noah’s Cloud confirmation, confirming to him that the event of the flood was The Lord’s doing and a part of His Greater Plan. I base my proposals on over 60 years of analysis of Scriptural symbols. The Cloud, over the Tabernacle and over the camp of Israel, was a nimbus cloud; (# 6051) which is necessary to have a rainbow. ( an aura) You make the connection. The same symbolism was in the wilderness Tabernacle, as was at the time of the flood.

GOD, Our LORD is a SPIRIT…Spirit cannot make Covenant with flesh. (His Covenant is only operational as Spirit). His desire for this Earth, is a physical visible presence that is Spiritually generated. Born Again is mandated. It is necessary to be born again, born a second time of the Spirit, gave us a new Christ identity and introduces a new Spirit Life based on our commitment)).

Now back to the “Shadow of God”. (Me and My Shadow)

Bezaleel means “the shadow of God”. The construction Engineer was assigned to build a structure that reflected the Nature and Plan of the Invisible Spirit GOD, as a shadow. (The name Bezaleel is a symbol.) His name symbolized the attributes of The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, hidden in our Spiritual presence and concealed behind the Veil of flesh. (Heb. 10: 14-20)

The Spirits way of communication: “Bezaleel , the shadow, expressed in God’s anointing or as Christ’s anointed presence; in the many individual workers. Consider, for instance, how many men, working to fulfill Bezaleel’s assignment would require blueprints and instruction; men who could build furnace style kilns, in the wilderness, hot enough to melt gold [1,945 degrees f.] and silver [1,765 f.] and brass [1,832 f.] and have the kind of fuel necessary to create that much heat.

Other individual anointed workers, who could design and carve moulds for the Lamp and it’s very important symbolic appointments; and design and make moulds for foundations for the posts; skilled embroiderers; cutters of stones for the breast plate and the Ephod; the delicate work in creating thatches and embroidery work for the tent and veils, etc, etc, etc. I propose: All these specific orders of expertise are Reflections of Enoch’s Cloud Company. Building the Tabernacle in about 10 months, in a desert place, was beyond imagination.

Abraham’s battle to rescue Lot is also another testimony to Enoch’s role in war. Abraham is representative of the Father of faith. Lot’s name means veil; and the veil is the symbol of the flesh. “The veil was rent, that is to say ,the flesh” Heb. 10: 19-20’. After the rescue of Lot [the flesh] Melchizedek met Abraham to remind him that Abraham’s victory was determined in heaven [I propose that the battle was won by Enoch’s Army] Abraham took communion; paid a tithe to “Shem and returned the spoils of the war to the defeated kings.

Another testimony are the symbols in the Tabernacle: The lamp was designed to represent an Almond tree (in Hebrew a Luz tree) which had 22 appointments of buds, blossoms and almonds; representing the 22 consonants of the Hebrew alphabet that also represented the 22,000 Priestly Levites. It was also an almond tree, at Luz; which means almond, where Jacob saw a ladder that stood between the Earth and Heaven. He saw angels (Messages) ascending and descending on the ladder. The ladder was spiraled like our DNA helix.

We find in this symbol a challenge. Jesus said no man has ascended up to heaven except the son of man who came down from heaven. Then Paul reported after he came back from Heaven; that “our life was hid with God, in Christ, before we came down into our Earth body”. “He who ascended first descended”. What Christ did for us is reckoned to all Christ believers.

Bezaleel, the Shadow; was the son of Uri [ son of light or fire]; the son of Hur [the son of white, or righteousness.] Hur and Aaron, the Priest were the two witnesses assigned to go with Moses to the mountain top to illustrate that the war or wars fought by Joshua[ Jesus Body], are decided in Heaven where the Enoch Invisible Army determines God’s plan to win the battles.

Aholiab means “tent of the Father”, [Ahol, means tent; Ab means the Father] Our body [ our Tent Tabernacle] is Father’s Holy Tent which has many levels or dimensions. The Most Holy of the Holies is the new brain. The Capital of the Kingdom of Heaven is in the operation center of the frontal cortex.

Solomon said, “in all your getting; get understanding”. But Solomon ended his life by saying; “all is vanity“. His view was; I’ve done it all and it finally is meaningless”. That is why Jesus said; “There is a greater than Solomon here”. Christ’s message of individual eternal life created Hope. Enoch’s message was eternal life. Jesus message was “life everlasting” When people hear that there is more to life than; [‘justanotherday’]; Eternal Life creates Hopeof a better Day.

“More and More about the life Jesus purchased, would I know; more of his grace to others show “. It is now confirmed, We are on the right road. We plan to keep on looking for More. Rudy and Polly (864) 862-3360.

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