Entering the Lion’s Gate

Entering the Lion’s Gate

Our heavenly brothers and sisters called stars, planets and celestial bodies are declaring God’s glory in us, along with the geometric numerical code 888.  Sirius, Pleiades, and Lyra,  frequency codes are affecting all, consciously and unconsciously on the planet.  These influences are affecting and activating cellular memory, triggers… in the form of personal and global events will assist in awakening the genetic memory of who we really are.  8/8/2015 = 8 8 (2+0+1+5 =8)   8  8  8

The energy impacting us,  the planet and our Solar System is very similar to the energy that was manifesting exactly 7 years ago.  As I was asking what Eye should write or speak about at this time, Holy Spirit reminded me of 7 years ago and said much of the same energy would be manifesting this time.   Eye was instructed to bring forth much of a prophetic message Eye shared for August 8, 2008.   The Lion’s Gate portal is a portal to the heart.  We must be true to our heart, matters of the heart (relationships) are being shaken.    Pleiades, Lyra and many other power stars are prominent in the sky, as Sirius align with our Sun.

Welcome, you have come to the threshold of the Lion’s Gate. This is the portal or Stargate to propel you into your next reality. Sirius has risen and given you the light of the ancients to direct your path. The code 8:8:8: will activate and unlock the blessings for your whole being and give you more access to the etheric body. This is a special time in history that those in the spirit realms have anxiously waited for. The heavens are shouting “this is your cellular awakening, the time of Acceleration.”

Due to the acceleration of time and consciousness, we are being propelled forward faster and deeper inward as never before. Earth is moving through space around the Sun at least 67,000 miles per hour and is rotating 1000 mph. The Solar System is revolving around the Milky Way Galaxy at 490,000 mph.  The signs in the heavens are becoming clearer and clearer with each planetary alignment, eclipse and comet heralding the end of things as we know it and the beginning of a new day and consciousness.

Astronomical events are assisting in the evolution of mankind and our planet as the energies from space affect the energy on earth. Dormant embedded codes in the DNA of the planet, humans and every species are being awakened and unlocked by these stellar emanations. Light energy, photon particles and unseen silent messages are traveling at unbelievable speed through space and time to find its way into our subatomic level, filled with information to break the seals of our limited being.

The very truth of who we are is ascending and expanding from the depths of our being as each shift takes place. Soon this human costume will not be able to contain the Light within, it will be swallowed up into Life and the masquerade will be over.  Don’t fall asleep!! The “real party” is about to begin as heaven and earth join together in a new creation dance.

sirius lions gate

“For in a moment (in the atomic structure) like a wink of the eye as the crystallized pineal gland (3rd eye) is softened and opened; and at the last resounding trumpet message, we shall be changed (transformed).”   I Corinthian 15:52

“The knowledge of the glory of Yahweh shall cover the earth (and earth body costume) as the waters cover the seas.”  Habakkuk 2:14

“For those of you that reverence my name/nature shall the SUN of Righteousness arise (to align with Sirius and the galactic center of your being) with healing rays of light.”  Malachi 4:1

Time has shortened and shall continue to. We are experiencing so many Shifts one after the other faster than ever before, as new vortexes are opening and closing. The month of August brings us to yet another major shift.  The Sun is in Leo until August 22, and we are entering a period or experience called the Lion’s Gate. This is mostly due to the positioning of the heavenly bodies, and the triple (888) code manifesting this month (August 8, 2015 –  August 17, 2015 -August 26, 2015) With all these heavenly events happening there will be lots of energy released into the earth. Jesus and the prophets constantly told us to “watch” the signs in the heavens. They prophesy what shall be coming when we learn how to read sign language.

Numbers 8:8:8: = August 8, 2015

Numbers are very important to the Creator and to those that understand the power of cosmic or universal spiritual laws. They give off vibrations that set in motion and prophesy what shall be. They also serve as secret codes that unlock other dimensions, realms of Spirit and levels of consciousness within. God thought numbers to be so important that he had the fourth book of the Torah/Bible (Book of Numbers) to reflect that and to be written with 36 chapters. However, most that read the Bible are unaware of the secret numeric codes of the 360 degrees (36 chapters) that completes our planetary wandering cycle through the wilderness of our galaxy. By the end of year 2012, we will have completed this cosmic wandering in the 360 degree arch of space through the Zodiac and will be positioned to enter the Cosmic Promised Space.

August 8, 2015 serves as an important date for all humanity.  A gateway is opening filled with possibilities. Due to the vast amount of people on the planet operating on the Gregorian Calendar; mass consciousness has created this Gateway, vortex; a door that has to open in the heavens. Entering the Lion’s Gate is a time of extreme activation so that we may be able to bear the extreme conditions soon to be released on the planet; allow this activation to touch every level; spirit, soul and body. It is also a time of activations to empower us to do the works of the Spirit.  You might not notice anything out of the ordinary on August 8, 2015, August 17, 2015, or August 26, 2015.  All three dates are 8-8-8.   This is an inner-activation.

888 is the numeric value of “Jesus” in Greek using gematria, however, 888 is also the numeric value of “Evil” in the Hebrew-Chaldean Lexicon of the OT. {The number 8 represents NEW DAY/New Beginnings, Resurrection Life, Immortality and Infinity}.

Here we have what appears as a paradox, Jesus and (d) Evil sharing the same numeric vibration. The law of opposites are always presented throughout the many complex lessons of life. The coin has two sides, but the coin is one. The power of choice empowers the students in classroom Earth to create their destiny. 8+8+8=24 or (24 reduces to 6) 2+4=6 – 6 is the number of Man, created on the 6th day. Man fully enlightened is the GOD-MAN as Jesus the Christ manifested. However, Man only realizing his humanness will manifest Evil or (D)evil. Evil is only the reverse of Live. In other words; it is man living his life in reverse, backwards or rebellion to universal divine laws.

lions gate

On the east of the Old City Wall in Jerusalem is the Lion’s Gate which paratrooper entered to capture the city in 1967. This gate is also called St. Stephen’s Gate, because this is where he was martyred, stoned to death  2000 years ago. Biblical history also calls it the Sheep Gate, this is where the sheep were brought in to be sold and sacrificed over 3200 years ago. Metaphorically speaking this is where the lamb and lion lies down together.

The Zodiac sign Leo is a Fire sign that speaks of royalty, kingship, leadership, power, wealth and conquering through the power of praise for the Believer or positive attitude. As this gateway opens in the heavens between July 23 – August 22 the Lion of the tribe of Judah beacons us to enter. Howbeit, this gateway is also opening in the higher realms of human consciousness, ushering in a greater expression of the King of Glory.

“Lift up your heads O ye gates and the King of Glory shall come in.”  Psalms 24

The heavens do prophesy and declare the glory of God. Nothing can happen on earth until the heavens first announce it. What we can expect as a result of this new shifting as we enter the Lion’s Gate over the next several month through November:

* Eye see wealth and prosperity in spite of the collapsing economy, a release of resources that has been tied up.  Align yourself, set the intent for abundance especially on 8:8:8:

* Eye see an increase of the Spirit of Revival in the land and globally as many turn their heart toward God. I see many Unusual Signs and Miracles that will be irrefutable and captured on film as they are happening.

* 8:8:8: Will be a release of a greater measure of Christ Consciousness in the earth and the relevance of JESUS today. (This would also be a good day to spend in fasting, prayer or meditation so that you may absorb all the goodness being released.)

* Eye see an anointing and ability being released for “time travel” and “teleportation” as this time gate is opened in the heavens. The perception we have of time must be broken.



The lion in the Bible has a two-fold symbolism; the conquering Christ, or the devil your adversary. As I stated earlier, we are yet somewhat subject to the law of opposites and what appears as duality. It would be remiss of me not to continue to sound the alarm of what is coming on the land and to try to wake up the American people. There are events about to happen that will affect all of us. However, many of us will be kept from maximum impact by the grace of God and our choosing to align ourselves with all that IS. Here are some of the things we will most likely see over the next several months through November and beyond. We always make our readers aware that ONLY a change in mass consciousness (repentance) will prevent, delay or cushion the effects of the day we have come to.  We only speak of these things to warn, create compassion and intercession for change. Pray about these things:

* The Economy will continue to be unstable until all the props are broken and removed, and then it will Crash.  Between September – November some disturbing news will be leaked regarding “the real trouble” the Banking system is in.

*  Eye see multitudes in this country on the verge of losing all their savings and everything they have worked for all their life.

*  Eye see that we are approaching another phase of Major Earthquakes & Volcano Eruptions on the planet.

*  Eye see Super Cells bringing Super Storms to our nations, Hurricanes, Flooding.  Eye see mass evacuation and relocation.  Eye am seeing a return of Tent Cities to accommodate the displaced people.  This is not just here, Eye see a major shuffling of people, relocation due to displacement from Natural Disasters and War – Violent acts over the next several months.

9/5/15 – Two Hundred Thousand Refugees Flood Europe from the Middle East – http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/48313/syrian-refugees-flooding-the-european-union-middle-east/#RtptuY34RcfArCcL.97

9/15/15 – Thousands Displaced As Results of Fires in Northern Californiahttp://news.yahoo.com/woman-killed-400-homes-destroyed-california-wildfire-025845982.html

9/17/15 – More Than 1 Million Evacuated – 8.3 Earthquake Hits Chile – http://news.yahoo.com/big-quake-rattles-north-chile-sets-off-small-040516493.html 

*  Eye see August 10 – August 30, 2015 –  Is the most vulnerable time for the planet after 888 access code has been initiated for this phase of Natural Disasters.   

EXTREME FIRES in Northern California, Washington – CYCLONES in Asia – etc

*  Eye see another coming Cyber Attack on the Stock Market



*  Eye see Neptune retrograde in Pisces, energy building before it goes direct in November.  October will be another most vulnerable  time for major Flooding and Water events after the Total Solar Eclipse of September 28.

10-4-15  – South Carolina 1,000 year Flood Disaster – http://www.cnbc.com/2015/10/05/south-carolina-hit-by-deadly-1000-year-floods.html

*  Eye see a series of “Freak Accidents”  (Airplanes, Ships) causing the loss of many lives.  

8/11/15 – US Air Force F-16 Crash in Germanyhttp://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/08/11/us-air-force-f-16-crashes-in-germany-pilot-ejects/

8/15/15 – Small Plane Crashes in Woods killing 2http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/small-plane-crashes-essex-county-airport-new-jersey-article-1.2326873

8/15/15 – Plane With 54 on Board Crash in Indonesia – http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/08/16/us-indonesia-plane-idUSKCN0QL09A20150816

8/21/15  – Air Show  Crash Kills 7 On The Road –  https://uk.news.yahoo.com/plane-crashes-shoreham-airshow-125316914.html#T0hfP8e

8/21/15 – French Tourist Cruise Ship Sinks in Red Seahttp://www.marinelink.com/news/french-cruise-sinks396590.aspx

Multiple Military Helicopter Crashed between August-September


And of the children of Issachar were men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.”  1 Chronicles 12:32

To read the 888 Prophecies, Validations & Message written July 24, 2008 from Go here~~~~http://www.atam.org/LionsGate.html

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  1. Good Evening. My name is Anna, and I confess it is around 2 years since I first came upon your site, though the circumstances by which I came upon your site are so objectively unusual, I must elucidate them for your knowledge and request your interpretation. I’ve studied many philosophies and disciplines, and was recently baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have reason to believe your site, and what led me to it contributed to that.

    about two years ago I had a dream a being came to me and was pointing me toward the sun. “He” took me and was showing me venus and mars, and explaining to me that our current understandings of the conditions of these planets is incorrect, that there is actually some kind of portal through mars to get to venus? I realize this sounds a little out there, but it gets even more unusual. He showed me and told me the beings of venus were of pure love, and were “watching over” us on earth. I cannot emphasize the cosmic feeling and setting of the dream enough. When I awoke, a deep and devastating depression had been lifted off of me (though it was by no means gone entirely, there was finally hope). The dream stayed with me, and I began researching throughout the day (I work in film production) while on my gig. I found Aphrodite being associated with Venus, and Love, among other things in our mythologies. At the moment I was reading through that particular site, my headphones which were on shuffle usually began playing by themselves a song called “love, love, love”. The presence of comfort I’d felt upon awaking strengthened even more. I went to meditate, and tried to “talk to it”… whatever it was. It repeated in an audible voice “Atom” I thought it was saying “Adam”, I said “as in Adam and Eve”?? confused. It said no, ATAM. I googled, and your site at the time was the first that came up. It was much different than, and immediately represented an intergallatic society of sorts? If I’m remembering correctly, with an earth at the center.

    There is so much more to this story, but I don’t want to take more of your time. I had many and increasing revelations about it after that… and also, some oblivion. I am interested though, if this is a normal experience for people who come to you, and what exactly your organization stands for in relation to Jesus. And, honestly, Jesus and extraterrestrials. I was lead to you in no uncertain terms…

    Anyhow. I’m sure you’re very busy with correspondences and I genuinely hope you have time to respond. I tried to send this through your contact page, but it was not working…


  2. Bless you. And love your articles!

    • Thank you-bless u also



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