Feast of Illumination – 2015

Feast of Illumination – 2015

Hanukkah – The Feast of Illumination 2015 began December 6  and ends December 16 .  

“Receive the Light from the Holy Spirit during this time.  You will know what to do.  You will know where to go, as you enter into the stillness of My Presence.  Do not rush or feel pressured to give answers or make commitments you may not be able to keep.  Go within and seek  counsel that your path will be directed by Spirit.  Allow the illumination of My Spirit to dispel all shadows and fears.

For many reading this prophetic word: Eye  hear the Spirit of the Almighty saying, you are moving from the season of disappointments to appointments.   Elevation and promotions are in the atmosphere.  Eye will cause the spotlight to shine upon you… Eye hear honor and favor.  There’s a lot of people that’s about to be recognized for their efforts and secret labors of love .  You have sown much but seen little, that’s about to change says the Lord.” (Word given 2014 yet relevant today)

Eye want to share a revelation on the Feast on Illumination that was given to me in year 2000. You will be blessed with the history and prophetic insight.  Click the link here~~~.FEAST OF ILLUMINATION

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