Floating Inter-dimensional City Seen…

Floating Inter-dimensional City Seen…

Floating cities being seen in our time…? Are you excited to be alive?  Are you excited to not only be alive but AWAKE??!!!  We are in an awesome time in history, where what has been called science fiction is becoming fact.  We live in a universe that exist within many universes or the multi-verse.  In this uniquely Intelligently designed construct of visible and invisible realities, we find innumerable worlds without end.

The Bible and other ancient and holy text verify that there are other dimensions and planes of existence existing in the space all around us.  The seemingly empty space and in our very space is teaming with life and many life forms.  Everything that is happening, will happen and has happening is in the eternal moment of Now.

I recall many years ago while living in Seattle, I was pacing across the floor praying, as I normally do when I pray during my devotion time.  Mind you, this was many years before I started to read what some physicists  theorize.  With my Eye open, I saw this huge calendar let down before me.  Without going into lots of detail and trying to find scientific or common words to explain what Eye saw, the focus was drawn to that particular day on the calendar.  Eye was able to see glimpses of everything happening that very day, what was going to happen and had happened.  It was like a montage of movie clips at extremely high speed rolling.  The overall message that I got from the experience was,  there is only 360-365 days based on our lunar/solar cycle and that literally everything had already happened seemingly at the same time from the beginning (whatever that is) to infinity (whatever that is).   Our individual experiences at this moment is only relative to what we limitedly know and understand as ‘time’, which creates the illusion of  a ‘process’ with events.  Stuck in this 3rd dimension, we form what becomes our accepted limited reality; failing to realize we are possibly existing simultaneously on many other dimensions as well as in many other star systems within the construct we call the universe or multi-verse.

Shortly after that experience, I was given deeper insight into Joshua chapter 6, the Walls of Jericho.  I was given a message called, “Breaking Down the Walls of Dimensionality.”  Eye was shown that the literal story of the Walls of Jericho falling foreshadowed the Melchizedek Priesthood that would sound the shofar (Priestly, Prophetic, Kingly message) during this 7th millennium and the Walls of Dimensionality would fall.  Thus, allowing us easy continuous access into the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions and beyond. It was the power of sound [sound doctrine],  a frequency that created a breakthrough.  (That’s why it is important to release words, declarations, praise and shouts from your lips.)  Current science theorize that there are at least 11 dimensions.

There are many references to Inter-dimensional cities or realities in the Bible.  In our first book, Secrets of the Cherubim, (no longer in print); we shared about the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron  that Abraham purchased and why it was so important to him and many people who practice the spiritual/mystical side of Judaism today.  Machpelah was believed and yet believed by some to be a portal to an inter-dimensional existence, the unchanged Garden of Eden eastward yet existing on a higher dimension.  This is also one of the reasons why many practicing Judaism would prefer to be buried in Palestine, near that area if possible.

Genesis 28,  one of my favorite chapters in Genesis gives us an account of an Inter-dimensional city or portal to a city that Jacob stumbled upon.  He had an encounter with Yahweh.  He stated,  this is none other than the house (dwelling place) of the gods (Elohim) and I did not realize it.  The place was previous called Luz (in Spanish means Light).  In Hebrew, Luz means Almond Tree – It is called, the tree of Awakening, the first to bloom white (light) flowers.    According to historians,  there was a cave in Luz covered with Almond Trees.  It was a portal to the Inter-dimensional city of the gods – In Biblical KJV terminology, the city of God.     Highly technologically advance inter-dimensional beings appeared from time to time to give messages to human to assist them in their evolution and spiritual growth.  These beings were considered El, Elohim or angels, which is also translated from Elohim.  This mystical place was not only a literal stargate or portal to Inter-dimensional or other worlds, but it also was a clue to one of the portals in humans.

So high was the vibratory frequency of that place where the gate (portal) of the heavens opened that the stones Jacob laid his head on became one, he was given a revelation and secrets of DNA, he saw the Ladder with the codons (angels/messengers) ascending and descending.  He was given a secret to get wealth.

In your head you have something that looks like an almond,  called the Amydalae.    The Amydalae is two almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep and medially within the temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans.  Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions, the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system.   (The word Luz is also connected to immortality-a literal chip in the brain)

The planet is filled with portals to interstellar worlds and beings as well as inter-dimensional worlds and beings.  Much of the technology how to access these world have been lost or hidden.  However, as we continue to advance spiritually, we will see the walls that separate the worlds become thinner and thinner, until they completely crumbled.  Even more exciting is, just as the planet is filled with portals, so are we.  The Amydalae, Pineal Gland, Thalamus, Pituitary Gland and the glands of the Endocrine System are all portals, wormholes, stargates existing in each of us.  As we continue to learn and understand the power of our individual  ‘voice activated technology’ – using your voice and thought…teleportation will become the norm, whether across the street, across the planet or the galaxy.

Is floating cities  a new idea?  No!  2000 years ago in the Book of Revelation chapter 21, the Apostle John describes in detail a high-tech flying craft type cities that will be seen.  (We are aware that figuratively speaking, the Bride of Christ represents that city set on a hill)    The literal expression is 1500 miles wide and 1500 miles high.  It is a flying craft shaped in a perfect cube.  Try to image a UFO that size and the amazing technology behind it.   (You can find this mystical cube technology disclosed in various science fiction movies, ie Transformers – also the Illuminati uses it, and it’s also in the Kaaba of Islam.)

What are those sounds that’s been heard all over the world increasingly since 2011?  Just above our heads in the skies, trumpet sounds, machinery sounds, metal sounds and humming that’s been heard by people from every walk of life.   Could they be inter-dimensional?  I have always thought they were some type of cloaked space crafts.


In a village in Africa this was witnessed by hundreds of mostly Muslim people on two separate occasions:

 “There appeared a wide, large mass of something that looked like a cloud from nowhere and it was flying slowly over the village just at the height of an average tree.

“The cloud was transparent and I saw beautiful tall buildings inside it, with tarred roads and cars. It was like a flying city. And from it I could hear the sound of machines making noise just as you would hear at Ashaka cement factory.”

READ THE STORY HERE~~~~   http://www.ufointernationalproject.com/latest-news/floating-interdimensional-city-witnessed-by-hundreds-of-villagers-in-africa/

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