Gay Series Pt. 1 – Homo-Eroticism

Gay Series Pt. 1 – Homo-Eroticism

Yesterday’s blog near the end, we promised to start a series on this subject. Many years ago I was traveling on my summer speaking tours of the West coast coming from Canada. While I was at my mother’s home in Seattle, I was given a vision regarding my ministry. One of the most important things that Eye heard Spirit say to do was, “Educate, Enlighten, Empower and give people Permission to Think.” That was one of many turning points in doing what I have been called to do. That began one of the many paradigm shifts, where I would re-think my theology, beliefs, refine and redefine the message.

The ministry given me by the Father has always been somewhat controversial or out of the box.  Thankfully,  money or fame has never been a motivational factor, therefore, I am free to speak truth as Spirit reveals it.  I am convinced that as an oracle of the Most High, our message must become relevant and minister to the needs of our time  in a practical way.  In this 5 part series, I plan to share a lot of personal stories, experiences and things I have learned. We will also share prophetically, why there seems to be a huge “gay issue” in this country and whose behind it. We do not condemn or judge anyone unrighteously, but we will address this from a scientific and prophetic perspective of  what we see.  WARNING!  If you are uncomfortable with reading about sexual issues, human sexuality and the age old events of our time, you might not want to proceed further.

We appreciate the growing number of younger people visiting our website and studying worldwide. Judging from some email and conversations, there’s more younger people struggling with sexual identity…I want to address those issues.  We appreciate your openness, questions and sharing of very sensitive and personal  experiences we have received from some of you.  We are aware that a growing number of our readers have not had the “church experience.”  For many of you, I can say, “Thank God.”  Some of you are living in guilt in the Church or your place of worship, because you happen to be a “same gender” loving person and that is in conflict with your house of worship beliefs. We hope to be able to share how you can reconcile your dilemma in this series of messages.

In this series we will answer questions regarding homosexuality boldly with the Word of God, Science, Astrology, Nature & Common Sense. We will speak very plain so there wont be any confusion. Therefore, some of the language and subjects will be of a mature nature. If you are used to having things candy coated, you might find some of the things mentioned distasteful. Don’t worry, you’ll get over it. Also, we may not be politically or religiously correct, most of the time in this series. Realizing this subject seems to hit a nerve with both gay or straight people, we will also keep it as light as possible, without being disrespectful.     Feel free to forward these messages to your gay relatives or friends that might be open to spirituality in a non-traditional sense. Forward them to those who are homophobic – it might give them a chance to grow.

Some time ago when Spirit told me to address this issue, He also told me that it would not just be for information or revelation, but it would be ministry.  Lives will be changed, truth will set free and yokes of bondages will be broken.

God has not given us the spirit of fear. The western version of Judeo-Christianity has made it taboo to discuss “sex.”   Sex is yet seen as something dirty, unholy and sinful. That’s what we have been programmed by religion to believe. God loves sex, he created it and it is very good.  Can somebody shout, “AMEN?!”

Much of the hypocritical media condemns one that happens to get caught in the act of adultery or a homosexual relationship. The emphasis is on “get caught.”  Yet corrupt Hollywood, an arm of the media bombards the minds of both young and old with the corrupt versions of sexual acts, by sensationalizing promiscuity.


First of all, we would like to establish that God is Love, All the time. God loves everyone and he changes not. I also love everybody.   In my opinion, I don’t think the Creator sees homos or straights; lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, trans-sexuals or any other name humans might created to define someone. He does not see heterosexuals, asexual, adulterer, Christians, Muslims, Jews, liars, murders, etc. He sees His creation. For the sake of sharing and empowering others, we will deal with the label people want to be identified with.

Sex advocate researchers statics say that around 10% or more of the planet is LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender. This research goes back to the 1970’s and according to many it yet stands today. However, others debate the stats and feel that it could be only around 4-5% of people on the planet which are gay. Some feel this low number does not bring into fact those that have not come out of the closet. In America alone, some stats says around 20% of the males are gay, the numbers are expecting to rise. (If that be true, it’s going to make it even harder for the sistahs to find a husband. The “down low” community seems to be growing).

Some research show that a very high number of males will have had what we in the West call a “gay encounter” by the age of 25.  This does not necessarily mean a sexual encounter. Over the past few years, I have counseled with several distraught parents that suspected they had a gay child. Some have even caught their son in the act and have had to deal with the fear of him committing suicide.

Parents seem to blame themselves and wonder what they did wrong. They raised them in Church, with strong Biblical principles, protected them from certain environments, two parent household…but yet they somehow became gay. How could this be?

Just because your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter has a gay encounter, that doe not mean they will be, or are gay. However, if they are … We’ll get to that thought later. Remember God says the 10% is His. Could this be the Creator’s built in population control system?


Homo-eroticism is often mistaken for homosexuality, however, homo-eroticism can lead to a homosexual act.  Please stop and think on that statement, it is very important.  Actually, most people probably rarely use the term “homo-eroticism.”  It is very important to understand the difference, if one does not; it could set his or her life on a different course.

First of all, homosexuality basically means, to be sexually attracted to the same sex; to have sexual relationship with the same sex, not interested or attracted sexually to the opposite sex.

Homo-eroticism means to be aroused sexually by the same sex, strong emotions and display of affection. This can happen unintentionally through physical contact; such as sports, a massage or just horsing around in a drunken state.  Or, while comforting someone who has experienced a loss.  With  females, this unintentional homo-eroticism could happen while grooming each other. It does not necessarily mean that this chemistry (chemicals, hormones moving through the body) being felt will progress to a sexual act. If it does, it does not mean that this act will be repeated, or that the people involved are homosexuals.

(I can hear the religious people now protesting, “but it’s Sin.”  At this point we are not discussing what one may define as sin or what one interprets the Bible says is sin. We are discussing ‘human nature’ the way God created it with desires. The complex chemistry of the human body can not be subjected to or limited to carnal interpretation of theology.  Chemistry does not discern between male and female.)

Some younger people become confused, if they feel an attraction or arousal for their same sex friend or acquaintance. Because of our western society and thinking, many too quickly jump to the conclusion and accept they are ‘gay’ and much of society would encourage that thinking. However, that might not be true; but if you accept it, it can become your truth. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”   Therefore, it is very important to be able to differentiate what may be a normal passing or lingering homo-erotic feeling from what is considered homosexual orientation.  It is also equally important that parents do not make a big deal of it and too quickly label their kids as being gay.

To be honest, most of us adults have experimented in various ways during our years of development, in imagination or acting out.   That or those experiments or experiences did not define most of  us.   You are too big to be defined by fantasies or any experience in life.  That is the difference between homoeroticism and homosexuality.  A thought, dream, fantasy or actual encounter, is only that, in most cases.

This is the messages I share with many young people and some older people that had become confused in their sexual identity by homo eroticism.  “It does not mean you are gay because you find your same sex friend attractive. For most people, it does not mean you will become a serial killer, if lose your temper and have thoughts of killing someone that hurt you.”  We are not comparing same sex love making to serial killing, we are only showing the extreme conclusion people sometimes jump to, when led by emotions.  Emotions can be very deceiving and confusing, especially, during adolescence and early adulthood. Sometimes later in life also, while the body is changing, homoerotic feeling can cause one to think, he/she is becoming gay.

Most of us in Judaism, Christianity or Islam, have been taught to rebuke or deny emotions that are perceived sexual in nature; whether homo or hetero desires. What I mean by deny is, refuse to admit we have them. Admission seems to magnify the guilt that we have been taught we should have for experiencing normal human emotions. We were taught by well meaning people that these emotions are evil outside of marriage and sometimes within the marriage, if they are strong.

About a week or so after my powerful baptism in the Holy Spirit experience as a healthy teen-ager, my feet finally touched the ground again. I had been led to believe that I would become some type of super-human with no more sexual or human desires once the Spirit filled me.  As my hormones kicked back in, I doubted my spiritual experience and salvation. How could I feel sexual urges with the Holy Spirit living in me? I eventually learned, by denying they exist or choosing to ignore them, only strengthen them. After years of repentance for the feelings, guilt, and repression as a teen trying to live “holy” and attending a “sanctified” “holiness” Church in the south – I finally heard a message that set me free. “When God saved you, He did not take away your human emotions…”, the minister shouted. Wow! That was so freeing. That probably sounds like “common sense” that everyone should automatically know. I had been under the impression that I would not experience any carnal desires if I was truly “saved.” Religious guilt and condemnation creates fear, it appeals to the ancient serpent brain. It has a way of blinding one to the most obvious basic things. Just look at our world today and the psychopaths that start wars that kills millions over stupid religious belief. “The letter of the Word kills, but the Spirit of it makes us alive.”


I have been blessed to travel and live among many different cultures around the world. This has allowed me to release my stereotypes of defining gay. It has also cause me to realize that people in other parts of the world are not obsessed with thoughts of trying to figure out whose gay and whose not. This obsession seems to plague the Western Church and the  American secular community.

There is not the constant bombardment in the media about homosexuality abroad. No one really cares what celebrity might be gay, or whose coming out next. I have watched the news on line over the past years and there seems to be this seemingly monthly endless parade of celebrities professing, “I’m Gay.”  The over exposure and media attention from those stories are nauseating. It’s almost like reaching a “special status” to be “out” in America. Why does these stories get more coverage and attention than someone actually “doing something to help others?” It’s the Gay Agenda!!  Don’t confuse being gay with the sinister Gay Agenda.  We will speak more about that later in the series. However, I must admit that Christianity must share some of the blame for this “gay obsession.”   Many Christians erroneously think God wants them to condemn or protest people that don’t line up to their hypocritical moral standard.

In our religious repressive culture, we judge a lot by appearances. We think we can usually tell if a man is gay by the way he bends his wrist, cross and swings his leg, holds his cigarette or hand gestures. In many cases those stereotypes might be accurate in American society. However, in Europe and Asia, it seems like most men cross their legs, talk with their hands, bend their wrist, extend their pinky while sipping tea and even many carry a purse. And, most are not gay.

In parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, what we would define as homo-eroticism is a normal part of their culture. However, most of them would probably vehemently object to that word. In these cultures, a man does not touch a woman besides his mother or sister; unless he is married to her. Fixing the marriage becomes a great challenge, he must have enough money. He could be 35 or 45 years old before marriage, if he comes from a large family or very poor family. The elder brothers and sisters must be married off first.

The closeness between the same sex of male and female is often misconstrued by western eyes as homosexuality. These men, young and older dream every night and day to one day be married. The women also dream to be married, hoping to not be beyond the age of child bearing before it happens. The emotional, physical and spiritual bond one shares with the same sex does not make one gay.  

Due to culture and circumstances, these people develop very strong same sex bonding in early years that carry on throughout adult life even after marriage. There are always older male figures (big brother, uncles, cousins or father) to give the male the attention, affection and love that he can only get from another man. With the females it is the same way; they receive attention, affection and love that can only come from another woman.

The western mind seeks to sexualize this type of bonding. However, in these cultures, we find the lowest percentage of homosexuality and divorce. I don’t have a degree in psychology, but I do know that humans were created in the image and likeness of God. The image of the Being we call God is both male and female. If we are to be whole, whether GLBT or straight; both sides must be nurtured properly at some point in life.  If that male or female did not get the proper nurturing and affections in the early years, that emotional need for it can easily be manipulated and redefine as something sexual later.  Male bonding, accountability, fathering and having strong positive male role models is lacking in western culture; thus, contributing to the gender confusion and sometimes criminal behavior.

I remember reading some time ago, and I’ll try to find the article before this series is over – I read about the importance of a new born child being held by the mother and father or a male within an hour of birth. The study showed a difference in the brain wave activity of the new born having received an energetic transfer from both a male and female within a certain time range, versus a newborn that had only been held by the mother or female.  Fathers, your sons need lots of affection and love from childhood up.

In our western culture, we are systematically being driven into isolation and punished for expressions of affection and giving compliments. It is very difficult for a man to give a woman a compliment without it being misconstrued as “sexual harassment.”  There is a very clever and calculated effort to sexualize and demonize normal human behavior early on in life that will later translate into confusion. Yet at the same time, we are being bombarded with sexual and perverted images from an early age. Can you see the sexual-psychological warfare that’s being waged to confuse, separate and create Fear?

We are such an intelligent western society, that elementary school kids and kindergarteners are suspended for hugging or holding hands and accused of sexual harassment. Yet the same people that make up these none sense rules, sanction the sexualization of elementary school kids.   Kids in our culture are harassed and called names like; sissy, fag, dyke, lesbo and queer for showing the slightest affection, compassion or concern for the same sex, or for being sensitive.

In the foreign cultures mentioned above, it is common to see same gender kids, teens and adult men walking hand in hand and the same with females. There is nothing sexual about it. There is not the fear of human expression that we have been programmed with here in America. 

Could the rising increase in younger homosexuals be “partially” mis-defined? Should you allow any emotion or experience have the power to define and label your future sexual identity? Could there a be a need for bonding that’s being misinterpreted due to our overly sexualizing everything in our society? We are not denying the fact that homosexuality is just as real as heterosexuality – Only asking questions.


The Creator created us not only as spiritual beings, but also emotional and sexual beings. As long as we have a physically healthy body within a certain age range that’s yet attached somewhat to the 3 dimensional world – human nature will manifest on various levels. These manifestations does not mean one is evil, lustful, perverted or weird. They only mean, you are yet somewhat human, created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, the Being we call God, Must Be a Sexual Being at some level also. Take a Selah moment to meditate on that thought.

Religion has taught us to deny and repress the emotions God created. However, I think by acknowledging and reaffirming within oneself their identity; the energy in motion (e-motion) will pass, if it is unwanted. Your true Identity is not Heterosexual (straight), Homosexual (gay), Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender. Your true Identity is Christ, whether you know Him personally within or not. Christ is all and IN All. Jesus is the true Light that lights Every man, woman, child, he-she, she-he or androgynous being that comes into this world.

Come out and let the world know your true Identity. Celebrate the real you that transcends human sexuality or limitations.  Free yourself from the slavery to your labels, emotions and impulses.  Come out as ‘Christ’ – a son, daughter or child of the Most High God.








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