Heavenly Court In Session

Heavenly Court In Session

At the time of this posting (September 30, 2014), it is the 6th day of awe and 4 days before Yom Kippur; the Holiest day of the year.   The Heavenly or Celestial Court is filled with activity and the Accuser of the righteous is digging up every accusation possible against us.  For the past 5 days some of us have been in the Heavenly Courts dealing with various cases and addressing the accuser, Satan. We are accusing the Accuser, filing lawsuits against him and reminding him that his time is almost up (from the human concept of time).  The various cases are of personal matters, on the behalf of others, for the nations, the world and the universe.

The Order of Melchizedek is a Cosmic Kingship-Priesthood, representing issues and concerns that go beyond the realm of this planet.  We can ascend into the Courts of the Heavens any time of the year and present our cases, motions and petitions before the Righteous Judge.  However, there is a “set time” of the year that we can actually face the “accuser of the brethren, who accuse us day and night.”   This is the 10 day period from Tishrei 1 – Tishrei 10, this year it is September 25 – October 4, 2014.

In the first chapter of Job, we are told that there was a day – “set time” when the sons of God presented themselves before Yahweh, and that Satan was also among them. Job 1:6 Then one year later, we find the same scenario. Job 2:1  The encrypted Biblical Calendar and understanding of Yahweh’s feast days hold the keys to unlocking many spiritual mysteries.   Leviticus 23

This certain day is the creation date of Adam – Tishrei 1.  For 10 days the Accuser, prince of the power of the air is allowed access into an area of the celestial realms.  In Hebrew thinking this is called “the 10 days of awe”.  The ancient Hebrew people, as they rehearsed this scenario on Earth, lived in fear each year of what the verdict might be on the 10th day of Tishrei – Yom Kippur- Day of Atonement. After all, many of the accusations of the Accuser were accurate.

2000 years ago, through Jesus (Yahushua), the Judge of all flesh gave us an eternal verdict; although not yet fully realized. The Verdict was, is and shall forever be; NOT GUILTY. The Accuser was cast down, is cast down and shall be cast down in a literal near futuristic event. Revelation 12:7-12

Over the next 4 days, with intent and understanding of the 10 days of awe and this “set time,” petition the heavens.  Start by examining your own heart and mind in Repentance.  (This should be a daily practice of those on the path of spirituality).  Are there words, actions or thought patterns that needs to be changed?  Repentance is changing your mind, your view and perspective; this is the involution that leads to evolution.  Although, you are already seated in heavenly places, ascend into the Divine Court and present your case; reconciling the errors of the past year or years.  Accept the love, forgiveness, and grace that’s already been given.  Extend the same love, forgiveness and grace to those who may have offended you, consciously or unconsciously.

The realm where we find this scenario most real is in our mind. The Accuser – Serpent Brain or Reptile Brain is where Fear and other base emotions ascend from into higher more developed parts of the brain. Accusations, judgment, fear and condemnation takes place and intensified in the physiological high courts during this season in our consciousness.   As above, so below.  Many will find themselves  overly analyzing and criticizing themselves or others. To overcome these exaggerated moments, we must accept the verdict, Not Guilty for our self, then extend this grace to all others.  Not guilty does not mean that one did not trespass or transgress universal laws, it means that one does not have to carry the guilty of such action, speech or thoughts any longer.  Yahushua – Jesus carried it for us.  Grace is not to be confused with disgrace and being irresponsible. 

Visualize yourself before the loving Judge of all flesh, present your personal petitions, then for your loved ones, your neighbors, city, state, nation and world over the next 4 days.  Visualize and see all things reconciled in love, peace and joy.  When you have finished; exit the Court with joy and thanksgiving, knowing that the compassionate Judge favors you and is able to do exceedingly abundantly and above all, that you can ask or think.  Know that your accuser or accusers motions and petitions have been stricken down and every true or false accusation have no power against you.

In these awesome days of awe, experience this song, “I Stand in Awe of You” by Israel Houghton & New Breed.

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