Labeled, cataloged and nicely filed away for later identification is the way our society works. Male, female, black, white, brown, tall, short, old, young, fat, skinny, rich or poor. I have never liked labels, stereotypes and have a hard time fitting in to them. I find them to be sometimes divisive, limiting and can create biases.

In reality, we are multi-dimensional beings, without limitations. Master Jesus (Yahushuah) gave us the example of living a multi-dimensional life on earth. He boldly stated that he was in heaven at the same time he was on earth. This is why he could teach the deep mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven, work miracles, prophesy and also address the political and social injustices of his day.

“And no man has gone up to Heaven except he who went down from Heaven: The Son of Man – he who is in Heaven.” John 3:13 Aramaic Translation

Master Jesus is my Pattern. The Holy Spirit within is able and willing to address every issue of humans and beyond. Why limit Him?? Why put yourself in a box that someone else’s puny mind has created for you? I AM Who I AM.

The Supreme Being we call God is Unlimited and His name cannot be limited to the English language. Over the years, I have been so disturbed by the unnecessary ignorance in Christianity regarding the name or word “God.” Why do we expect people in Arabia to use the English word “God” to identify the Almighty? God in Spanish is Dios. God in Russian is Bog. God in Lakota Sioux (American Indian language) is Wakan Tonka. God in Chinese is Shen. God in Arabic is ALLAH. How hard is it to understand that? We have become so good at creating DIVISION, labeling and cataloging that we have also labeled and cataloged “God” and nicely filed him away to be an Americanize experience Only. The Supreme Being does not require everyone to speak English in addressing Him. He actually transcends any name or language used to address or describe Him. Often in my worship or devotional time, I address the Creator in every language I know that translates into the word we call “God,” then I rattle off in unknown (to me) tongues of praise.

I believe it was late 2010, I was up early one morning during my meditation/worship time and found this song, “I AM Who I AM” by the artist/singer SEAL and Guru Singh. I must have listened at least 15 times at one sitting while swaying, dancing and experiencing a range of Spirit-drunken emotions in my office. You’ll have to turn up your volume to experience this song (don’t just listen to music, experience it). Let it become a declaration for yourself and our planet. (My kids were 4 years and 14 months at that time and also loved this. Today during break time between classes, I told them they needed worship time, instead of play time. Join us.)

Let “I AM WHO I AM” become your declaration. Close your eyes, sway, raise your hands and trance dance, get raptured if possible.

“I AM who I AM that is that. I AM who you are looking back. You are who I AM can you imagine that? There is One God and that’s a fact…”

Ok if you have experienced the “I AM” song at least 5 times you are ready for this. WAHE GURU – derived from Sanskit Language (Ancient language of India). It is the name for God, meaning, Supreme Being, Creator, Wonderful Lord, En-lightener, Wonderful Teacher. (This is also by the singer/artist SEAL and Guru Singh).

Get out of your box. Join in with this powerful chanting of the name of God- You simply can not sit still. Feel the energy, anointing and dance around. My kids are dancing as I write this in the background. I am about to join them.


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