Identifying Your Storm

Identifying Your Storm

I clearly remember my first Monsoon after moving to Phoenix years ago. It’s so fresh in my mind, it seems like only a short time ago. I never knew there were Monsoons within the borders of the USA. I had been in various parts of Asia and knew of them there. It was late July to early August here in the Phoenix area. I had gone out to a Walmart nearby to do some yet looking for the proper screws and hangers to hang things in new house we had recently moved into. It was starting to get cloudy as I walked through the doors, within a few minutes I heard a loud noise pounding on what sounded like a metal/tin roof. It was so loud. I asked someone, “What is that noise.” They replied, “It’s a Monsoon.” I kinda stared in disbelief thinking, this is not Asia and I am in the desert. It can’t be a Monsoon.

After about 10-15 minutes of shopping, I walked out the door to a flooded parking lot. The rain had nearly stopped, I could not believe my eyes. I had just walked in the store, how could the water be so high, half-way covering the tires in a short time, I thought. People were stranded and stalling all around the parking lot. As I was getting into my car, someone suggested I wait awhile. I think they noticed my Washington State license plates and by the look on my face knew I was clueless to what had just happened. My mind was set on getting back home, wondering how high the water might be there; so I did not heed the advice to wait. I was confident I could make it, surely after driving many years in snow and ice across Canada and northern states – I could drive through a little flood water. Plus, my new 535i BMW could handle it…

The clouds were moving and there was partial sunshine, the rain had stopped. Cars were stalled all along the way, the water I was driving through was now near the top or over the top of my tires; judging by where it was on all the stalled vehicles. I yet could not comprehend how that much water/rain could fall in so short time. Thoughts did go through my mind that I knew no one here that I could call if… Praying in tongues “fervently” kicked in. Yep, you guessed it. I made it, by the grace of God.

During the Monsoons a week or so ago, Spirit began to speak to me about how we often don’t know what type of storm we are in. I was not aware of the Monsoons when I came here, nor the Monsoon season and how to get through it. As Spirit drew me into meditation and study, Eye began to see that the Bible speaks mainly about 3-Types of Storms that people faced. You might not be facing none of these at the time…but seasons change. Experience these short messages so that you can Identify Your Next Storm. Your storm serves as a Prophetic Indicator of what Father has in store. Forward this to others:

1) Sah’ar
2) Megas Lilaps
3) Euroclydon

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