Introduction To Sounds of Life & Part 1 – Darcy Ferneau

Introduction To Sounds of Life & Part 1 – Darcy Ferneau

It was around year 1999-2000, when I got a special phone call from someone I had not met before. I don’t exactly remember how it came about, but there was an immediate connection in the Spirit. I was bumbling around in my garage and stayed in there during the duration of the long call that turned into rich fellowship. It was a time when Spirit was initiating me into some very controversial deep and metaphysical revelations and there were very few people I could talk to that understood and could hear what I was saying. TribeOscope was just about to be released o CD, “Secrets of the Cherubim” book also and Spirit was bombarding me with DNA and Sound Frequency understanding.

I am not for sure if Darcy had somehow found my website, or someone that knew me and gave her my number, or both. Well, I wasn’t crazy after all, other people were hearing the same Voice around the same time and that Voice was blowing our minds. We were being given a language to express the manifold wisdom of God not in a language that the Churches we were affiliated with could hear – nor wanted to hear. Nevertheless, the message was liberating and rekindled a hunger for the unadulterated Word of God.

Darcy began to share with me about Sound, at that time I was receiving similar revelation from the Spirit and was researching Cymatics, the effect of sound on matter. After some time of fellowship via phone, back and forth; I knew I had to have Prophetess Darcy Ferneau from Okeechobee, Florida come to Seattle, Washington where I then lived and speak at my yearly Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) Conference. She did and wowed the audience with revelation knowledge and the prophetic gifts. She came each year, I believe; and we are yet in close contact after all those years. We will be sharing some of her teachings that are a part of a soon coming book.

INTRODUCTION TO SOUNDS OF LIFE by Darcy Ferneau – Ministering Energy Healing

energy healing

energy healing

If you are one that is searching or perhaps one that has even found the power, but lacks the knowledge to live in this power, these words are for you. These words are strongly committed to advancing in the new wave of knowledge of life’s pulsating truth as it sweeps across the vast creation of the vibrant cosmos.

The most empowered words that changed my whole perception were “I live, I move, I have my being in the power of the spirit of the living God”.

The sound of pure harmony will enlighten the entire creation. Join in the vision as the journey takes us beyond the boundaries of space and time, extending the illuminating revelation across the creation.

These words, will teach new understanding that is be built upon a totally restored foundation of communication. My deepest prayer is to bridge the gap across the religious world. Spiritual truth of the future, will not resemble the legend of the past, but will be based on the latest revelations of the principles of pure love. The pulse of God, vibrating this wave of knowledge will dispel the duality concept, because it reveals the universe as ONE spectrum with one infinite wavelength or band.

Be confident knowing that we are at the end of this dispensation of time, as it has been perceived. We are shifting into the sounds that emanate from the sonic wave that permeates every cell. The dawning of a new age is manifesting through the vibrations of our words, touches and thoughts. Whereas, these words are, to encourage all to allow “cellular implosions” to shatter the delusion through the breathe of life.

These words will become tools to expand your awareness of the events unfolding within our world. As you extent your love and compassion for yourself and others. You will discover hidden keys to unlock the mystery of the universe and answers that have been hidden; you will come to understand the keys are the “cellular music” resonance in you as “The Sounds of Life.”

Fear has kept a hypnotic grip on people for ages, but where the mind engages fear, it is doomed! Fear can be defined as, False evidence appearing real. It produces ignorance, however we can overcome fear by ejecting it from human life. We do this penetrating the veil of oblivious as we pursue our spiritual quest. Looking inwardly as we turn full circle, we reach the inner sphere of relative experiential contact and commune with indwelling spirit. As the frequency, of the sound is amplified it allows the light speed circuit to amplify within us thus destroying fear.

As authentically empowered human being is one who releases his energy only in love and trust. The revelation that is coming forth helps to formulate and contribute toward the great awakening-taking place throughout the world within these being.

When you recognize that you are a powerful spirit, who has taken on the physical experience for learning then the energy surrounding you creates a “cocoon,” so to speak of like energy, which encases you in a healing metamorphic space. Within yourself, you are healed of anger, fear, and jealousy. Emerging into a wholeness that intensifies and accelerates the metamorphosis bringing it to the center stage of your awareness.


As pure love vibrates within us, the transition within our bodies gives birth to new cells. Each cell duplicates itself creating a new cell with which it communicates.

It has long been an accepted theory that with age comes the increasing death of brain cells and thus the loss of mental capacity. This was attributed to the loss of dendrites, or nerve cells, which are the receivers, and processors of information sent to the brain by the other nerve cells in the body. These cells too, are the foundation of memory.

Synapses are the connections, which supply information to the dendrites. If these connections aren’t made consistently, then atrophy occurs resulting in a decrease in the brain’s ability to recall information previously stored in memory or to create new memories.

Research in recent years has shown that the growth of dendrites once believed to be only possible in the brain of a child, can be achieved in more mature brains. This can allow the brain to compensate for the loss by growing new dendrites.

We know now that even an aging brain still has an amazing ability to grow, change the pattern of connections, and adapt to changes in exciting and unusual ways.

The energy flow and the body can stagnate and lock on to one particular pattern of movement and behavior. This is the result of thought patterns among the various frequencies of thought that run through the body.

This persistent pattern holds the flow of thought and energy back from exploring other possible positions.

The whole system becomes restricted to one pattern, one opinion, and one reality. Because we are fixated when energy is limited, it becomes detrimental to every cell in our body. God cannot be boxed in our reality of what we have created as He. Create not a golden calf from the jewels of truth as the children who came out of Egypt did.

Scientists have long said that we use only 10% of our brain’s capacity. As we shift to a new direction, knowing full well the communication that is occurring within our bodies, only then will we hear the sounds, which emanate from within all of us to the entire creation. It is then we will be on the right path to hearing the voice of pure spirit.

There is a low, long sound of sorrow and pain in creation. Can you hear it? The frequency is low, but can you hear? The whole creation moans and travails waiting on the manifestation of the sons of God.

These words from a chorus years ago ring so true. “The cells of our bodies speak forth a new life; every atom radiates God’s glorious life. Rejoice, rejoice at the sound of His voice; I’m a new man walking, I never walked this way before.” We haven’t walked this way before, because we have believed a lie, and we are damned by it. In our own consciousness, we had barricades. We held a mixture of messages, not the pure truth, therefore damned by misinformation; the flow of the energy of pure love was blocked.

But there is a new sound in the atmosphere, and it is being born inside each and every cell of our bodies. Rivers of pure living water travels through us carrying the reality of what love truly is.

We had a mixture of truth and sounds, which has birthed conflicted belief, thereby producing mixed results. We will experience the manifestation of Christ when it is replaced with the pure sounds.

We have continued along a course that seems to be right but in the end will lead to destruction. If we continue on this road, we continue to duplicate the same corrupted, diseased cells that destroy our bodies, but if we will get off this road and awaken, we will realize that the “connections” of our brain come from perception, ideas given to us by our parents, grandparents, teachers and religion. We will be cognizant that something wonderful is happening inside us stirring of our true identities the pure (I AM) is aroused and the connecting of our brains to the proper circuitry is begun. A new vigor, a new vitality of life, that’s not been there before is now present.

Can you hear and feel the quickening, the methodic spirit of the Most High? It breathes inside the mind, flies beneath the wind, hides below the waves, looms on moon soak tides to rise with eastern skies.

We have long thought modification of our consciousness was like “head knowledge” for a week, or a temporary change in character. Then we went back to our old ways thinking outside the anointing. We became complacent, believing we had known pure love when in reality we had an amalgamation of impurity and were looking through the eyes of a human, a translucent love not Christ love.

When pure love appears in the sensibility, a new connection makes a coupling through the dendrites, traveling across the nerve cells. Each axon secretes chemicals called neurotransmitters, which cause the current to cross synapse. These neurotransmitters are sent into space when the cell is “fired up” (The Hebrew definition for “love” is a thing charged.) Adjoining cells fire also causing a chain effect in million of cells, therefore, producing a dance of life. The real sons of God will not appear until they experience this juncture-taking place inside every cell, fiber, and tissue to trumpet the sounds of life. “When He appears, we shall be like Him.”

In the coming days let us endeavor to understand and appreciate knowledge as it increases. Let us no longer let the old pattern of thought exist and inhibit and limit the pure sounds of life.

I call you to remember that memory is a field; therefore, it is everywhere. It is a vast and complex database composed of many smaller energies (bits) stored throughout the tissue of the body. “Ye are the light of the world.” In other words, ye are the form of energy that conducts the world.

I call all creation to remember the heart of God vibrates in the breath of love.

Darcy Ferneau/Okeechobee, Florida
CopyrightÓ 2000

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  1. Most of what i read, went right over my head. How am i to understand how to apply it to my life? It sounds incredibly desirable. At the end of this life, my longing is to live forever with Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

    • Thanks, please contact Darcy with further questions, her email is at the end of the article. She would love the feedback.

    • It’s important to understand where are deep rooted belief came from about each one of us. When you understand the original text of the Hebrew and Greek of the bible, you will find the science in the scriptures. It’s May by over your head now, but the seed is being planted and the word will not return void. When we desire to truly know God and our identity in Christ this word will set you free.

  2. Wow…What A sound of New Life.
    Father help us to break away from the old paradigm and
    allow the sound of this new life to resonate in our consciousness.

    • Yes Lord!!

  3. great paper! It was a witness to my writings, I have been writing these things for years, but never arn across anyone until recently! so glad to hear your word!

    • Thanks, plz send Darcy an email, she’d appreciate it.


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